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  1. Why on the same plot do these horses cast different shadows? .. as you can see, one is cast well, while the other only gets the saddle and tail cast shadow. Anyone know the answer to this mystery?
  2. Ah.. the shadow is 1 click on/off .. but to get the menu for changing eyes etc is a double click on the shadow. (a fast double click) While it does work well, i would agree that i went too far.. its not intuitive to require that. Sometimes my trickiness in order to save a prim gets in the way sorry!
  3. Good Morning! ..i will go and put on the avatar and give you a proper 'checked out' answer .. i have built so many animals and they are all a little different .. and definately i built one that had a click-on / click-off shadow, so that made sense when you described it... but maybe it wasnt this avatar after all(!). I admit the way i tried writing the notecard for the avatar was not ideal at all! OK .. back in 10mins! ....(runs away inworld)
  4. BE IN TO WIN! New laptimes are being registered all this week at the Realistek store! Use our wandering horses! Last weeks winners were: baddaddead 500L BaskervilleCat 500L DunkanMcClaud 50L chegevarra 50L KattyLizBeth 50L sirSidVicious 50L Coteex 50L kittikatt2017 50L Depilator 50L Qasimodo 50L Congratulations!! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hunder/213/179/1801
  5. Kocmocc 500L, Altmaniac 500L, chegevarra 50L, baddaddead 50L, BaskervilleCat 50L, Qasimodo 50L, DunkanMcClaud 50L, Coteex 50L, sirSidVicious 50L, kittikatt2017 50L, http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hunder/214/179/1801 Go to the above link and pick one of the wandering horses. Run around the lap course with a friend! People say its its a lot of fun! Every registered time gets a prize on the following Monday! Congratulations and thanks to the participants above!
  6. Lap times acheived: 0 min 51.1 sec - , BaskervilleCat Resident, 0 min 51.2 sec - , Altmania Resident, 0 min 51.5 sec - , Coteex Resident, 0 min 51.7 sec - , DunkanMcClaud Resident, 0 min 52.0 sec - , Evilathan Resident, 0 min 52.2 sec - , Qasimodo Resident, 0 min 52.3 sec - , chegevarra Resident, 0 min 52.5 sec - , kittikatt2017 Resident, 0 min 52.5 sec - , KattyLizBeth Resident, 0 min 52.9 sec - , Altmaniac Resident, after the draw we have: Altmania 500L, Evilathan 500L, BaskervilleCat 50L, Coteex 50L, DunkanMcClaud 50L, Qasimodo 50L,
  7. Register a Lap-time at the store track using one of the wandering horses at Realistek! All week, times are being set! Everyone wins lindens! Next draw in 7 days! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hunder/214/178/1801 2nd Nov winners: CepXep 500L, SatanaClaus 500L, Schapoklyak 50L, chegevarra 50L, Kalligulla 50L, Coteex 50L, MouMup 50L, baddaddead 50L, Kocmocc 50L, DunkanMcClaud 50L, ...Congratulations!!
  8. Sweeettty 500L OlafEvil 500L 8c71c634 50L Qasimodo 50L Coteex 50L BaskervilleCat 50L SatanaClaus 50L baddaddead 50L Kocmocc 50L Schapoklyak 50L Congratulations! ... Come join in for this weeks competition! (use one of the wandering horses in the store to register a top ten laptime - bring a friend! - its a fun challenge!)
  9. I imagine a region that can show compliance with (some specified) lean building practices, can be denoted as 'VR accessible'. Of course this would be awesome to experience (even if a 'club scene' was out of the question). Avatars too would have a rating target to aim for. An extra benefit would be to make lean building something to be prized?
  10. Register a top ten laptime at the Realistek Store to win lindens! New draw next Monday .. everybody wins something! Use one of our wandering horses that are roaming around, practice a bit, then get a friend with you to set a laptime. Its fun and easy! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hunder/212/178/1801
  11. from where im at i dont think thats true. Wordpress and a billion pluginsa are free including woocommerce. To have wider functionality they hold back a few things to encourage some small payment .. but its all free or roughly free once you have hosting which is also quite cheap if on a shared plan. But im only 6mo into this stuff .. theres a lot i dont know :)
  12. idk what the new word would be! But i have a possible new direction .. using youtube keywords: shortform, form with payment, .. these may end up getting me where i need to go.. it will take a week to try and see (!)
  13. I know SL users are a very clever bunch.. im hoping one of you can point me in the right direction! Im trying to build a subscription website. I need the simplest type of button (from a static wordpress landing page) .. 'Sign Up' >> user handle/email/password/payment info >> into members area. Simple right? But it seems every plugin needs the Wordpress login first, and then offers so many payment levels etc etc... I would prefer to not need the Wordpress top toolbar at all .. just a standalone simple 'signup+pay' button. Am i crazy? .. i
  14. When i say promote it with some 'freak' or 'edge' .. i mean do not omit the 'self exploratory' dark side of SL.. its attractive in that it allows for the first time in a powerful medium for folk to explore their own inner buttons/ fetishes .. what are mine? why are they there? so i can safely explore that in a virtual reality? It is so unique as an opportunity. If i see a promo for something with flowers, smiling happy people on a sunny day, or happy nightime clubbing it only tells me to avoid that as a possibly 'interesting' thing. But also do not show me a 'ghoul' .. way too childish! .
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