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  1. Hello you lovely human being! After what seems like forever I'm back on second life, but lonely as they come. I hope to make some new friends, or to join in on a family. Even start a family with others. I love going on adventures, dancing, role playing,shopping, and overall I love having a good time with others. I can describe myself as sassy, loving, loyal, sarcastic, funny (at least that's what others say), and sweet. If you're interested please message me inworld or reply on here! It's you're life live how you want. I hope I'll be talking to you soon! I hope you have a wonderful day, and thanks for reading :). (P.S. I put some pics of myself down below).
  2. Hello! Let's get straight to the point, shall we? I've been lonely for quite a while now I was hoping to find family that I can join in on or just amazing friends to chat with. I love to shop around, and go to events of the grid. So if you can help a poor dame out it would be appreciated thanks a bunch! 
  3. Feel free to message me anytime as well. I just returned to second life a couple days ago and looking to reconnect with awesome people!
  4. Hello! So I recently had to uninstall SL due to a program used for college. Now after a couple months I decided to come back, but none of my friends were on and was kicked from groups. So I really wanted to get out there and make some awesome friends and be part of a loyal family. I would love to be a mother or a sibling if you do prefer.  I can describe myself as a down to earth person with a sense of humor, I like to be open minded as well.. Please feel free to message me inworld or in the forum. Thank you very much and have a blessed day
  5. Hello there dear. I have been on for a while and kind of lonely too so if anyone is willing to take me into a family type thing taht would be fantastic. I guess to describe myself I am humorous, loyal, and quite sassy if I do say myself honey. :smileyhappy: And here below here beautiful is what I look like :D. Hopefully posting this in the forum where get me somewhere other than that have a wonderful day and thanks for checking it out!
  6. Hey darling! If you ever want to get to know one another or hang out feel free to add me or IM me!
  7. I do have a shape on my avatar now. same as skin but thank you for taking out the time to reply. I will start looking around more!
  8. I have been on here for a week or two so far and I met a dancer at a red light district club who was very nice and said if I could get some lindens as well then she would show me where to find some good products to make my avatar more presentable then she could get me a job as a dancer too. Yet the next day I saw she unfriended me. So what I am asking is that someone who knows the shops of second life that could direct me to find good mesh hands, shapes, and skin. Yet having money left over to get clothes that could start me out as a dancer that would be great! If you could help a newbie in need I would appreciate you so much because we all start somewhere :)
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