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  1. Don't show up when? Sometimes it takes a while, you just have to be patient with them, they should eventually show up if it shows you are wearing them.
  2. Sailboats in SL come with various degrees of realism, from just steal it around with the arrow keys, to having to set the sails properly to make them work, I assume that second one is what you want, so be sure to get a sailboat designed to do that. I do not however know how to sail one. I have been on sailboats, and enjoy riding them in SL, but I am more the decorate the bow in a bikini kind of sailer.
  3. Since I have never needed to block anyone I hadn't just talked to in IMs I do it like this. Click thier name in the chat box, you will get a box with various option offer TP, repeat TP, ect. one of those options is block. Just click that.
  4. I wish you luck girl, and you have to get over that fear of sending random IMs. You gotta put yourself out there talk to lots and lots of guys and eventually you will find one that clicks, and your whole SL will be transformed, yes before it was a very pretty caterpillar, but it's nothing compared to the butterfly it becomes with the right partner. You can't force it, you can't just find some random guy and the two of you say lets do this, you can have something that way, but you won't get magic. Before I met my guy I worked as a stripper, I regularly sent out random IMs to 10 to 20 guys a day, then one day, one of those guys was magical.
  5. In RL if I go into a windowless room or a cave and there are no lights on, it will be so dark I can't see my hand in front of my face. Is such darkness possible in SL, even at the midnight setting there is some light, can even that be turned off. I obviously don't want to take black pictures, but I do have some ideas for pictures illuminated only by light sources with in scene. An example would be me holding a lantern in a cave, where the only light comes from the lantern. Is this possible in SL, if so how?
  6. Won't matter you will still show up as a green dot, now if you want a show get a kitten avi. I have this guy who is my kitten. He gave me his collar and when we are both on I drag him everywhere, That guy probably has a Flickr page full up pictures up my skirt. But I don't care cause he is so darned cute.
  7. I would highly recommend getting mesh feet somehow, either just the feet or a slink or Maitreya mesh body that of course comes with them. I resisted the switch to mesh, thinking my avi is great, people compliment me all the time, why do I need that? Then I tried it, and then I discovered the shoes that go with mesh feet, and I was like why did I wait so long to do this?
  8. Of course she might have a problem with you, I have more than once when taking pictures in some beautiful spot, had the urge to, take some "nature shots" we might call them, just me and the scenery, but if there is another dot in the sim I resist that urge.
  9. I have a apartment I rent that is on the water, I regularly see dots out in the water. I sometime try to talk to these people, I rarely get any response.
  10. You can invest in my shoe acquisition company.
  11. It is a special box I had installed to make it easier for you to pay the royalties for using my name, just click it and the funds come out of your account. Ok Ok I know that wasn't nice, You are new and have not yet figured out that a large portion of what I say isn't to be taken seriously.
  12. I was stuck behind her and her 12 kids the other day at Walmart
  13. So I was in the Marketplace and I see this outfit with my name on it, no literally the outfit name is Tally, well I had to buy that of course. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/INNOCENCE-Tally/11329571
  14. Because every post counts and once they hit 500 they can change their title to Troll Feeder.
  15. Talligurl


    Wow, so why can't monykony just send an IM? I will once i get inworld.
  16. The lone dot on a parcel of land isn't near as creepy to me as the lone dot in the middle of the water when there are no boats out there.
  17. Yes lots of guns on Marketplace, with a wide variety of prices, They basically come in two varieties, decorations, and actual SL weapons that can "kill" someone in a sim with damage enabled. I have one of the second type, and when I first rezzed it I got a message warning me about firing it in the wrong place, with a threat of potentially being banned from SL.
  18. You just think to much, follow you heart and do what feels right, who knows why she won't share more of her RL with you, what matters is does she make your SL experience better?
  19. I have just the ring for that, after a discussion here about engagement and wedding rings, it was said you could get some good ones cheep, so I bough tone just to see how good it was, It cost 5L and looked fabulous, but the complexity if the ring alone was over 400000.
  20. If all you want is to change clothes I know I used to use a place with a changing room near an intro hub, Isabel I think was then name of the place. Also there are places that give group members rez rights, I know several people who just set their home to Sunset Beach and do all that right on the beach. When ever I need a sandbox, I just do a search and pick one, the list is usually different each time, probably because, as Madelaine says they come and go. I have never had a problem finding one. if you are looking to use it as a changing room, you might want to search for adult sandboxes unless you want to go to the trouble of making sure you are never naked.
  21. I visit a lot of sims, looking for great places to take pictures, often I am the lone dot, sometimes there is another one, sometimes because I am a little nuts, I try to make conversation with the person with the other dot. I am not usually afraid of any dots. Today though one scared me a little. This guy TPed me to what he said was his house, claiming to have an opportunity for me to make some money, it soon became apparent he was hoping to receive certain services for free, so I left. Later I was curious so I went back. I saw two dots, one was him, the other another girl. I cammed the girl, she had a gun, and here green dot was headed in the direction of my dot. I TPed back home. I was able to have an interesting conversation with her about the guy, and maybe she then went back and shot him IDK
  22. I have a couple times clicked on something and gotten a bunch of old posts, I figured it out that they weren't current, but I can see if a person wasn't as smart as me (you gotta wonder how these people even breathe actually) they might not realize and post in them.
  23. I will message you but you probably are not on when I am, no one ever is.
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