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  1. Once they are old enough why not, lots of video games are far worse than anything in SL
  2. The least distracting background of all can be made by going to a sandbox and resizing a simple cube, removing the texture to make it white, then stretching it so it is very tall and wide and standing in front or it. This is how I made my profile picture for the forums.
  3. Really? I find lots of things that happened before I was born very relevant to my life. Especially my family's history, made me who I am.
  4. If so you should know that the behavior you call ridiculous and disrespectful is pretty typical for the forums. Don' take it personal.
  5. At the very least we should all be grateful we have Internet.
  6. Happy Thanksgiving for those of you in the US, Everyone else have a happy Thursday.
  7. I should drive down from Orlando to see you.
  8. It looks to me you stole your idea from RL. Builders, maybe the one you call a copy stole the idea from the same place you did. But seriously virtually everything in SL is copied from someplace else.
  9. If they changed his name, they would get everyone else saying, "why can't you change my name too"
  10. When you can get Turkey at less than a dollar per pound, you can do the turkey thing even more than two times.
  11. 550L for half a room. I know places I can rent a whole room for 50
  12. Hey homecoming queen Why do you lie When somebody's mean? Where do you hide? Do people assume You're always alright? Been so good at smiling Most of your life Look damn good in the dress Zipping up the mess Dancing with your best foot forward Does it get hard To have to play the part? Nobody's feeling sorry for ya But what if I told you the world wouldn't end If you started showing what's under your skin What if you let 'em all in on the lie? Even the homecoming queen cries
  13. Since there have been a few Drune shots lately i figured I would go over myself and take a picture.
  14. I would love to hang out. My time in world can be pretty sporadic at times, but send me an IM and we can try to get together.
  15. Nothing ever happens unless someone spends money. It is never not fair when you have to pay, anytime you get something for free, someone is paying your way. You should be grateful for free things, and never think it is your right to get them.
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