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  1. I don't use signature, but on maitreya I usually put tattoos on my underwear layer as it tends to disappear depending on the camera position when it's on tattoo layer for some reason.
  2. Okay! I will definitely send her a message when I've got a more straight forward outline figured out as to how we want it to work I really appreciate the recommendation!
  3. Oh, that is such great advice!! I'm thinking I'll write up a more straight forward outline of the project, and probably contact scripters and post on the employment forum to see who shows the most interest/enthusiasm, as I'd like to find someone who would genuinely enjoy working on the project I didn't even think of the employment forum! There are three of us working on it, so it's nice to be able to share the financial costs! Hopefully between the three of us and hiring a scripter we can get it figured out! Thank you again, I really appreciate the advice!
  4. You'r'e just wanting your name to show up as the creator? Rez a prim. Select the object you want to be under your name, and then hold shift and select the prim you created. Link them together. Then edit linked objects, move the prim inside the object, then still in edit linked, set the object size boxes all to zero, then go into textures tab, and make the texture invisible. Invisible prim! And now when you look at your object it should show you as the creator.
  5. If you want a cute fake asian girlfriend, I'm totally down!
  6. Thank you so much to everyone for responding! I am thinking I might go the route of hiring a scripter either to do it or teach me, as I really do want to learn this stuff! I've never hired a scripter before - I'm guessing the forums would be a good place to look? Any ideas on how much something like this would cost? Thank you so very much all of you!
  7. Wow, thank you so much! That is great advice. So, would you suggest writing an entire storyline *first* before figuring out the mechanics, or figuring out what mechanics are available to me within SL and go from there? Is this something that I would do in a script? If so, do you have any resources to point me in the right direction? I'm a total beginner when it comes to scripting. This is definitely something that sounds applicable to what I am wanting to do. Thank you!
  8. Hi! I'm working on a sim with some friends, and I wanted to make a mystery game, where users could grab a hud that tracks what clues they receive/possibly items, and can help them along with the story line. I've seen some really well executed examples of this in SL over the years, but I'm kind of stumped on where to start. I know how to make a hud, and I've got the graphics/story stuff end. Has anyone had experience with making a sort of story game in SL? I don't have totally specific questions as I'm just kind of stumped on where to start. I'm not a scripter, and I have no (giggle) experience with experiences. But I imagine that's what I would be looking at? Any advice/pointers in the right direction would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!
  9. Hi, I am looking to rent a sim with my sister. We currently have the Kawaii Busan sim, but need to downsize. Here is our website that has some examples of our build: https://kawaiibusan.wordpress.com It is a kawaii/asian town, as well as a k-pop hangout, and we would also live there. Also, if possible our pink beach has been a big staple of our sim, and if there was a possibility of using our sand texture that would be amazing. Please feel free to contact me here or in world, thank you!!! Luxe LuxuriousSin
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