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  1. This is awesome! gives me a week to hop around to see what else is out there for vics and trads! Not that I am saying it will get released next week for sure, but I will be ready for it, if it does 😁.
  2. I agree, I think some are getting ready for the log homes.
  3. My alt got it and I will be releasing it shortly.
  4. @Pussycat Catnap I am more referring to the actual windows being open not the curtains or blinds, sorry should have been more clear.
  5. @RaeLeeH Yeah that does makes sense. I don't think that people who have them closed are necessarily unsociable, I guess it just affords them their privacy like you said. And you are right we do bring our RL houses to our SL houses in some ways.
  6. I keep all my doors open in all my homes, inside and outside. I also have to have all my windows open. I have noticed that people don't like their windows opened in their houses. I find it very odd I guess and wonder why people don't open their windows. My grandfather use to keep all the windows closed all the time in his house and it use to drive us all bonky. I guess that is why i like open windows and doors.
  7. Okay just got the "Elvis was here" plot I will be releasing it at 8:30 PM SL time , maybe someone who is still looking for a Victorian will have a chance to get one and will see this post. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Barstough/33/14/32
  8. Yeah i hear you that is the problem when you have alts.
  9. Was that Blueberry Patch? If so I just got it and I am putting it back.
  10. I am pretty sure that is the one @Marianne Little started. So you both are not crazy!
  11. bumping up for @ItHadToComeToThis Of course go to page 1
  12. I got a parcel in Burnside last week and on Friday I had to file a ticket cause there was absolutely no house there and I couldn't rez one. I know it took till Mon/Tues for it to get fixed. Maybe they are waiting for it to be fixed. I know when I was waiting I did think about just putting up my own house, but changed my mind and just did some landscaping.
  13. This isn't too far off actually, my computer is in my bedroom, but my bed is higher and turned the other way . And I have 3 pillows .
  14. Personally I never thought the hopping around was for me. I swore I wouldn't do it. At first I brought out one alt in cause I wanted a houseboat & a traditional, then the campers came out had to bring a 3rd one out and then for the vics had to bring out a 4th. Being the campers aren't for me, I will be using my 4th to get a log house. I am going to be royally screwed when the other themes come out. Come to the dark side @reynols hee hee.
  15. You are probably right, okay I am going to hop till Sunday and see what Monday brings cause I can't resist clicking on them. 🤣
  16. I love this new theme also. I have an alt who is currently without a house. Of course I keep wanting to click on the abandoned homes. But yeah, I would like to have all 5 of my tries for the new release.
  17. I hope someone will post some pictures tomorrow for those of us who have to work during the reveal. Pretty, pretty please .
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