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  1. I know it makes a real difference that is for sure. I am giving this houseboat another go now. I left a review too under my alt. I actually screamed "oh my god" when I saw it there.
  2. I got it too. thank you thank you thank you to the creator. It is absolutely FABULOUS! Did I say thank you! 😁 Just can't thank you enough really.
  3. @Trinity Aironaut that looks great love what you did making that wall. Some of you making these things should be selling them to us losers who can't make things. Me being one of them. The evening star is my favorite cause of the windows and the size so I have gone back to that one. I gave up on the windlass and wallower as they are just too much house for me.
  4. I think the point of the OP question was what is the worst thing that can happen if you choose not to use security and people are just posting their experience on why they don't use it or why they need to use it. I agree that at the end of the day it is a choice if you want security or not.
  5. I am going to try the windlass again and see if I can get past that blue. To start I put a glass stained window where the nook is and I am going to close off the nook and put a kitchen infront of it.
  6. @Trinity Aironaut Wow that is just spectacular!
  7. Wow, everyones places look so nice. I am still learning how to limit my prims and link stuff. I have champagne taste on beer prims!
  8. Here is my houseboat and I really did name it SOON!
  9. She does it to me too! New add-on comes out and I have to decorate another house.
  10. Yeah the blue is turning me off too. I like blue but it is too dark. Not sure why they would do this on this particular houseboat.
  11. You already are one of the cool kids! 😁
  12. And even if you did it is nothing more than showing people what you have done with your house. And there is nothing wrong with that. And nothing wrong with the show homes either.
  13. I have never used ban lines or orbs. I don't even have any of my homes set to privacy either. Worse thing that can happen is someone sees me naked on my platform either changing clothes or demoing. I have never had any issues with people bothering me. I also don't care if people go in my house and use my things. Go ahead and use my adult couch at least that way it is getting some action! I mean really it is not like they can steal my things.
  14. Oh definately! I don't do adult activities so for me it is not an issue. But yeah people have to have a choice on whether they want to be private or not.
  15. The simplicity of this just makes it so gorgeous!
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