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  1. @Elora Lunasea Thank you for sharing that! And yes @RaeLeeH I bought it or my alt did, she said I HAD to buy it! Thanks so much for making this!
  2. wrong thread..................move along!
  3. This! Telling us you sent out a list is just being .....................................................a tease 😁 !
  4. yes, I lost my train of thought and went another way. Guess I should make my mesh head a little bigger! 😁
  5. Totally disagree, mainline is for those that want their own land to do with what they want. They don't want a covenant and if they want one that is when you go rent on a private estate. I bought mainland because I wanted my own property and wanted more prims to decorate with. Had nothing to do with me wanting neighbors. However if you bought mainland because you want neighbors then that is reason enough for you, might not be a reason someone else might want mainland and shouldn't be the only reason. There are many different reasons people want mainland. I personally have never used ban lines or orbs on my mainland or LH and I most likely never will. But as long as LL lets people have the option of using them, they have every right to use their orbs or put up the ban lines.
  6. I have never used ban lines or security orbs on any of my properties, even mainland. In fact I never even use to check off the privacy box. The only reason I do in Bellisseria is because some of the furniture I like is adult. I don't care if people come on my property and use my things. If you can use it, go for it. Have fun. I am just thankful there are no ban lines in Belli.
  7. I personally think that this just depends on individual taste and what a person likes. Someone might think that being on a cliff overlooking the water is the best spot, some might think nice, sandy parcel right by the water is the best spot. Some think that a nice view surrounded by green is the best. And another might think that being boxed in by mountains is the best spot. At the end of the day each spot will be best for someone. As another poster stated playing GOH has given me a chance to try different parcels and visits regions that were the first and the latest! I have fallen in love with parcels that I didn't think were for me and even my criteria for a parcel has changed as well. One thing that stands out for me is how unique each parcel is. Definately not cookie cutter.
  8. I think that looks great! I don't really worry too much about what is on other's parcels. I derender things if I need too. My TH is far away enough from most neighbour's. When I am at home I am only interested in what i can see within my parcel when i walk around my parcel. Not everyone is going to decorate their yards the same way as everyone else. And their choices might not be what I would pick, but I am sure I have things that people don't want to look at on my parcel. If someone wants a pink palm tree with the houseboat then good for them who I am to say that it is not "in theme" or "not tasteful". And if you want a little bit of fog then I say nothing wrong with that either.
  9. I am sorry that this happened. Once you abandon a parcel it usually goes within seconds. Did you abandon on purpose or by accident?
  10. I have voice turned off and I only do texting. I work in a call center and spend all day on the phone listening to people whine and complain, last thing I really want to do in SL is to talk in it or have to hear people talk. Voice really ruins it for me as SL is my stress relief and I don't really want to hear anything other than birds chirping, water running and my wind chimes . And I definately don't want to feel obligated to talk to people there either.
  11. When I released that Goodbury parcel it was taken in 3 seconds.
  12. I am releasing this traditional in Badger Beach at 9:00 pm SLT. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Badger Beach/200/158/27
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