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  1. Well I was once hit on by a guy in a toddler avi. That was the most creepy thing to me.
  2. But an avatar that looks like a child and talks and acts like an adult can be a huge problem.
  3. Sometimes meeting with other girls can be a great way to attract men.
  4. That's her nature. I was wondering, since you are an alien. Are you documented?
  5. i once had an SL bf who wanted me to be exclusive with him, I didn't react well, he ended up getting hurt.
  6. come on, be honest, we know it is because we have better shoes.
  7. If i had to explain everything people do that makes no sense I would be explaining constantly.
  8. I could hang out and explore with you if we get on at the same time, my times tend to be pretty erratic.
  9. I am an artist in SL, this sounds interesting.
  10. Well at least I wasn't banned, after I hit the ground I could walk right back in. I have had other situations where I was banned from the sim.
  11. There is no such thing as the right moves. It is just a matter of finding the ladies who like the moves you are using. Some guys just get there moves out there to more ladies, so they increase there odds of success.
  12. I guess I am the oddball, I do not obsess over my shape at all. I use a store bought shape with just one small modification, I shortened my legs slightly. This is not to say I do not obsess over how I look, but I just focus on my hair and clothes.
  13. No, not before SL had mesh, just before I had it. So I suppose they had had issues with girls with mesh bodies and that particular animation, and so they were not taking any chances.
  14. I have only de rendered for the sake of a picture. Some annoying sign in the background, a pizza on a table I want to sit on. Someone who insists on standing in front of me, even objects that are not in the picture but cast shadows I do not want.
  15. Though back in my premesh days. I was dancing at this club in a G rated area, wearing a very respectable dress, but the dance animation included some high kicks, and I suddenly found myself flying as i got ejected from the club for being indecent.
  16. and when he is not a doormat, he is a tiny kitten, pretty much the same view.
  17. I know someone who often is a doormat.
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