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  1. Hey everyone! Recently a small, new roleplay community has emerged within Second Life: Georgian London in SL. The project is small in scale, for now, and resembles London in the year 1745. In 1745 and London is at the centre of an ever expanding empire of commerce and global trade. The country is on edge with the potential threat, yet bursting clash between the classes and between politics. The roleplay is very casual, everyone knows each other and we're all friends. It is a very welcoming environment with a few events a week, which you are welcome to attend - granted that you come in 1740s attire. There is a freebie present at the welcoming area should you free clothes, and who doesn't?! If you come to the project you will be handed an event schedule so you can see what is going on. In the spirit of July 4th there are also a few Independence day freebies available in the center of the project, should you want some! I hope to see you there! This is the SLURL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Scaroth/56/102/4026/
  2. You are more than welcome to, I look forward to seeing you there!
  3. Hello everyone! In the spirit of July 4th you can pick up various freebie pieces of mesh, materials-enabled art at the Georgian London in SL sim on July 4th and July 5th. This includes: A painting of signing of the declaration of independence, a painting of George III and a collection of the Founding Fathers (which is one object!) This is the SLURL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Scaroth/56/102/4026/ Hope to see you there, and I hope you enjoy it! Friendly greetings, MarieLouise Harcourt
  4. Hello, A while back Ethelred Brougham was one of the first to start a papal court based roleplay. The Villa Farnese project was set in the 1530s, with pope Paul III. A renaissance roleplay. Unfortunately, due to lack of interest and high support costs, the project was closed. Now we are aspiring to create a new roleplay. Your help would be greatly appreciated. https://www.esurveycreator.com/s/aa446fd Kiss, MarieLouise
  5. Valerie, I tried your tip, but it did not work. I do not have a facelight!
  6. What you see in the picture above is what I get when I want to do basic shaders in Second Life. Shadows don't work anymore either, the same happens in both Firestorm and SL's viewer. Shadows and such worked fine and smooth in the past. Does anyone know what the problem might be?
  7. Hello, I ask this question on behalf of a friend. Something went wrong while crashing and driving his car. Now everytime he logs in his avatar practically rockets into the sim corner or he shoots over various sims before doing so. It happens as soon as he lands on the sim. He has already tried various times to relog, and has tried it on various sims also. How can he solve this? Your help wll be appreciated! MarieLouise Harcourt
  8. "My character is no fun to play at all!", "This roleplay is boring", "I'm bored!" are all things we hear now and then in various roleplays. However, I have to disagree with them. Roleplaying can be a very fun activity, with every kind of role, and every kind of roleplay setting, time etc. A class will be organized at the Villa Farnese, to show you various simple ways to make your RP more interesting for yourself and for others. Thus, in this class, we will look at various ways to make your RP more fun and interesting. This class will apply to various types of roleplays, and will take about an hour in total. However, the main focus will be on historical RP, specifically with regards to court RP. The class will take place wednesday, 31-07-2013, at 2 pm SLT. The Villa Farnese, where the class shall be organized, is a renaissance RP with as its setting the Villa Farnese, residence of pope Paul III in 1535. Take a look! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Cherry%20Pie/219/175/31/
  9. Hey all, I didn't even know this forum existed, how cool is that! Lately (the past year, you could say) I have been trying and playing around a bit with making video's! I put a lot of time and love in the Versailles in SL project, and I made a video about the roleplay going on there recently! Take a look and if you think 'Hey, that place looks kinda cool', haha, then the SLURL is in the video description! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kSCsFhx_Nm0
  10. Well, thanks for thinking with me.. But I can log in with V1.. It's just that I'm looking for a solution since I would like to be able to properly log in on mesh compatible viewers!
  11. Hellooo co-residents :) I'm having some problems constantly lately with LL's v2/3 and Firestorm. When I try to log in the loading thingie comes and goes on for a while, and then at a certain moment after 'downloading clothes' it just stops working and tells me a certain crash logger (something with win and .exe) doesn't work anymore and neither does the viewer. I've tried a lot of stuff like deleting all SL files (besides the v1 ones) and reinstalling firestorm and SL v2/3 but I keep having the same problem! Is it perhaps my graphic card or could it be something else? I luckily do have another computer on which firestorm does work, but well... It's quite annoying! Edit: LL's viewer one on the other hand does work btw!
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