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  1. Learning from a mistake makes for a better story though.
  2. I am not LGBQT+, at least not in RL, but I do love art and I love to meet fellow artists.
  3. It is like anything else, different flavor so for different folks, companies normally advertise all thier products. While SL has family friendly aspects that many people enjoy, using these exclusively for promotion will not attract those looking for a more edgy experience.
  4. It is a valuable service in SL where you have lots of designers who want to sell women's clothing, and lots of guys who are willing to pay real money to buy lindens, but have no interest in buying the clothes. We I mean they, offer the guys what they want to pay for and then spend the money on the clothes, and everybody wins.
  5. Not everyone who does SL is looking to do the things they can't in RL. SL is more than just an alternate version of RL. SL is actually a part of RL, and within RL it is entertainment. If we are watching a movie with a car chase down a busy city street we may find it all very much fun to watch, but if the same scene unfolded before us on our morning commute we would be horrified. Their is a lot of life, that SL just cannot replicate. We can't smell or taste, we have no sense of touch. I think often the exaggerated sexuality that exists in SL is a way to compensate for all that is missing. We are all really just entertainers, and everyone else is the audience. We want to stand out and be memorable.
  6. If you show me yours, I will show you mine, the art of course, I am talking about art.
  7. Not sure RL will let me make it, but I will be there if I can.
  8. OK so I dot see any problem with this flag.
  9. I love the part about SL being an expression of a persons true self, people often worry about whether a person on SL is who they really are. That may be a better question to ask about a person in RL
  10. Same pose and same Sim at the other picture.
  11. She is just does not want any tan lines showing in the areas of the gown that show skin.
  12. No, my not having enough Lindens to cash out, is the problem.
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