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  1. Hi, I am looking to rent a sim with my sister. We currently have the Kawaii Busan sim, but need to downsize. Here is our website that has some examples of our build: https://kawaiibusan.wordpress.com It is a kawaii/asian town, as well as a k-pop hangout, and we would also live there. Also, if possible our pink beach has been a big staple of our sim, and if there was a possibility of using our sand texture that would be amazing. Please feel free to contact me here or in world, thank you!!! Luxe LuxuriousSin
  2. LuxuriousSin

    Looking for a script that auto-teleports users across sim

    Thank you Qie! This is exactly what I was looking for! I really appreciate it, you've helped immensely!!
  3. Hi everyone! My friend and I have a full sim and are trying to integrate a system where avatars can, for example, walk through a doorway and be automatically teleported to a skybox. I've seen this implemented in other sims, and when I've asked sim owners about this they have been very guarded about answering. Does anyone know of a script like this, or would anyone be available to do a commission for this type of script? Thank you.
  4. Hey, I messaged you in world! I'll help you set up the board, but if you'd prefer we'll definitely refund you!
  5. LuxuriousSin

    asian people where you at?

    Come to Kawaii Busan.
  6. We are proud to announce Kawaii Busan’s first ever photo contest! The winner of the contest will be awarded with $1,000L and be featured on all of our social media outlets! We ask that if there is nudity in your photo, it is moderate/tasteful/artistic. Now, on to how this works! You’ll add your photo to our contest board and each avatar will be able to vote for a photo! Bring all of your friends to vote for you! Whichever has the most votes by December 31st wins! Please be aware that you are only allowed to enter once. We charge an entry fee of $25L Each vote is $5L, and 6 votes is $25L, and people can vote as many times as they want, so bring in all your friends! We are only accepting 30 entries, so get your entry in today! Go here to visit the sim: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Kawaii Busan/98/159/24
  7. LuxuriousSin

    Hiring K-Pop DJ's!

    Do you love K-Pop? Do you DJ? If so, you should definitely DJ at Kawaii Busan! We're a full sim, with a big emphasis on k-pop. If you don't have any experience DJing but love k-pop, we will consider training you! Please stop by the sim http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Kawaii%20Busan/135/172/24 and fill out an application! Thanks!