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  1. That is some serious dedication!
  2. I use Pink Fuel and I also love Amara.
  3. Also Pink Fuel has skin appliers for the Legacy body coming out soon too. There was a sign at her shop.
  4. You can hover with your mouse over their name in a post and just click on ignore user. Good Luck! I have tried it, but I am just too nosey to keep it on. I will always wonder what they are saying.
  5. I always have to have my birdhouse that makes chirping and owl noises and the birdbath bubbler that makes water noise. And also, always have to have nice wind chimes in the background.
  6. <=========== anxiously waiting for add-on with finger poised above F5 😀. That is just how quickly we all want it lol.
  7. I work on most days they do the releases except for Monday and my time is the same as SL. So that was one day out of the week I could really wait for a release. I still managed to get a house and not camp out 24/7 and I got it on a Sunday. I do understand that it is no fun to have a parcel that you are not happy with. I let go of my first house because I wasn't happy with the location, but I let it go KNOWING that I most likely wouldn't get one right away and definately not the perfect one, in fact, it could have been worse than the first one. If you are going to let a house go, you might be waiting awhile to get a new one. It is your complaining and entitlement that is turning people off, especially after you have already been able to get two homes and you abandoned them. There are lots of people here who are abandoning to get better locations, however, you don't see them complaining over and over again about how they are not getting what they paid for.
  8. It was fabulous! Loved listening to the live music. I had a good time.
  9. I agree. I got my first house in the first release and it was right in the middle of Princess Caroline and I also didn't care for the yard. I did abandon it and 2 weeks later I got a house right by the water and it wasn't any that were new, it was someone who got rid of their house because they wanted a houseboat. The only issue I really have is that it is all sand but I have some mesh moss I can use to add some green. Sometimes location makes a big difference as it is hard to enjoy a home you can't decorate the yard or your just not feeling it. I just kept in mind when I got rid of my first one that I could be waiting a while to get a new one.
  10. I love the idea of a roller rink and on the holidays turn it into a skating rink.
  11. But, but , but I want a unicorn! 😭
  12. I know one of the groups had screen doors and windows for the winchester house available. I love the screen doors. However not sure if it is still there or not. You can ask. It was either the Bellisseria Community or Bellisseria Citizens that I got it from.
  13. That looks fabulous! Would have never thought to have done that.
  14. Yeah somedays I just want to put a bbq out in the backyard and make my kitchen into a library. But for some reason I continually think I have to have one.
  15. You can also check out this thread: I find that kitchens are the absolute worst to decorate, at least for me anyways.
  16. I don't think it sounds childish at all. Sometimes if you take a break and maybe try once in awhile, you might hit the jackpot.
  17. I definately don't have that natural flare for it. I can't even decorate in RL least of all trying to do it in SL.
  18. Not everyone has the knack for decorating. For some they want to, but have no idea where to start and so they will copy someone else. And I am sure there are quite a few people that are getting these new homes and have never had to worry about decorating and are drawing a blank. It can be hard to decorate if you have no artistic talent like me. I am not the greatest at it, but I enjoy it even though some stuff might turn out crappy. Have I copied ideas I have seen? yup, I have. If I have the same kitchen or furniture that someone has and I see a look I like, I will try to set it up basic like they did. That just gives me a starting point and from there I can take things out, move things, add things, change colors etc. I know for me I need a starting point and I am so not embarrassed to say: hey man I have copied people! All these add-ons people come up with I really admire and envy them. There is no way I could come up with these porches, rooms, etc. I see them in my head but I can't execute. If someone copies your set up almost exact or pretty close, then consider it a compliment. Out of ALL the homes or pictures they saw or looked at, at the end of the day yours to them was the best!
  19. I went over and saw it earlier. Good job and it looks great. I can see this being a popular spot.
  20. Mine looks truly, utterly.............................boring.
  21. No one should get mad at you because you had a house and let it go. I released the first home I got. I love your post cause it is so awesome when someone gets a house almost exactly where they wanted it.
  22. I can't do it as I am afraid I will miss something! I am just to nosey to put people on ignore.
  23. I go to one of the ones that are open to premium members and it is 4 hours before they return. I can send you the landmark if you like.
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