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  1. @Eirynne Sieyes Good catch! I was lucky to catch this parcel that was going around in Sario and this region is just lovely so I am going to stay here for awhile: I did try the catch and release with the Victorian I got in Bishopshead as I wanted my alt with 3 months left to get it, but alas it didn't work out. I have retired the alt that had that one today and now I am just down to having 2 TH (one beach, one green) & 1 HB. So I think I am done with GOH for awhile. At least until the new theme comes out. Good luck to everyone still trying to find their dream plot and remember that there is lots of parcels that get abandoned that are great locations that you are looking for. They are still out there!
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  3. Thanks for providing the link. I just went there to check it out and it is absolutely stunning! Nice job.
  4. I believe that is just an error. I have seen that error a few times.
  5. Well if you start a group I will certainly join it.
  6. Being I am nosey, I had to go look. You got the one I wanted! That is too funny.
  7. I can hardly see what everyone comes up with! It is going to be awesome .
  8. However I did catch this lovely Victorian one in Bishopshead. I really like this, train tracks are on the othe rside at the bottom of a cliff, lots of trees, bridge right there and I like that there is no fence just flowers. I find with the Victorians less landscaping works best for my computer.
  9. I did get one but released it as it wasn't the parcel I was looking at, but it was still lovely. Just not for me.
  10. I am over there now with my alt checking out this region. It is really nice, if they release it today I might try to get one as it is my day off today.
  11. Totally agree with this. Some of the best parcels my alts have gotten were in the regions that were first released. I had to let some of them go cause I retired a few of them. My main was lucky to get a parcel in Edwina it is also one of the first regions released and it is really a nice area. So far it is my favorite one.
  12. As @Chloe Dolores pointed out to me one time, I truly think that a home eventually gets the person it was meant to have.
  13. I think I understand what you mean. Even though you might not interact with the neighbors it is kind of a comfort to see the same houses with the same owner and decorations and the sense that these people are still here. I was lucky to get a parcel in Edwina and most of the ones in that area still have the same owners when they released them in April. Even in the regions beside me alot of the parcels were claimed in April. I find it gives me the homey, lived in kind of feeling.
  14. I did see the pic you posted and that is a fabulous location! I am glad you go it, I know you have been trying for awhile to get your dream spot. I try not to be sad when I miss a release in a region I like as I know that more are going to be made and we will have even more chances in other regions. And there will be new themes too, which I am so excited about!
  15. @Elora Lunasea That's lovely. I went there to check it out. I think Ketran was in the first release. Some people claim they don't want anything in the "older regions", however these regions that were first released are just as nice. I got a really nice beach one in Edwina that far surpasses anything I have now (other than the houseboat on my other alt) and I am especially happy because my main got it. The front of the house faces the ocean, but I don't care, that for me is not an issue. Enjoy your new digs!
  16. Thing is you don't know what the new place is going to be like until you get there and stay put for awhile. Sometimes you feel it and sometimes you don't. Or you think it is a good location, but maybe not for you, but you think you should stay cause people will think you are nuts for giving it up. I like the new Victorians, but I have a harder time decorating them, most likely that is because they are new. So i am going to keep it for a while longer. Also I think as long as I have alts getting houses, I will continue to see what is out there. There are a few houses I do kind of regret giving up, but at this point, they are gone. Right now I am just going to have fun with this. Some days I feel silly that I have 4 alts all with homes, but I am enjoying them.
  17. I haven't even looked at BOM yet. I don't really feel a need for it at this point. I don't wear any extra makeup and I don't have any old skins or system clothing that I want to wear.
  18. wow that looks just awesome! You have such good luck with these camper locations!
  19. I would say both, but right now I am enjoying the homes I have right now. I have a houseboat, my beach house, my forest house and my victorian. I just love all 4, they are all unique and give me a different feel. At this point I am happy with all the parcels I have and I am not going to try rerolling any of them at this point. I am taking a break from hopping around for now. I don't think I will be able to put roots down totally until i see all the themes because I am really enjoying the new shiny. I know darn well when the new themes come out I am going to want to try them.
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