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  1. Same pose and same Sim at the other picture.
  2. She is just does not want any tan lines showing in the areas of the gown that show skin.
  3. No, my not having enough Lindens to cash out, is the problem.
  4. All those designers who make the fabulous clothes we all can't live without. You didn't think they were spending all the Lindens you give them In world did you?
  5. I would be willing to bet that 99.9 percent of the people who are objecting are just stupid people who neither put money into or take money out of SL.
  6. only charged if you have funds in the account and there is no activity for a year.
  7. I am AFK a lot, RL is not very cooperative to me spending much time in SL, but I would love to add you as a friend and if it works out that we can have some adventures together then great. i will send you a request.
  8. I would love to be your friend. My RL schedule keeps me away a lot, most of the time I am logged on I am actually not at my computer in RL. I can explain that someday in world. I will send you a friend request.
  9. Well of course I am interesting.
  10. I am AFK a lot but i will be your friend.
  11. I am pretty sure she sold her soul to the devil to get those pictures
  12. Everything needs to be marked as a screenshot? I need to check that.
  13. Post lots of pictures in the various look at me threads, 500 will fly by before you know it.
  14. Oh that's just great.no only is she gorgeous but she has that car. I need to spend more time at the gym.
  15. It is at Mother Road, if you join the group you get rez rights, the cows are not part of the sim but rather my own that i rezzed for the picture.
  16. Exploring, I found this cool gym
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