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  1. The highlight of my day was finding this
  2. thank you i need to get back to the sim the picture for this was taken, it has a lot of potential.
  3. I was a bunny today, oh wait that was different.
  4. Yeah i get that, I resisted the switch to mesh a long time, I still am resisting going o a mesh head, I just know anything I try to do isn't going to look like "me",.
  5. Interesting, I switched hair color and style almost daily since I started a year and a half ago, but just recently settled on red.
  6. Well you need some help picking out you clothes but other than that it is great.
  7. I have this apartment, next to the water, and I have noticed a considerable amount of people who just stand on the bottom of the water. I always wondered what the heck they were doing, now it all makes sense. Now I am thinking i could just give up the apartment and go change out there.
  8. I have not tried to go there lately, but my ex boyfriends bloodlines clan sim banned me, just because I gave the girl who ran it, his girlfriend before me a hard time. Actually all I did was tell her I had left him and she was welcome to have him back, I thought I was being helpful, but she didn't seem to appreciate it.
  9. This is the internet, where you put stuff out there and see what reaction you get. Just accept the reactions you get don't try to control it.
  10. Being clear on how you view it, does not stop them from expecting you to play the game according to their rules, and getting upset when you refuse to.
  11. yeah, if you really wanted me to ignore it you should have said something like, "hey baby you are so f****n hot"
  12. You mean it really is over? Could you call my parents and let them know, they don't listen to me.
  13. No, never, it cannot and never will happen, I am already married in RL, to a great guy, even if he is a bit old fashioned and has no use for computer games. For me this is primarily a creative outlet. A couple months ago I met a guy here with a similar story, and we have connected and have become an SL couple, we are as determined to protect each other's RL relationships with the same passion we protect our own. After so long of resisting the temptations that come with SL, it is so refreshing to know someone finally has your back. While our story might seem to be the total opposite of the meet here and get married in RL couples, in a way it is not, because our story as an SL couple, is very much a part of us each being half of an RL couple, just not the same couple.
  14. So there is a vanity thread to show off your avatar, I thought it would be nice to have a thread to show off your personal space, your SL home, or store or any place that you have created in SL. I will start off with my kitchen. This room was a bathroom when I bought the house.
  15. We can be whatever we want to be here it is true, But we still face prejudices from others according to what we choose to be. I recently told someone that my look was racially ambiguous and some people thought I was black, something I have no problem with at all, but they felt the need to assure me it wasn't so, as if being taken as a black woman was a bad thing.
  16. I went to the store, didn't find it, while there I saw another girl with another hair I liked, I asked here where she got it and she told me Analog Dog Island, Well my main hairs I use are from AD, but I didn't remember seeing that in the marketplace, but sure enough in world is a whole bunch of stuff I have to have. Here is the hair she had, hers was black, but my color is red.
  17. Thanks, I looked through everything in the Marketplace and didnt find it, i guess when i get inworld I need to pop over to the store.
  18. Maybe I should be the Walmart Goddess, accepting tribute from subs on a budget of L$400 or more.
  19. Most likely due to programming issues. There is no reason why any number of people can't form any relationship they want without any of them being partnered. Not all couples are even officially partnered.
  20. That is a little like saying that if you live in a town where the largest employer is a Federal prison, that you should be comfortable with inviting convicted felons into your home.
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