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  1. #1. Houseboats because you will always be near water, you might not get a perfect location, but you will ALWAYS have water. Evening star is my favorite cause it is smaller and I can still have an underwater garden. As for the campers, vics, traditionals I love them all too, however, the location most often determines on how favorite it becomes including what style of house I would use.
  2. where are the stats showing that 40% of Bellisseria is in this group? You have a source? Like how would you even know this? What are you basing it on?
  3. Even if you think you have no tries left you should try anyways. You have nothing to lose other than getting the 24 hour message. I have actually thought that I didn't have any tries left and found out I did have one left.
  4. if you really like these parcels you should file a support ticket or go to live chat before abandoning them. They will fix it for you.
  5. I just got this one. I have been trying for months to get a sandy camper parcel cause I haven't had one yet. Wanted to try one out. This one has a nice layout, it's open yet private. I am going to keep it for a bit until the log homes come out.
  6. I own a parcel on mainland and I pay LL direct for it. I have no plans on getting rid of it yet. I also own several of the new LH and I pay monthly on all my alts for those. That way if I need to let go of them I can right away. Also I am very lucky that I get to work from home. I do call center work at home and there is no chance at this point of getting laid off or them being out of work. Everyone still has to call in about their cell phones!
  7. Yeah there wasn't. Not sure if they will release any today or not.
  8. @LyricalBookworm Post as much as you want! I love looking at your pics along with everyone else's .
  9. Not sure why this would even be an issue. You can change the photo with a few clicks.
  10. Wow, I wonder if it got forgotten or special plan for this one.
  11. From chat: [10:34] Patch Linden: No Log Homes this week™
  12. releasing this traditional in Edgar in about 5 minutes: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Edgar/109/89/27
  13. Simply means that there is an even better house out there waiting for you to find it .
  14. you have to go to the land page. check out this thread lots of info there on what to do:
  15. I got one the other day in Palatine Hills and if that was you who released it thanks so much! and if it wasn't you then thanks to whomever did release it.
  16. Oops I am sorry. I know I am one that has done that. From now on I will try to remember to post the link outside of the parcel.
  17. I like when people post this kind of stuff, lets everyone know that coastal locations are still possible. Congrats and enjoy your new place .
  18. I just bought this and gave it a try and all I can say is wow! It makes everything look stunning.
  19. Releasing this parcel at 7:30 pm SLT. It is in Leonine Mews. It is not by the water, but it is on the cliff and you do get a nice view of the water and you can also derender the trees for an even better view. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Leonine Mews/170/18/47
  20. That one is just stunning!
  21. Just picked up this marvelous Victorian last night, right by the ocean. Just wanted to let people know, who are still looking, that great abandoned parcels are still out there!
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