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  1. I started with a prim baby and then when I was ready for him to be older I then found a person with a child avi
  2. Oh wow thanks, I did not know I could do this, I find those things so annoying, I usually just derender people who wear them.
  3. When I saw the title of this thread, the first thought that popped into my head was that someone wanted someone who could voice verify as a dog in RL.
  4. So some of you might have noticed that I have been scarce of late. This is due to forces outside of my control. Today I have gotten a chance to get on and discover that Arcane Spellcaster is giving away a $500 gift card, so I got this dress.
  5. Ok so some of us actually have social skills and found someone in RL, and we use SL only as a form of entertainment, but somehow we are the losers?
  6. I will for sure check it out, always looking for new venues.
  7. The easiest thing is to not wear things that require an alpha layer when getting involve with intimate situations.
  8. I think this is a very under utilized feature, it has many great uses, from finding things in stores, locating misplaced items, even editing pose balls after you have sat on them without having to stand.
  9. Ok, so we know who makes the really cute hair, but now how about the really cute earrings?
  10. Just get out, do things you like in SL, talk to the guys you find doing the same things, and wait for the magic.
  11. I obviously have no idea why she is doing what she is doing, but if I were to guess. I would say someone else has complained to her about stuff in the waterways. It could in fact be there for years an no one cares because it isn't creating an issue, then along comes someone new who has an issue, and they contact the land owner. At this point the land owner takes action, because as we all know, the squeaky wheel gets the grease, it is a bit like telling a cop that you have been driving over the speed limit for years and never got a ticket. Well be happy you got lucky for so long, but your luck has run out.
  12. Happy Rez day. Just think of all you will accomplish in your second year after doing all that in the first.
  13. If you look to see if you are wearing these, and find some missing. You can simply add them and you will pop into view without needing to witch avatars.
  14. I wear glasses now and then in RL when some issue prevents me from getting my contacts in, So now and then I will wear glasses in SL. Usually when I do it is these, which I got for free someplace, though I do have several pairs.
  15. Wish you luck. If I were to give you any advice it would be to just get out there in SL and wait for the magic, that is how I found my perfect partner.
  16. 嗨,我只能用a來寫這個 在互聯網上的翻譯。我不想嘗試很長時間 這種對話方式
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