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  1. I can't see any new regions named unless I am missing something. Pearlcoast was the last one named from what I can see. I don't think @Beth Macbain doesn't think they can't do it, just that the way your post is worded people might think that this will actually happen, when it might not. That is all. Not that I am trying to speak for her.
  2. Please try not to feel disheartened. I know it is easy to say, but there are more regions coming, more houseboats coming and the regions just keep getting better and better.
  3. @Sylvia Tamalyn The house I got on the first release I kept it until I found out that they would be releasing regions during the week as they were ready. I tried hard to make that parcel work for me but I just hated the yard, it just never felt like home if that makes any sense. The sandy one i got 2 weeks after getting rid of my first one and I did try with the sand too, and I got rid of that one today. Both those parcels I did have for awhile. The third one, I admit I only tried for a day hahahaha. This one I have now, I really like it and will most likely keep this one.
  4. I agree that some plots can just be awkward. Some have not much detail, some have too much, or they have some fencing or too much fencing. You get the idea. I think they designed them this way for variety cause everyone has there own take on how they want to design their yards. Some want the stuff already there and some would prefer a blank canvas so that they can do it themselves. And at the end of the day it is no fun to decorate a parcel you hate, I agree it is just better to get rid of it and let someone else have it who will really appreciate it. For me, I am not a sand person and I would rather the house go to someone who really wants sand.
  5. I don't think there is any plot that would be 100% prefect. I was lucky to get a house in the 1st release and my alt got a houseboat on the second release. I decided that a houseboat really wasn't for me so I got rid of it. There was nothing special about my first house and it was surrounded by other houses so I got rid of that one and my next house was all sand (I am not a sand person) but a nice location and then next one was again surrounded by other houses. I am on my 4th house and I am quite happy with the location. It is all green and it is by the canal and even though there are some houses, I am not boxed in by them. I just find with my computer that when I am surrounded by houses the lag is worse so that factors into whether I will keep the parcel or not. I also didn't have to spend 24/7 refreshing either to get these houses, I just try getting them when I happen to be on and have time to try for one.
  6. okay i am getting ready to release a house in Gallaudet, it is by the water but on a cliff and all sand.
  7. Try not to second guess your decision. I read your goodbye post and I think you made the best decision for you. A person doesn't want to feel stifled or not have enough room to do what they want. You can still participate in this event too and still be part of the community at any time .
  8. okay i am releasing a traditional house in Diamondtown. Get ready!
  9. I personally don't use them as I have never felt the need to have one. However, some feel they need them and if it is available to them, they have every right to use one.
  10. I am not really in SL to meet people. I am there to decorate, go shopping, explore and play dress up barbie. I have no desire to voice chat, skype , or meet anyone from SL in RL. SL is my stress relief from RL and I just want to keep that separate.
  11. And I gave you a like on your previous post 😁
  12. I think too it depends on where and when you post. Sometimes the forum is dead and no one is posting. Or it is too hard to keep up and read everyone's post, least of all liking them. I try to like posts, but I am also bad for forgetting to use the like buttons. I wouldn't worry too much about it, I go by how people post, not their rep points. Just keep being you .
  13. That is a lovely picture. What house is that?
  14. I agree that the cuts on the demo are minimal and yes most heads are around the same price, however some creators now have it where you can buy the head and hud separately and if you want more heads they are cheaper cause you only have to buy the hud once. At the end of the day those were really the only things that I would consider a con (or in my case maybe nitpicking) , because the head is just lovely and there are way more pros about the head. I bought the Catya head anyways despite these two things and it really is one of my favorite heads :).
  15. I have the Catya Catwa head and I find that lots of skins look good on it and there is lots of variety for it. I also love the animations on this head. Cons would be the cost and the alpha cuts on the demos. I just hate that, I want to see the whole face. The important thing really is to demo demo demo.
  16. You did a great job decorating your home. And I really like the rain. What weather system are you using? I think for me the issue is now that the plots are bigger and now include a yard there is more area to decorate. And I am not an expert really in decorating or linking stuff to save prims etc. I am getting better at it though. I guess I have champagne taste on a beer prim budget LOL.
  17. I find it harder to decorate these larger homes.
  18. Well you did a great job! Both you and @RaeLeeH do such a good job of making the houses look lived in with the amount of prims you most likely have left over.
  19. @LyricalBookworm That looks just great! Also like how you have found an area for your daughter's bedroom. If you don't mind me asking is she a zooby animesh baby? And if so, did you also decorate to leave enough prims to rezz her?
  20. I have started but I am not finished. So far I have some seaweed, starfish that makes ocean noises, an orbiting shark and my Jian turtle and there is even a little goldfish swimming around in one of the weeds. Sorry, not the best pic. I think under the water is the last area people think to decorate as it is really not that visual. You have done a great job with yours!
  21. And you are all doing a fabulous job of it too! The progress that is being made is impressive.
  22. And what do you think a fair method is?
  23. and this one too for positive encouragement:
  24. These names would be great if one of the new themes is cabins to go with the campers.
  25. I have always had a Linden house ever since I went premium. I went premium mostly because I wanted to buy land the LH was just a bonus. These newer homes don't change anything for me other than having a nicer LH. I have no intentions of getting rid of my mainland parcel. I still enjoy the chaos of mainland and have always used the LH as a place for some peace and quiet.
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