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  1. I need an oil change, I will bring my car over later.
  2. I will second her recommendation.
  3. IDK something about him looks a little creepy, like yes we are invited and we are going on the grill. I think I will just hang out here at my gallery with my new painting
  4. I thought something was said about nonjudgemental
  5. I know of someone with that name, but she spells it Keight.
  6. I am wondering if I have a person's display name, is there a way to get his regular name?
  7. Ok, so a red dress, and what else did you want?
  8. Shopping, I bet I could find a red dress here.
  9. When I find it, I’ll pull that garmentfrom your body like I’m choosing the onlywoman on earth
  10. I started with a prim baby and then when I was ready for him to be older I then found a person with a child avi
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