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  1. Releasing this Victorian in Ivanhoe in about 10 minutes.....................let's say 7:40 pm SL time : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ivanhoe/159/68/32
  2. They are never going to give us a list. The releases happen when the region is ready to go, if they gave us dates and times and it didn't happen due to a technicality people would complain. There is a lot that goes into a release they apparently need a group of people when they release a region.
  3. Big hugs to you! keeping you and your hubby in my thoughts and prayers.
  4. make sure you click on the drop down as Bellisseria doesn't show unless you do that.
  5. okay I am going to release this one at 6:00 PM SL time (in about 15 minutes) : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Beauregard/79/26/32
  6. You're welcome! It just takes a bit of extra work and persistence .
  7. also check out this thread here for tips on using auto refresh to get a home too. People release homes at all times of the day and night and they don't always post here.
  8. men!....................always in your hair at the wrong time! 🤣
  9. I would never ban someone for this, it really is an easy fix. I have a lag/prim counter in the water underneath my houseboat and sometimes it is on when I log in. I find it amusing. I am always having to turn it off. My place is open to everyone, I don't care who goes on my property and I don't care if people use my things. Parcel is set to privacy if you want to have fun on the houseboat.
  10. I take it no luck? Not sure if you know about this thread but it will give you tips on how to use auto refresh to get a home, plus lots of other tips too: I hope this helps! I hope you are able to get a home soon .
  11. start clicking and refreshing EDITED TO ADD: Got taken in 6 seconds!
  12. @YamilaEnid I will be releasing this Victorian in the next 10 minutes at 10:50 pm SL time if you want to go check it out: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Carville/21/39/31
  13. I am super jelly! That place looks just awesome. Congrats! You can bring out an alt for just a month to try out the new log homes 😁.
  14. Just caught this and releasing this one in Badger Beach in a few minutes: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Badger Beach/153/96/27
  15. I see nothing wrong with that. All my personalities are having fun with it. That really is all that matters!
  16. my alt got it and it is my last try for that one, so I will keep this one till tonight. Just in case there is another release today.
  17. I am sorry that this is happening, sometimes the best thing to do is just to ignore them and not give them the head space. They are looking for a reaction, don't give them one, totally ignore them and keep ARing them.
  18. Don't give up. You will never get one if you don't keep trying. You have to be a bit persistent. Also pay attention to when the log homes come out. I can almost guarantee you that you will see an influx of people giving up sea side trads & vics and great locations for houseboats.
  19. We all get this, just keep trying you will eventually luck out.
  20. that is very odd, I didn't use Linden Home when I picked the name. Maybe something glitchy did happen.
  21. Okay letting this one in Edwina go at 9:00 pm SL time. Beach front, sandy and front faces the ocean. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Edwina/140/227/23
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