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  1. Hi there, yet another returning player looking for new friends I left SL about 10 years ago because of RL and getting interested in other online games. When I got back to SL a few months ago, I noticed that my friends list was pretty much always offline, and places that I used to like, weren't there anymore or simply abandoned. Because exploring SL alone gets pretty boring and lonely fast, I'm searching for some new friends. I like music (clubs + live), exploring, taking photo's, chatting, dancing (also slow dancing), and much, much more... I'm very Dutch, friendly, a bit silly and naughty, a free spirit, and single in SL + RL. Because I'm from Europe, it would be awesome if you are on the same timezone as me (SLT+9 GMT+2) or close to it. Feel free to drop me an IM or to contact me inworld.
  2. Hey, used to play a long time ago and have recently been getting on. A lot of friends are currently not active so I’m just looking for a girl who is down to chat and hangout together! I don’t have a lot of places I usually go and well I forget a lot of SL now. So if your interested just leave a message down below and I can add you.
  3. I’m Pretty New To SL But Meeting People Has Proven To Be Hard So Let’s Share Our Photos And Get To Know One Another Along The Way And Maybe Become Friends
  4. Recently got on this game and haven’t been able to connect with anyone so far, looking for a female who is seeking a possible relationship. I enjoy clubbing and night life a lot but I am always open for other peoples tastes and experiences.
  5. Heyyyy all! Empire Adoption Agency is now hiring for a marketing manager position. MARKETING EXPERIENCED IS A MUST IN ORDER TO QUALIFY! Please contact Bruce Levisay (Bruce Marioman) for more details!! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Draconia/29/226/2801
  6. Hi there! I'm Hiro (pronounced "Hero" cuz I'm super lol) and I'm a 21 year old black guy looking to make friends with people like me. According to SL I was literally born yesterday lol, but I'm mostly looking for people with interests in: -Music (bonus points if its of the video game music, J-Pop, or indie variety, and also people who MAKE music) and/or -Anime (my favorite is Tokyo Ghoul) I'm also into guys, so LGBTQ+ people are welcome. If you're around my age and you're into some of those things mentioned above, hit me up and lets be friends! P.S.: If anyone has found any (free) african american skins/avatars, please let me know lol P.S.S: I forgot to mention im in the EST timezone (which is the Second Life timezone +3 hours)
  7. Hello. I am Koby Romun. I am new to SL. God its so hard to make friends. i feel like outsider at many places tbh. anyway i like playing games like bowling, arcade or anything. i also dont mind tagging along to shop. i have a wife who will always come first. so whoever wants to be my friend should get along with her too. i hope i get some good friend. my inworld id is mrromun. you can add me directly or text me here or on my insta mrromun.sl. can even put your name below and i will find you
  8. It is really difficult for me sometimes have a "natural" conversation because I'm used to do a lot of joke that I realize after 've done that could be misunderstood. I need to know if it happens jus to me because I'm not a native english or also to people that speak the same languages? Thanks
  9. ittori


    hi the names tori I'm looking for friends. I'm new to second life so I really don't know where to go to meet new people. I'm interested in art and learning how to build in second life.
  10. Hey all I trust you're safe and doing well. So I'm on the hunt for some friends again and hoping to find people with similair interests. I have a pretty alternative/niche kinda style and my favorite shops are Cureless/CerberusXing, Azoury and .Shi. I can go from female, male, femboy to androgynous and love being super creative with my style. -Likes: Intelligence, Anime, Cinema, Photography, Japan, Learning, Spirituality, History, Wit. -Dislikes: Racism, Sexism, Homophobia, Transphobia, Ableism, Bigotry and Ignorance or discrimination of any kind. I enjoy visiting beutiful places, going to clubs, chatting and hunting for interesting items/clothing. Oh and also someone who doesn't mind sorting inventory with me 😜 Much love
  11. Hello, I am not new to sl. I've been away for a long time. I am looking for a female friend in sl who is okay to share rl too I like to hangout, talk, chat ( more like chat person ). Getting to know the person I am talking to I have a sl Facebook as well. We could connect if everything goes fine until then you can contact me in sl - Zinc nyn
  12. Hello! My name is Ebony! I'm really new to SL (I've been here for like 4 weeks?) While being on vu for 6+ years. And I've been looking for some people to hang out with. I'm good at roleplaying (I'm looking for a nice community to live in) and just ready to be social~
  13. I am new to the game looking for someone to help me out we can discuss terms. ^-^
  14. I have sent my friend lindens offline last night and she did not get them. It shows that it for sure left my account and went to the correct account. What can I do to fix this problem?
  15. I'm looking for scripters, 3d artist and animator interested in collaborating on new simple and fun projects. That he's only interested in money. Contact me if interested. Blackjack Cioc
  16. I'm not very good at talking in large groups. I went to In-World clubs and such and didn't get along with others. So, I would like to find friends on this forum. I am a non-binary. The love interests are non-binary, genderfluid, and male. If you search for "LGBT community" on secondlife A lot of places with sex as their main focus hit. However, I am not interested in having sex online. (I don't have much of a sex drive.) As you may already know, I don't speak English very well. Please allow me to use the translation function occasionally. I also think the chat is slow. ■About me.  I'm using a male body (for now).  I like to talk to people one-on-one or in small groups.  I like gender-neutral clothes.  I like simple black and white clothes (for now).  I like a quiet place, but I go to dances and events once in a while.  We can talk RL (if you want to). ■The time you have logged in to scondlife is  SLT 22:00 to 6:00 p.m.  On holidays, I've been logging in since around SLT 17:00. ■What you're interested in  Museums (secondlife's art projects are really great)  Culture (lifestyle and food culture) of various countries  Movies, reading, music, and all cultures  Games (Animal Crossing, etc.)  I also like to talk about mental care.  I want to learn Chinese and Korean. ■About RL  Male.  I'm living in East Asia (a country where anime, games and manga are popular,kawaii).  I'm not a teenager or a 20-something.  I can teach you about the language of my country. Please IM me if you are interested.
  17. I've had this SL account for quite some time now and decided to revisit. I've had success learning the mechanics of the SL experience, but I haven't had much luck making friends. I'd visit the featured hot destinations as well as the ones that are newcomer friendly, but no luck. 😅Generally, I'm looking to meet new people while also finding some cool spots in SL😅 If you're interested, you can IM me and chat with me for a bit. I'm pretty easy to talk to.
  18. This Sunday we are back again in our great Beach Lounge, so come by and enjoy the music, meet new people or just have fun We starting Today with DJ WHITE who will spin some great Tunes for you guys live on his SL Radio. Followed by 3 amazing Live Singers: TOXIE DARKMATTER, LEXUS MELODIE and DEXTER SWANSEN! See you there Friends! Opening Party: ★ DJ WHITE Host: Doris LIVE EVENT: ★ TOXIE DARKMATTER ★ LEXUS MELODIE ★ DEXTER SWANSEN Hosts: Christine, Swuran ❤♪·.¸.·'´♫ ϲoϻє ᴀηᴅ cєʟєʙʀᴀτє Ɯιτʜ us ♫•¸.·'♪❤ Dresscode: BEACH or CASUAL attire please Your Jetski: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Skyhill/128/104/1462
  19. Hi I am looking for a roomate. I live in a 2 floor skybox apartment, the place will be open for you to roam free no restrictions the room is a decent size you have a bathroom as well. You can decorate or use my furniture its completely up to you. There are about 10 other apartments in the building renting at 50L a week which is pretty damn good if you ask me. I pay 100L for my place because its bigger. So if you choose not to be my room mate you can also just rent your own apartment. I'm honestly looking for good friends you know and if we are neighbors or roomies that would be even better. Male and females are welcome to IM me in world. I'm on quite often so feel free to hmu or add me. Monaiesha is my name. IM me so I can show u place and we can get to know each other. If you are against sex or company this is not the place for you. Lol you can bring who u want over I do not care. Not looking for payment for the room!
  20. Wednesday LIVE EVENT @ Sapphire Beach Club - The BARN - June 3rd - 12pm till 2pm Yeeehaaw we are back in the Country Barn, this time with 2 amazing Live Artists. JACK DRYDEN - BILLY TALON Put on your Cowboy Boots and come by..... see you there!!! LIVE EVENT: ★ JACK DRYDEN ★ BILLY TALON Hosts: Christine- Swuran ❤♪·.¸.·'´♫ ϲoϻє ᴀηᴅ cєʟєʙʀᴀτє Ɯιτʜ us ♫•¸.·'♪❤ Dresscode: Country or Casual attire please Your Horse: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Skyhill/123/107/1440
  21. Hello! 😀 My SL name is Azalea Everly Moore aka "nostalgicmemories". I am looking to make friends and Role Play. I use to play SL several years ago but FL(First Life) took me away. I currently have a lot of time on my hands but once COVID has settled down I might not be around as much. ATM I am on at all sorts of hours until FL work calls me in to do my job. Live in the US. A lot of my favorite shop places are around but not a lot of my hang outs. I am not sure exactly what role play I want to dive into, role play is better with friends. I love anything from sci fi to fantasy. I can easily be a tomboy or a girly girl. I'd love to have an SL family but I know that takes time. I love horseback riding and dancing. I like taking photos and shooting zombies. Occasionally go clubbing or gacha shopping! Interests Gaming Harry Potter Anime (Fairytale & The Seven Deadly Sins) Likes Cats (Especially love black cats) Lions Watermelon & Strawberries Fantasy (Unicorns & Mermaids) Music (Vocal Trance & Pop) Examples : Above & Beyond, Hillary Duff and Katy Perry Role Play Looking to RP ages between 19-29 Avoiding Conversations about Religious beliefs (You believe what you want so will I) Politics
  22. Happy Tuesday people! SL is a fun social game and we all like to meet new people from all over the world and create friendships and bonds in this fun world. Me and my friends love to hang out, dance, explore sims, support each other and have lots of fun together. One of those amazing friends has a wish for her birthday today, and her wish is to do a friendly thing for someone else and for them to pay it forward. Not only to grand her wish, but also because I just love meeting people and make friends...I want to let everyone here know that if you are looking for a friend/friends feel welcome to shoot me an IM inworld and let's get to know each other! I hope to meet you soon! Doris x
  23. Hey, I'm looking to find someone to date in game, hopefully something will grow into something more. - I'm in the US (the south), so I'd prefer us to be comparable timezones - Please don't be a creep. I don't need a daddy, or someone who just wants to bang in game, I want to grow a relationship - Be an adult, late 20s to 30s preferably - Be willing to chat because I enjoy talking and getting to know folks - I'm honest, outgoing, funny, a little cheesy at times. I'm incredibly faithful, trustworthy, and caring. I love listening to music, motorcycles and classic cars, and anything outdoors, specifically archery. If you're interested, please feel free to IM me in game.
  24. Switch female looking for subs, relationships, or friends. I took a little break from sl and i am coming back. I would love to be able to meet and connect with people. Inworld i rp as demon and vampire and i am always looking to add to my family either lover or even kids. I am bi so i am attracted to both males and females. Feel free to message me inworld or drop me a notecard. milliewillow (is my res name) Looking forward to hearing from you and connecting with you.
  25. dunno how well this side of forms works... but ill give it a shot never really had friends in SL, and it's pretty sad without them, anyone want to be friends with a shapeshifter? lol don't know what else to say... come and im me i guess lol
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