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  1. It is one of the Linden homes you can get in Meadowbrook.
  2. I've always had a quad home when I went premium. But I could hardly wait to get one of these new houses when I saw they were coming out. More prims and the landscaping is just so nice. And no friggin ban lines!
  3. There are quite a few people that got a new home by doing that. Even before this new release. Don't give up.
  4. I think some were worried about abandoning them and then not getting anything. It was fast.
  5. @s2Pandora Wow that just looks fabulous!
  6. Did you get one Daniel?
  7. Yes I am really impressed with the new region. It really does feel more like a community. Just love being a part of the new era!
  8. This is why I just kept the first houseboat I got. I am surrounded on both sides, but the plot is 32x32 and I am just happy I got one.
  9. Nice! I am between people on Ixa, but I decided to just keep the first houseboat I got.
  10. Congrats to all that got a traditional house or houseboat. My alt got a houseboat and I named it "Soon".
  11. They haven't been released yet.
  12. That's not what he told me 😁
  13. If I am lucky enough to snag a houseboat I am naming it "Soon" 🤣
  14. Okay Patch posted an update! Looks like in the next 24 hours! Go Moles!
  15. They did an awesome job! I really like these new homes and all the landscaping.
  16. I keep changing my mind too on decorations and what house to decorate. And really that is the whole fun to me of having this new house. So many choices. Personally I don't care if people decorate their parcel or not. At least there is a house there and not an empty plot.
  17. Can't get a new house and they are peeved just like other threads that have already been started. Just worded more technically I guess so I guess we need a new thread for that! And yes I am being sarcastic 😀
  18. totally disappointed that you didn't start your own thread ! 🤣
  19. ...........................................and I don't understand the countless threads that are made about this. 😀
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