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  1. And this includes you too. Which is what makes it more baffling.
  2. It is all the same. There is most likely more going on here than just this. Maybe some along the way had their feelings hurt due to trades gone bad or feel they got screwed.
  3. @Elyeah That looks stunning.
  4. @Karly Kiyori That looks just so beautiful! Really stunning.
  5. One could say the same about mesh heads, bodies and for the love of god all the shoes everyone in SL buys. Why is 1000 shoes not enough!
  6. At the end of the day it is up to you to find the community feel, not your neighbors to give it to you. Not everyone is looking for community here. Unless you are monitoring someone's houses (can't imagine the time put into doing that) 24/7 you have no idea how much time they spend there. As for alts and how many houses people have? I could care less. You do you boo. Personally I think people waste too much time on new region releases and trying to get them "first". Have never understood that to be honest. Yes it is sometimes fun to try. I will still stand by my statement tha
  7. @Frigga Freidman That really looks stunning.
  8. My favorite LH right now I would have to say is the traditional. And I give extra points when I get one in a region that was part of the first release. Those regions just seem to have a homey feel to them. Maybe because they were the first ones? I always seem to come back to traditionals. I love all the landscaping they did for the Victorians and that is my favorite in regards to landscaping. I do like all the themes though, some just work for me better than others.
  9. I got one in this region too!
  10. That place looks great. Nice location.
  11. There is no reason this thread can't stay where it is as long as people stay on track.
  12. I agree. Some of the best parcels I get are ones that I get months and months after the theme is released. I still find the best spots I get are ones that are abandoned.
  13. Thanks to all of you for making the time to post when these sales are on. Have been able to get a lot of nice stuff this way for low cost.
  14. I have to say that my favorite right now is the traditionals, especially if you get a good one in the regions that were first released. Now that I have a water parcel on mainland I don't need a houseboat. I like the stilt houses, but I have issues with the landscaping and the draw distance and I just can't get into them. I am awaiting on the chalets .
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