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  1. As I said, I know this article is not for everyone. Everyone sees SL differently, it's what we are wanting out of it that forms our reactions to others in it I suppose. I appreciate all those who took and take time to leave their comments and opinions.
  2. and yet you replied LOL But thank you. Everyone's opinion is most certainly valid. and I do agree it's a "done to death" topic but it was one on my mind lately.
  3. I am a real life author so my definition of "briefly" is somewhat longer than most LOL
  4. Thank you for sharing that! I didn't know tinies were called Dinkies. Keeba and the Tinay Maniacs is one of the groups that perform regularly at Higher Ground Music Magazine and she has a few "Dinkies" in her band and they are just the cutest things!! I didn't realize either that the lag was so low that is good to know.
  5. What is Second Life to you? I have no doubt what I have to say will be very unpopular among some of you and then others will appreciate it. I pose the question; What is Second Life to you? Is SL just a game that you log into when you're bored or during free time? Is it a means by which to make a living? Is it a place to connect with friends from all over? Is it a venue to stream your art, writings, music? Who are the people in SL to you? Are they simply avatars you greet and interact with while in world and when you unplug they cease to exist until you log in ag
  6. Fly Kugin is an amazing violinist who streams into Second Life. She will leave you absolutely spell bound and she is one of the most endearing folks I have had the pleasure of knowing. HGMM had the pleasure of interview FLY recently... Here is that interview You can also read Fly's interview in print form by purchasing the Fall edition of HGMM on Amazon:
  7. Higher Ground Music Magazine caught up with the one and only Skye Galaxy and he was kind enough to allow us to conduct an interview. Go here to read it!
  8. * SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY ** I realize this is Second Life; however, HGMM is a RL blog. We promote RL musicians who play RL and those who stream into SL. We are seeking individuals who will take this job seriously. That means showing up for your shift. We are also seeking responsible individuals who will love HGMM as much as we do and will keep it's lands free from drama. For whatever reason some folks exist simply to cause drama or trouble for others. We do not want this at HGMM. We want all of our guests and residents to feel safe and have a fun, peaceful experience. HGMM hosts
  9. Da Bluez Preacher aka Ray Confer is a live musician who has been playing in SL since 2006. He blends a setlist of blues, funk, gospel and rock, using a technique called live looping where he creates the song on the fly. His shows are family-friendly and very high energy, always interacting with the audience. His motto is no black, no white, just bluez! Read the full interview here
  10. Dexter Lee Moore is a singer, song writer, performer, engineer, arranger, producer, multi-instrumentalist, conceptualist, and singed to Fervor Records USA in 2017. He has been dubbed "The Funckalicious One" by his endearing fans. "Amazing Virtuosity" - London Times Read the entire article here
  11. Higher Ground Music Magazine is seeking two positions: 1. Assistant/manager for the HGMM in world venue. Duties include putting together open mic nights and over seeing the operation of those events, assisting with hosting and notices during regular HGMM shows and basic assistant type duties. This is a paid position depending on experience. 2. Music Journalist. This position would venture around SL seeking talented SL musicians to interview and write articles about for the HGMM blog as well as major musical events. I.E. Relay for Life and anything that promotes live music in SL. We
  12. That is an interesting resume as you say 🙂 I have been seeking someone who's been in SL for at least 2 years. I am seeking two different employees. I have a blog at https://highergroundmusicmagazine.blogspot.com/ and am looking for someone to go around an interview and write articles about live performers in SL as well as major events etc. The other is as an assistant/manager to my own venue to in-cooperate and run an open mic night as well as some other duties such as notice sending etc. Basic assistant stuff. If you are interested in either of these positions please get in touch with me in
  13. Kris Angelis is a beautifully talented singer/song writer who grew up on a farm in Florida. Awarded Best Female Album of 2013 by the LA Music Critics Awards for "The Left Atrium" Kris is a success in her own right having the video for her song "Not Your Fault" exclusively premiered on RyanSeacrest.com. Her musical presence is widespread. All you have to do is Google her name and you are showered with a plethora of photos and information about shows and releases. In 2019 Kris completed a tour of all 50 states. She has won several competitions that have put her on the billboards in Chicago
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