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  1. Hey everyone! I love space bun style hairs, and I'm trying to find the best ones! Post links/pictures of your favorite space bun style hair? Thanks! πŸ’œ
  2. Hi! I do a lot of design stuff, and it sounds like something I would love to work on! I have a youtube channel that features some of my builds. https://www.youtube.com/user/8bitweirdo
  3. πŸ’œClub K-Wave is Hiring! πŸ’œ We are the #1 K-Pop club on Second Life! We are looking for staff members who will bring enthusiasm and love for k-pop and Asian culture! πŸ’We offer base pay to all DJ's and hosts (75L/hour automatically paid to you, and you keep 100% of tips!)πŸ’ πŸ‘½For the right candidates, we offer DJ training!πŸ‘½ We are located on Kawaii Busan, which is a full sim that we own! We have much more than just a club - we have a hangout, record store, kawaii town, rentals, and more! We have a great community of people who are passionate about K-Pop, anime, Asian culture, and all things kawaii! πŸ’œClick here to visit today! πŸ’œ We are looking for reliable DJ's and hosts. This is a great opportunity to join a thriving community of K-Pop lovers! We treat our staff well and hold our staff to high standards. Our ideal staff members are reliable, drama-free, and know how to be professional 😊 To apply, visit us in world and find these application boards by the main stage! Here's a speed build of us building the club! Thank you! Love, The Kawaii Busan Staff Team Kawaii Busan on Facebook
  4. Dust Bunny has some nice worn furniture
  5. Thank you!! I'm so glad you like the sim and the club!! We've worked hard on it πŸ’œ Looking forward to meeting you when you come back!
  6. Hi, are you looking for someone to film or just edit? I make videos for SL, here is my youtube channel πŸ’œ https://www.youtube.com/user/8bitweirdo
  7. Bodylanguage has at least one good one that isn't too obnoxious
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