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  1. This is not my way of playing, I only have one account and I dedicate myself totally to it, the idea of making several accounts in order to make some lindens does not please me, especially why I need tens of thousands of lindens, if the situation at Linden Realms turn back to normal I’ll SL play again, until then I’ll just watch from afar.
  2. I used to spend several hours farming on Linden Realms maps, and then I bought my stuff at the store in the late afternoon... It's a shame that it ended because of dishonest people using Bots...
  3. I played SL about 5 years ago, building a character and after some time I started to farm some good lindens through Linden Realms, until the moment my computer's video card broke down. So I didn't play until today... Recently I bought a better computer and thought about going back to the game, but when I tried to farm some lindens again I realized that this is no longer possible. I am aware of the changes in regulation, but without this game I cannot have lindens, I do not have an international card, and even if I had that I would not have the money to spend with lindens... So unfortunatel
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