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  1. Here's the omega store on marketplace. The Maitreya kit is the first one on that page, and that's the one you probably have. It's a relay which means you need to have it attached whenever using omega appliers, then you can remove it after you're done. The Catwa kit works the same way. The Lelutka kit is an installation kit, so you just need to activate it once and you're done. Keep in mind, you don't really need them anymore, since most skin stores supply specific skins for the bodies and heads anyway. Just use omega if there are no appliers for specific bodies and heads, such as maitreya, catwa, lelutka, etc.
  2. VRChat got a boost from pewdiepie(?) and the ugandan knuckles meme. Their playerbase is mostly composed of the anime and meme community now. I briefly remember trying JanusVR, AltspaceVR, and VRChat before the popularity of pewdiepie and knuckles though, and they were just as empty as Sansar and HiFi. In my opinion, Linden Lab should've just kept their SL VR viewer instead of developing an entire VR world from scratch. VR should've been an additional feature, not the main product (to be fair though, Linden Lab was a unique case, because SL is an outdated platform for VR, hence the need for an entire VR world such as Sansar). Most of these VR startups got it wrong and did things in reverse. They should've developed a stable virtual world for desktop and/or mobile, then add VR as an additional component, not a requirement.
  3. Haha, that video visualizes everything so much better than my previous post could have. I don't think the UI and interface will be that cluttered at first though, but i guess it will depend on the various apps you have installed. This is the future though, especially when the headset hardware is lightweight and cheap. I just hope i'm still alive and not too old to experience it!
  4. Altered Reality (AR), will be more popular than VR anyway. With AR, you are still tethered to the real world with objects appearing in the same space as you, while in VR, you are closed off from the real world and put into an entirely different one. In AR, you'll be able to manipulate just about anything on yourself, such as makeup, hair, skin, etc. It's practically already being done with Snapchat filters. Now imagine using something similar to Google Glass instead of your phone though. That's where AR is headed and it will be outshine VR in every conceivable way (relatively speaking from a consumer standpoint). Once AR glasses become powerful enough, you'll be able to manipulate the entire environment around you, such as windlight settings in SL, or even draw distance. You'll be able to rez mini pets alongside you, or add attachments to yourself such as headbands, piercings, etc. You'll be able to change wallpapers and other textures in your room or in the real world at a park or store. It'll be just like SL. The only difference will be the "viewer", and there won't be a need for monitors, phones, or gigantic headsets that engulf your entire head. That is where i see the virtual world heading.
  5. @KathyGables , not sure if you bought a head yet, but here's some advice anyway. If you have some skin appliers, you can usually try them with the head demos. If you don't have any skin appliers, then get some skin demos and test them on all your head demos. This usually works. After that, test all the sliders on each head with different skins. It may take a couple hours to test everything, but a few hours is worth the wait, otherwise you might make a purchase you'll regret later on. Most skin stores have specific skins for specific heads, but they sometimes give you omega appliers that you can use on other heads. Keep in mind, they won't work unless the head has omega built-in. You can also buy the Omega relay for testing head demos, but it's around L$100 for each brand that requires it. For example, you only need one omega relay for Catwa, one for Lelutka, etc.
  6. London City's freebie store is a bad choice for a drop off point. They are basically introducing newbs to outdated freebies from like 2007. I went there a couple weeks ago and they still had the same stuff from when i first joined back in like 2013. 😑 It's also disingenuous to show 3rd party mesh avatars on their sign up page. It's very misleading.
  7. I'll have to check out Ruckus for bento animations. Surprisingly, they seem to be hard to find. AnimAlive is another store i found that has bento.
  8. The problem isn't necessarily the gacha item. The problem is having to sift through 10+ pages of the same gacha item because of color and texture variations.
  9. The whole marketplace needs an overhaul. It seems to resemble a website that was constructed from the mid 2000s. 😐 Let's also not forget the "demo" annoyance that has been plaguing it for years.
  10. It probably would be less popular than other venues, but i don't see anything wrong with that. People come to SL to escape from the real world which includes philosophical thoughts and discussion. Ironically, the OP is a bit narcissistic for dismissing other people's activities as if they are somehow inferior for their choices. 😉
  11. Haha, that made me laugh, but not a fair comparison. 😉 A better comparison would be like trying to learn American, Asian, and European sizes, currencies, outlets, etc, all on the same day. When you travel to each country, you only have to learn one standard until you leave. In SL, you will have to learn all the various components developed over 15 years, then compound all that into a day or a week, all depending on how much patience a newbie has.
  12. New people aren't going to worry about subscriptions, sim discounts, prim counts, etc. It's all about the avatar, and SL's avatar system is a fragmented mess. Try getting a new person to understand the multiple layers of it and they get turned off immediately. Believe me, i know from experience, because i've tried to get around five people to stick around but they give up after a couple days because you have to waste a lot of time learning how to customize their avatar. You have to explain the classic avatar system and how it's irrelevant now, but they are still going to have to learn it anyway, because the base components are still needed, especially if/when they come across outdated freebies from 2006. You gotta explain the tattoo layers, which are also skins, clothing, and makeup layers. Then you have to worry about finding hair because the default Ruth hair looks like a helmet, but not just any hair, because there is Prim hair, Flexi hair, Rigged & Unrigged, Fitted hair. Next is clothing, and if we're talking about the classic avatar, then it is composed of multiple separate layers; upper, lower, gloves, socks, and skirt. Don't forget about shoes either. Many outdated freebies do not come with alpha layers, so you have all these shoes that are unusable with feet sticking out of them. This leads to explaining the wonky alpha system and all it's layers. There is also the height issue where everyone is 7 feet tall. You also have to learn about prims and mesh such as jewelry and accessories. The above is just the classic system monstrosity. After all that, you have to learn about Standard Size clothing, Fitted Mesh, and now Bento Mesh. Oh, and let's not forget the various mesh bodies and heads, such as Catwa, Belleza, Maitreya, etc. Make sure you know about appliers and omega layers too. Good luck newbie! You're going to need it. 😁 Ironically, Sansar's avatar customization is severely limited. They can still salvage Sansar though if they redesign their avatar system and make it more robust.
  13. SL is developed by an American company, so yes, an American culture and presence is bound to happen. It was the reverse when i played Asian mmorpgs. I expected Asian influence in their games though, so that didn't bother me. As for English, it's the de-facto language around the world for business and communication, mostly because of the former British Empire's dominance around the world followed by the United States' dominance after WW2. Before English, there was French, and before that was Latin. Nothing can be done about it until British and American influence wanes, which in all likelihood, will never happen in our lifetimes. It is, what it is.
  14. There's many, but here's a few i can remember... Pretentious and arrogant profiles indirectly describing themselves as being better than everyone else. Picks filled with family, multiple lovers, one night stands, forgotten friends, etc. Spiritual, political, and philosophical rants, or just rants in general. All the variations of RL = RL, SL = SL. I don't mind blank profiles too much since it is sometimes better to not know anything about someone. It also adds to the mystery and curiosity of someone.
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