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  1. @Chuckey Jigsaw Very pretty and looks so cozy too.
  2. I can hardly wait to see all the pics everyone is going to post of their new decorated trailers! 😀
  3. Just keep trying I don't think they are done yet.
  4. What do you mean by starting to? Have they actually released the campers and trailers or are they still being worked on?
  5. This is exciting. I live in Limevale right across from the river and when I turn my draw distance up I can see all the trees and campers when i stand on my roof!
  6. I figured you would like this photo. I know you are waiting anxiously for them to get the trailers out.
  7. I just love Lucille. I think she looks fab!
  8. Nothing ghetto about that! That really is an awesome plot you got.
  9. Well ................................
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