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  1. well then dont do marketplace if it dosent work l2 read please
  2. yea i posted this after i re-read the old post and went to that category again, MY BAD
  3. im was looking over 30 days for mesh head, yep, no patience
  4. spend few hours today on it with no effect, im done for today
  5. no worries, i think i know how to find it now, but i dont think im gona spend any money on anything at this point, bet this is just the beginning of issues, dont even wanna think what comes next
  6. WHERE THE F*** ARE THESE HEADS................ K, should make this rage post 30 day ago, thanks LL
  7. wasted so many hours trying to figure out this marketplace thing, your right, its not worth the stress, no wonder SL is dieing, i give up
  8. yep, adventure continues, so much fun in SL, ill keep serching! i saw them, there are few, i want difrent ones
  9. no, the one that you find when you serch for mesh+heads, there are few but i doubt they are all mesh heads
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