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  1. And even if you did it is nothing more than showing people what you have done with your house. And there is nothing wrong with that. And nothing wrong with the show homes either.
  2. I have never used ban lines or orbs. I don't even have any of my homes set to privacy either. Worse thing that can happen is someone sees me naked on my platform either changing clothes or demoing. I have never had any issues with people bothering me. I also don't care if people go in my house and use my things. Go ahead and use my adult couch at least that way it is getting some action! I mean really it is not like they can steal my things.
  3. Oh definately! I don't do adult activities so for me it is not an issue. But yeah people have to have a choice on whether they want to be private or not.
  4. The simplicity of this just makes it so gorgeous!
  5. I never set my privacy to on either. Not even on mainland. I guess we are just open books so to speak. Personally I have no problem with those that like it on and it really should be an option for people. Taking the ban lines away is good enough for me!
  6. Make him do it and then tell him to sell it to the rest of us! 😁
  7. Seriously keep them coming. Don't stop making them.
  8. I also appreciate all the effort these people are doing to make these add-ons. They are a life save cause I can't build for the life of me.
  9. Believe me I would have been equally disappointed if I didn't get one. So I do understand why people are upset.
  10. People live in different time zones. That is just a fact and the reality. They don't just pick a country and say "hmmm no houses for them". I am sorry you did not get a house. The houseboats were gone in less than 30 minutes. I only got one cause I didn't work today.
  11. she is the add-on queen! She keeps making them and then I keep buying them, and then I change houses again and again!
  12. That is great to hear! congrats! You are going to love your new house :).
  13. It is one of the Linden homes you can get in Meadowbrook.
  14. I've always had a quad home when I went premium. But I could hardly wait to get one of these new houses when I saw they were coming out. More prims and the landscaping is just so nice. And no friggin ban lines!
  15. There are quite a few people that got a new home by doing that. Even before this new release. Don't give up.
  16. I think some were worried about abandoning them and then not getting anything. It was fast.
  17. @s2Pandora Wow that just looks fabulous!
  18. Did you get one Daniel?
  19. Yes I am really impressed with the new region. It really does feel more like a community. Just love being a part of the new era!
  20. This is why I just kept the first houseboat I got. I am surrounded on both sides, but the plot is 32x32 and I am just happy I got one.
  21. Nice! I am between people on Ixa, but I decided to just keep the first houseboat I got.
  22. Congrats to all that got a traditional house or houseboat. My alt got a houseboat and I named it "Soon".
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