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  1. Welcome to the darkside, I knew you had it in you! You will never go back 🤣
  2. I had to let them know this AM that I have like 3 houses rezzed lol. They are aware there is an issue and are working on it.
  3. Pretty please with sugar on top, please please put these on the MP. I will buy them as I can't make stuff and if I do make stuff it looks crappy. I already have the fireplace .
  4. This happens to EVERYONE. No one is sitting on the back end watching for the "favorites" to ensure they get the best parcels. It is a matter of luck. and you also don't know how many alts everyone has. This also makes a big difference as well. Try not to be disheartened. You WILL find something that you love. Take a break for a few days and come back when you feel refreshed .
  5. I have noticed not very many vics on the page. I am releasing this Victorian in Wuthering Downs at 9:30 pm SL time. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Wuthering Downs/219/134/23
  6. I know! I did go to pick up this kitchen set. I went in and got out! hee hee
  7. I think at this point it is harder to get the ones that are announced here right at the moment as lots of houses and vics are being abandoned so you shouldn't feel bad that you missed the announcement. There are about 3 vics in Quixote that face the sea and they are still showing as Linden Homes. I did try today with an alt to get a more green parcel by the sea (at least one of those) and I did get one in Wuthering Downs on my last try. All the other tries were inland. It has a nice sea view, 2 bridges and you can see a little island in front, but at the end of the day my part sand/green vic has a better view and is less busy. But the region is very nice. I will still announce any waterview parcels I might release, but I think they are staying in the queue longer it seems.
  8. I personally don't pay attention to what body someone is wearing. Yes, I did buy this body, however, I bought it because I liked it, I can change the size of the feet, I was able to get skin appliers from the creator I got my skins from, clothes were starting to come out for it and I was okay paying the price for it. I certainly didn't buy it cause everyone else did. Now I did demo it when I heard others talking about it does that count 🤣.
  9. I do have both the legacy and perky. I do like them both, mostly because I can change the size of the feet (I run around SL with no shoes or boots) and I just like the shape of it. I do have Maitreya and also Belleza and I like both of these bodies as well. As for the neck seam, I think it might a bit more obvious on the Legacy, but I still get seams from any body, just depends too on what windlights I use. I wear chokers already so for me it is not really an issue. I don't use the deformers because I like wearing clothes that are made for Legacy. Using the deformer changes my shape and I don't want that. However, this is just my preference and I am just speaking for me here and not expecting anyone else to think the same way. I think all the mesh bodies have their pros and cons. It really boils down to what body has the most pros for you and how much you want to spend. Best thing is to demo, demo, demo and research some of these threads about Legacy.
  10. Agreed! Takes me weeks and weeks, sometimes even longer and I really never finish.
  11. I am so glad to read that you found something!
  12. This is a great time for one to try to get a better location for your victorian or traditional. It's raining houses!
  13. Me either, I grabbed one and will give it a go. I think they are just lovely and I love the landscaping, but I think I am more geared towards the trads & vics. I really love that they are slowly giving us more choices in themes!
  14. It's probably top secret and we will find out...................................................................soon!
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