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  1. @Jennifer Boyle I think you look fabulous! Good job! And yes @Rhonda Huntress is good people.
  2. I am just in SL to play grown up Barbie. I love making my avatar look as good as she can and I enjoy decorating. That is really it. sorry guess it is kind of boring!
  3. @Rhonda Huntress Wow I am seriously impressed with what you have come up with.
  4. Yeah "my" friend wants to know too.😉
  5. One of my friends got this body and the deformer doesn't work 100% all the time. Which is why they should allow people to demo it. As for skins, the ones she used and uploaded before the new body came out, she can use those, but can't add anymore. Unless of course they are made specifically for the legacy body. For some of her skins she uses the skins that comes with the body and she does get a pretty good match sometimes. Otherwise she just wears a choker and that seems to fix the problem and I can't even tell that the skin is not from the same maker. I can admit that I am tempted to buy this body, I just love the shape of it and you can resize the feet. I have the older classic one and got the bento hands for it when they had the update for free. And sometimes I do put it on and run around naked and admire my shape and little feet. I can't get the same shape with belleza or maitreya and I have tried. But not being able to demo the deformer is a big negative for me. I don't even really care about the cost or the fact it is not omega as I don't really use tattoos or other appliers on my body other than just skin. I am more a**** retentive about my mesh heads and having omega for those. Picking a body is a personal choice and people shouldn't feel bad or be made to feel bad because they choose to go with what is controversial. And people shouldn't be made to feel bad because they don't want to try the legacy body or post about their negative experience with it. Every body out there for sale is unique and people have their own reasons why they go with a certain body. Not for me to judge that your reasons are right or wrong.
  6. I don't think there will ever be a fair way that will make everyone happy. I didn't have to camp at my computer to get a houseboat, I was just lucky I was off that day and was able to get one. Otherwise I would have been out of luck.
  7. That's a shame but at least we have options now.
  8. Personally I think every location is good for someone out there. Not for everyone, but for someone. I didn't get the greatest location for my houseboat I have people on each side, but I took the first one I got as I didn't want to chance not getting one. When new ones comes out I will try re-rolling. I got a 32x32 and would really rather have the other one.
  9. I think it is way better they tell us now rather than after the birthday. People would be upset that nothing was said.
  10. I am not sure if I will renew early either, I also want to see what other stuff might coming. I am also not upset about the increase, most things increase over time and it is just the way the world works. Personally, I will still pay and still come here and play cause I just love SL that much and for me I really enjoy it.
  11. I agree. This is my entertainment and I don't mind the increase. For me it is still worth it for what I get out of it.
  12. @s2Pandora That looks great very elegant. I cringe too when I bring out some of my things, but I am getting better at picking stuff with less prims.
  13. At the end of the day you don't know if they are using them or not just because they are not decorated inside. Now there is an option of a skybox. I know for me it has taken me weeks and weeks to decorate mine cause I change my mind constantly and my boat will sit empty for a few days while I decide what I want to do next. I am not an expert in decorating and it takes me days to figure out how I want to decorate or the direction I am going is just not working for me. I am assuming you don't have one yet and if you don't I am sorry you missed the last round. Hopefully more will come out soon and you can get one.
  14. I agree that decorating these new homes is much more challenging that the older ones. And yes, it seems that we all want these homes to like nice. This is why I am finding I have to stick to the smaller homes for now. Once I get comfy decorating those ones I am going to move on to the bigger ones.
  15. I just stopped by and it looks amazing. I love the walls you put in. It just looks so cozy!
  16. That looks very pretty! My favorite skin for mine is Pink Fuel Emiri.
  17. I know it makes a real difference that is for sure. I am giving this houseboat another go now. I left a review too under my alt. I actually screamed "oh my god" when I saw it there.
  18. I got it too. thank you thank you thank you to the creator. It is absolutely FABULOUS! Did I say thank you! 😁 Just can't thank you enough really.
  19. @Trinity Aironaut that looks great love what you did making that wall. Some of you making these things should be selling them to us losers who can't make things. Me being one of them. The evening star is my favorite cause of the windows and the size so I have gone back to that one. I gave up on the windlass and wallower as they are just too much house for me.
  20. I think the point of the OP question was what is the worst thing that can happen if you choose not to use security and people are just posting their experience on why they don't use it or why they need to use it. I agree that at the end of the day it is a choice if you want security or not.
  21. I am going to try the windlass again and see if I can get past that blue. To start I put a glass stained window where the nook is and I am going to close off the nook and put a kitchen infront of it.
  22. @Trinity Aironaut Wow that is just spectacular!
  23. Wow, everyones places look so nice. I am still learning how to limit my prims and link stuff. I have champagne taste on beer prims!
  24. Here is my houseboat and I really did name it SOON!
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