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  1. Thanks, for your help Qie! Support discovered the solution today. My parcel name was too long. The parcel name must be 50 characters or less in order to create a resident auction. Now my resident auction is properly scheduled and hopefully will sell *fingers crossed*
  2. Update: So the Lindens say sorry, but they can't figure out why I can't create a resident auction. *sigh* If anyone has had the same issue and found a fix please let me know.
  3. I'm having the same issue. My land is not group owned. When I try to create an auction I get the screen that says "error page: "Ooops! An unexpected error seems to have occurred. Rest assured that developers are working hard to repair the issue. Please check back soon." I submitted a ticket on Friday 3/29 but still no response.
  4. Done. I'll just leave this thread open til some brave funny souls post pics. Meanwhile, here's some extra motivation for ya. I dug deep in my inventory and found these bling prim stilettos with flexi fur LOL Boots with the fur *Flo Rider voice*
  5. Heyyy Ya'll, Remember waaaaaay back in the SL day when EVERYBODY was blinging??? (How did we keep from going blind? LOL) Well I was supposed to be cleaning out my inventory today (IKR *eyeroll*) when I came across some old bling MIne is literally called Blang. I had the whole set...the blangin' love bracelets with the matching belt, the necklace, and the door knocker bamboo earrings. I'm so LIT haha :))) Post a pic of you wearing all your BEST **BLING** head to toe by Midnight SLT Friday 6/8 [[ Just for fun --- $50L to the avi with the best pic ]]
  6. AviNews, you were right! In my chat preferences somehow I'd managed to uncheck the option to view display names. I checked the box again. Then later when I went to my chat logs today everything was back to normal. Yaaaaay! Thanks for your totally helpful and totally non-snarky response. You're the best! <3
  7. My chat log used to show my display name with my username in parenthesis on each line like this: Shari (shaharazad.humphreys) But now it just shows my user name only: Shaharazad Humphreys No display name, no parenthesis I did not remove my display name...it still shows as Shari in my profile settings. Did I accidentally change some other setting? How can I change it back? Thanks, S
  8. Fortunately, I've never experienced overt racism in SL. To me one of the most beautiful things about being in-world is that you can never tell up front who the person is behind an avatar. So you when you form a true friendship or fall in love with someone it's purely based on their spirit and personality. For example, once upon a long time ago when I fell I love in SL, it happened at a Halloween party where we were both wearing costumes. He had on a tiger costume and I had no idea what he looked like underneath. We laughed and danced and chatted and none of that mattered. Of course, you ca
  9. I was partnered once in SL and it was to a wonderful man. He became a vital part of my life, my best friend. Yet, in my experience as soon as we tried to bring our beautiful SL relationship into RL , it began to wilt until it was damaged beyond repair. The stress and pressure to meet each other's social, physical, and even financial expectations that don't really exist in a virtual space are immediately thrust upon you when desiring to meet in real life. An SL relationship can be like a fragile flower that is not meant for the harsh realities of the outside world. However, even though I lost
  10. Try the Ebody Curvy mesh body. They have a free version in-world in the store that has limited features, but should be fine for an alt. It has a very natural-looking, curvy, heavyset shape that you shouldn't have to edit much to get the look you desire in that photo.
  11. I've never had an issue with it either. This may sound a little pie-in-the-sky, but honestly behind every avatar you meet in SL is a real person and you can literally feel the essence of that person if you take the time to get to know them. Once a basis of trust has been established you can also voice chat with them. I don't see why it should matter at all for strictly friendships. But I present myself as exactly who I am—a straight female—when it comes to dating relationships and I do desire someone who is also straightforward about their gender and preferences as well. However, due
  12. Hi, I'm looking for a Confident, Down-to-Earth, Interesting, straight male for fun companionship. Must be over age 30 and available to meet online one night each week. **My reasons for only wanting one night per week are: 1) I'm a busy professional in RL 2) I like scheduling my time, and 3) I think it can avoid a situation where either of us feels we're required to hang out with each other every time we happen to be logged in at the same time (when all you really wanted to do is rezz your newest gadget in a sandbox and play with it...know what I mean?...If you know w
  13. Hi Everybody! UPDATE: My new roomie actually moved in a few days after I posted this and he's really GREAT :))) Sorry I forgot to come back and update the thread, but I'm glad it looks like you all got a kick out of discussing it
  14. Spacious cabin with lovely waterfront views for rent in mainland Swansea. Serene front porch and dock overlooks the water. Radio, security, and window privacy controls included. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Swansea/113/144/24
  15. Hi, I'm looking for an attractive MALE roommate to share my waterfront home. $300L per week includes a large, private two-story studio loft and 60 prims. You will also have access to the common areas of the house (living room, kitchen, etc.) Contact: Shaharazad Humphreys in-world for a private tour --- drop me a notecard :))
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