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  1. I am one cat short of being a crazy cat lady.
  2. I found a new art gallery today. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Beach Island/234/234/22
  3. Looking forward to seeing you in world.
  4. Hope to see you when I get online
  5. Recently i have been seeing people who look like this, is it just me that sees this, is there something i need to do if i want to see them normally. Or are they doing something wrong.
  6. creative things, taking pictures, working on my art, setting up a show or gallery. Things like that.
  7. Are you still wearing the alpha that blocks out your system avi? I could be that the alpha got detached and the system avi is showing in spots.
  8. Send him to me, I typically do SL with the sound off, so his roar won't be an issue.
  9. Thanks to @Eva Knollerfor pointing out this great place
  10. Just buy a child avatar and use it.
  11. I IM guys all the time. Of course a big part of the reason is that I have a business and I am hoping to find a customer, so I guess that just makes me a different flavor of the guys who IM looking to hook up.
  12. Keep in mind this will work better if she is actually exercising at the time. if she is just laying on the beach it might not work as well.
  13. A bit of color for a rather drab sim.
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