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  1. I go to one of the ones that are open to premium members and it is 4 hours before they return. I can send you the landmark if you like.
  2. My comment was meant as a joke :). It's an old saying.
  3. I have a platform where I demo stuff. Nothing fancy just used a prim. I like a neutral and uncluttered area when I am demoing stuff.
  4. Everyone here will be happy for you! I am not sure why you think people wouldn't. The people you clash with the most will be the ones that will be the happiest for you.
  5. I got my first house within the 48 hours and it was quite by accident. I was looking for a new one and noticed that the Bellisseria came up, I picked that one and got a house. Since then I have abandoned it and got a better location. I am quite the introvert in SL however, I have met my neighbor and we chat when we are on and I even went to one of the shows she helps put on. I also went on a boat ride with @PrudenceAnton. I have ran into Hammy a few times and the beaver who likes tools. I am having fun decorating and changing my houses. I just love the landscaping everything just looks so nice. I even am learning to drive in SL (be careful if you see me on the road) and I really can't explain it but it just feels so peaceful when I am there. <========== wants to join Beth's group.
  6. @Trinity Aironaut Stunning as always! What is the grass in the background of your last picture? I have sand and am looking for some kind of grass.
  7. Thanks after I said chicken I looked again and thought hmmmmm my eyes are getting bad.
  8. @CynicismSells That looks great! is that a chicken avatar? What avatar is that?
  9. Sometimes it is a benefit to you because they just can't seem to get over what seems like a flaw and they abandon it. I did that with my first home. I just couldn't get the yard the way I wanted where I was and believe me I tried. So I decided to let it go so that someone who would appreciate the parcel would get it :).
  10. Well i think it looks great. Maybe I will try your tutorial when I get a chance.
  11. @Marianne Little You need to put these on the MP 😁
  12. I am actually looking forward to Christmas so that I can decorate and I never have decorated my other plots for the holidays.
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