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  1. I once did that to my boyfriends house. I have learned a lot since then.
  2. Long ago, while I was still relatively new I was at a beach. I had RLV turned on, my partner and I had just recently begun to experiment with it. A guy at the beach offered to give me a cute teddy bear, and I accepted it. He then began to drag me wherever he wanted. I told him to stop, he ignored me, I started to panic. I was trying to remove the stupid bear but I couldn't. I couldn't TP anywhere either. Then I realized I could just log out. Once I got past the initial shock of being kidnapped, I figured out that if I turned RLV off I could get rid of the bear, which I did, and was now wiser knowing not to accept gifts from strangers. Unless of course, well you know, SL is suppose to be an adventure.
  3. In RL there are times when a man's physical strength can be used to his advantage. From the innocent, "Honey can you move my sofa for me" to the evil as in situations of rape and abuse. It is a fact that most cases of rape and abuse involving a man and a woman, have the man assaulting the woman. In SL men do not have that power, I can move my own sofa, in fact I can move my whole house, and if I get in a situation where I can be raped I can TP out if I want. The attributes that I might use in RL to persuade a man to come over and move my sofa, still exist in SL, in fact I am not limited by genetics when trying to seduce a man into doing me a favor. So in this regard the balance of power shifts towards the woman. Yet that being said I know lots of guys who live very carefree lives in SL. They own a pair of swim trunks and maybe a shirt and are content to spend all thier time on a beach hitting on girls. Power is the ability to get things done, but If you are not looking to do a lot, you do not need that much power. So while guys may have less power in SL, for many of them it really does not matter much.
  4. I wil IM you when I get back on later today. I am from the US but I find my schedule lines up better with people in the UK
  5. Why do you want me to voice verify? it does not matter what you say, I think that you want to voice verify because deep down you hope someday we can meet in RL, that to me is a huge red flag, making me want to run away right now. i take everyone's avi at face value, even if you are not human. I have friends who are animals and I think of them as animals, even though I know they can't really be
  6. Well this is what happens when you sit at the beach in the sun with your feet buried
  7. yes this, i once accepted a gift from someone i shouldn't have that cause me all sorts of troubles, this is what i had to do to get rid of it.
  8. I am an artist to, well I try to be, my friends all say I am one, but then friends say things to be nice. I also have an erratic schedule but maybe sometime we can hangout.
  9. Hi i would love to explore new places with you, if you see me online and i do not respond, I am AFK a lot lately
  10. The visible manifestation of that part of me that has to stay hidden in real life for fear of being cut off forever from family and friends
  11. Thanks, I know I do tend to take pictures with me just a part of the whole scene, and often not looking at the camera. Like this one
  12. I had to pick something up there myself, and most likely I will be back.
  13. I am an SL artist, or at least i try to be, I know a few art places, I could show you sometime. I will IM you.
  14. LOL, In SL, don't ask me to try this in RL
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