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  1. For a year and a half I used an avi that was a free promotion. I added tats and different hair so the total look was not free, but i got compliments on my look up until the day i retired her and went to mesh. You can get a great look for not much money here if you just put the effort into finding good stuff. Promos are great because stores that make high quality stuff will often offer free or cheep versions to get their stuff out there.
  2. Talligurl


    Personally I could care less if it is mesh or not, What does this particular hair look like on me, and do I like it? nothing else matters.
  3. Aww cute puppies, they don't change the fact the fact that it is Monday though.
  4. make sure you actually have a shape, this happened to me once. It turned out somehow my shape had gone missing, I added it back and poof there i was.
  5. It always seems like Friday is so far away on Monday though.
  6. Sounds like we are all online about the same times, and have similar situations, I will send you guys an IM.
  7. Just hanging out waiting for someone i know to log on
  8. Friday nights are hard for me, actually every evening is hard for me, Right now is an exception
  9. The one thing I got at an event was the hair for my wedding. I saw it pictured in the store and thought that is it, then I found out it was only available at the event. Waiting till later wasn't an option because the wedding was going to happen before the end of the event.
  10. Really in the overall grand scope of things in SL, how many people even care about any of this? I know there are people who probably live to go to these events, and probably a lot of them since the events are always so crowded, but as a percentage of the total number who log on in any given day, how many is it? I am guessing it isn't many. People come to hang out at their favorite beach, or play a game, or chat with friends, and I bet most of them have never even been to one of these things, and a lot more like me have gone, actually bought something, and then said never again. It is a great gimmick to try to get some of the event junkies to sign up for premium accounts but I don't think it is going to affect that many people,
  11. or refresh the camera image, oh look its the perfect shot except m hand is in front of my face, just click refresh but when i move the mouse to the button my head follows it
  12. Hair is important, but there is plenty of great hair available without dealing with drama, or lag
  13. One simple tip, higher resolution makes for better pictures, while there are lots of tricks you can use, and they are great, I would say the most important thing is make sure you are taking shots at a high resolution, this can be adjusted, make it as high as your computer will handle.
  14. Oh yes the shoes, now I can dance with my 8 foot tall friend and see his eyes
  15. Sorry I didn't see this till now, looks like you can modify this to work, you might want to check out the rest of the store as well, lots of great pieces. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/AZOURY-Nameless-Jewels/10238747
  16. Oh what an adorable fairy costume, I can think of a fantasy role-play involving me, that costume, and my husband, that would work in a modern urban environment but I am pretty sure that isn't what you are after.
  17. I dont know, i only use appliers for tattoos and have never had a tattoo show through. But as to the whole being nude til you rez thing, I have been wondering what happens if you alpha out the parts you don't want showing? Does the alpha work before it is all rezzed?
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