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  1. When i say promote it with some 'freak' or 'edge' .. i mean do not omit the 'self exploratory' dark side of SL.. its attractive in that it allows for the first time in a powerful medium for folk to explore their own inner buttons/ fetishes .. what are mine? why are they there? so i can safely explore that in a virtual reality? It is so unique as an opportunity. If i see a promo for something with flowers, smiling happy people on a sunny day, or happy nightime clubbing it only tells me to avoid that as a possibly 'interesting' thing. But also do not show me a 'ghoul' .. way too childish! .. maybe the whole task is the perfect picture and tagline that is exciting but not offensive? Yet maybe being offensive enough to cause a stir and get peeps talking? Its easy for hetero folk to be pilloried for physical expression in the media today. So maybe take the angle of gay and trans expressive avatars! The message being that if that works then hetero stuff will be ok too Yes.. i dont know .. just thinking it through from my own perspective!
  2. i agree about different approaches to entering being available, or a step system so that the most intrepid folk can come back to the steps when they eventually get frustrated. I imagine a team focused on 20 'interested new prospective residents' being quizzed to pinpoint the exact moments of percieved hardship and actually addressing that in a clear & measureable way. Then i also agree with a less than g rated promotion. It doesnt have to be creepy, but definately dont make it look like its 'good clean fun' .. what a turn off! .. nobody wants that.. getting freaky, edgy an adult is part of being entertained. OK .. well i hope to see that curve bottom out at some point.. its STILL an amazing and interesting new medium .. so many possibilities/narratives .. keep letting non users know it!
  3. The strength of SL (today & for at least the next half decade) I think is clearly stated in that the decline in users is so v - e - r - y v - e - r - y s - l - o - w . People REALLY like it here! It tells me there is currently not an effective plan where it comes to attracting & keeping new visitors. Im no expert, but im offering a starting idea. Add yours if you have a better one! I would establish 2 teams at the lab.. give them an equal budget, and get them to compete for attracting & retaining new signups at two different New Citizens locations. To begin with they could brainstorm approaches as a single group, then pick two main concepts, and divide themselves into two groups according to which idea each person is most betting on. An enjoyable competitive employee challenge with a 6month or 1 year time frame? Am i mad?
  4. I agree that if it was even a bit possible, it would be awesome to use VR in SL. Now that the VR tech has come along so much, and that the Lab has a number of experts in the field, could they not start a few 'VR-only islands', ones that require extreme lean building techniques, and still get a better result than all the platforms that insist on absolutely vanilla content? I saw one little brown fox jumping through hoops in VR, and that all the little brown foxes i ever need to see (!).
  5. FYI Realistek (my brand) also makes wearable and vehicle horses. The wandering vehicle type ones are expensive (12K) but do allow anyone to ride them. They also wander and graze around as horses do. You can see and ride them at my shop in Hunder. Because they are 'vehicle' horses (like an SL car) anyone can ride them .. but you cannot use them anywhere you like in SL as they must be rezzed on the ground (at your place). They also have 4 gaits (!) .. if you press to move as per normal, then lift and replace your finger (within 1 second or so) on your forward arrow the horse goes faster and to the next animated gait. It does a bunch (come, stay, wander etc) but i wont over explain that here The wearable ones can also come with the wandering function (also at 12K) but can only be used by the owner (because they must be worn). The advantage to wearing a horse is that it can be used anywhere in SL, teleport with it etc. And finally my simple wearble horse (about 5K) looks the same as all the above but is made to be the equivalent to how typical SL horses work (no wandering). It does also do the 4 gait thing tho if you set it to that. Some folk think my stuff is expensive, but it took me a full year to make these so i dont mind charging something (!) . Also i value my skills as an artist!. Script and texture efficiency/ land impact has also been a goal. OK ..i hope all this helps you understand the options. here are my links if you would like to see/ read up about them .. And a final FYI .. the 'saddle vehicles' for the wearable horses allows you to take two friends with you .. thats 3 on the horse! .. im very proud of my build :)) marketplace: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/products/search?utf8=✓&search[category_id]=&search[maturity_level]=G&search[keywords]=realistek+riding+horse inworld shop: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hunder/236/184/1801
  6. I made a centaur recently and had to make a decision about height (the centaur does work with the sliders, but only a little). So .. I used the SL library avatars as the current suggested height guide. They are all 'of a size' smaller than we are used to in many SL sims over the last few years. I think that is good. I think guys in SL incrementally get taller over the years in an effort to be 'tough looking' or however you like to refer to that. So I see the smaller default avatars as a useful nudge from SL to gradually encourage shorter avatars again (and in line with Pennys sensible suggestion for many years!).
  7. I think in a few years enough people will have machines and headsets that are powerful enough. Gamers for instance will all make the transition imho. So then its just a question of content. There are two things that SL has shown are must-haves. Avatar personalisation and the ability to go the way of 'hot & heavy' interaction. Everyone would have to pick a basic no-mod avatar (except for sliders and inworld radio buttons). Attachments can then be anything. Spaces will obviously be able to set to accept only 'General' or 'Any' avatars. Growth happens fast from that point on, though it may take a few years, as it did for SL. Its early days, but it will be exciting to watch a vr future unfold
  8. I went in again today .. this time with headset and touch controllers for the hands. It worked well insofar as I eventually and reasonably quickly figured out how to move around. I had a great walk around in the haunted graveyard space. I do think/hope that headsets etc will become 'normal' in just a few years. I'm lovin mine, but ive always been a 3D nut. Good luck LL^^.
  9. I'm trying to give windows a go so that google don't have all the pie. I just tried MP, it loaded but when I clicked on a featured item, I closed the window after 30 seconds of waiting. The rest of the web works fine for me...but.. When I first started up the internet on this machine it was iffy.. got stuck a lot. The computer guy said 'use chrome' , but I said 'I cannot believe Microsoft is incapable of building a decent browser' .. & I took the computer back for them to look at. We changed the server it uses.. the 'http proxy' or something to the google one, and now it works well everywhere (except on MP). So.. I'm glad to not be owned by google for a while(!). But the MP website needs a little simplification done.. maybe each category needs a 'website' of its own or something.
  10. as pert the title.. I'm writing while waiting 4 minutes for the next MP page to load. This cannot be normal. I have a new powerful computer running Windows 10. Everything is speedy everywhere... Except Marketplace... its as tho its getting stuck.. each page request takes 3-4 mins. omg .. venting(!:)
  11. aw sweet! .. thanks for the invites .. i will come over to visit both places
  12. Australia? :DDDDD grins a lot! ok.. um... Tauranga?
  13. New Zealand isnt a commonly heard home location in SL! Are you one? .. are you from Auckland even?!?! waits agog :D
  14. made one just a couple of weeks ago I used to sometime hang out in western sims .. but even in non western sims i would wear these arrows (omg) ..i cant say that everyone though it was funny .. but i did heres the vid: heres the mp link: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Archery-Silly-Arrows-by-Realistek-boxed/7435304
  15. Hi im Zed .. i make that avatar. The first image you post shows the very current full body mesh avatar. The second image is a (sadly terribly lighted) early version which is built of a lot of sculpties ..its an OLD avatar from ages ago. If you want to look like the first pic, you need to get the newest build!
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