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  1. karynmaria

    being blocked from a destination

    I have had that happen to me as well.
  2. karynmaria

    Voice or Text?

    I never voice. I text only. My job is customer service and it is on the phones. The last thing I want to do is voice in SL. I go to SL to escape my job!
  3. I don't use ban lines or orbs. I personally don't care if people go on my land if I am not there and I don't even care if they use my stuff. I rarely ever have had people show up on my land anyways, even when I am there. And the ones that have just wanted to chat. I hate ban lines, but I do understand why people use them.
  4. karynmaria

    Racism about Furry

    Well I am just devastated to read that.
  5. karynmaria

    Which Do You Prefer COPY or TRANSFER?

    I prefer copy over transfer. However, if I really like something and it is not copy I will still buy it. As for Phil, he is allowed to sell his items anyway he chooses, whether they are copy or not. No one is being forced to buy non-copy items and I am sure no one was forced to buy his products. I don't agree with his reasoning for making it non-copy, but to each their own.
  6. karynmaria

    Your Prediction: SSP = Linden Homes or What?

    with some land auctions tied into it as well I would imagine. I guess we will see.
  7. karynmaria

    The Home and Garden thread

    I just love this thread! You are all so talented.
  8. karynmaria


    YES!!!! And please make it snappy! LOL
  9. karynmaria

    Land Tier Premium Accounts

    Thanks for posting this. I had no idea you could do this. And it did work for me .
  10. karynmaria

    Do you care if content is ripped?

    To be frank when I first joined SL this kind of thing never really crossed my mind. I am sure I bought some hair that was questionable and bought it cause it was cheaper same with skins. I wouldn't have even thought to research stuff or thought about the effort it took to make things. I don't think I really gave it any thought until the mesh body that came out at the time got dmca'd after I bought it.
  11. karynmaria

    Mesh Heads (yes I know!!!!_)

    I think your new head is lovely. I also have the simone head and it is my favorite out of all the heads I have. I just think it looks so elegant. My Catwa Catya is also high on the list too as a favorite head. The great thing is there are so many heads out there now. I have many other heads from other creators and they all give me a different look.
  12. karynmaria


    Nothing will change for me either. I never bid on anything unless I already had the lindens in my account. Cause it just makes sense to do that.
  13. I'm really glad this worked out for you guys.
  14. I can understand stamping demo on the skin and attaching the DEMO over the head but putting rings around the body and head and lots of lines on the skin can make it hard to judge if that makes sense. I have still bought the stuff but it just seems extreme and some skins i haven't bought because of all the lines.
  15. OMG me too! I will also admit that I get irritated by rings around heads, body, and hair and part missing from heads when demoing. Or they do not include huds for heads in demo's either. And lines on skins also as it is really hard to judge the skins at times cause of where the lines are. Does this really protect someone if someone really wants to copy you? I am just curious.