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  1. Well you did a great job! Both you and @RaeLeeH do such a good job of making the houses look lived in with the amount of prims you most likely have left over.
  2. @LyricalBookworm That looks just great! Also like how you have found an area for your daughter's bedroom. If you don't mind me asking is she a zooby animesh baby? And if so, did you also decorate to leave enough prims to rezz her?
  3. I have started but I am not finished. So far I have some seaweed, starfish that makes ocean noises, an orbiting shark and my Jian turtle and there is even a little goldfish swimming around in one of the weeds. Sorry, not the best pic. I think under the water is the last area people think to decorate as it is really not that visual. You have done a great job with yours!
  4. And you are all doing a fabulous job of it too! The progress that is being made is impressive.
  5. And what do you think a fair method is?
  6. and this one too for positive encouragement:
  7. These names would be great if one of the new themes is cabins to go with the campers.
  8. I have always had a Linden house ever since I went premium. I went premium mostly because I wanted to buy land the LH was just a bonus. These newer homes don't change anything for me other than having a nicer LH. I have no intentions of getting rid of my mainland parcel. I still enjoy the chaos of mainland and have always used the LH as a place for some peace and quiet.
  9. They like to release them when the region is ready to go. No sense it just sitting there with no one in them. And even if they did that, doesn't change the fact that they are still hard to get.
  10. @Sylvia Tamalyn Where did you get those trees? The palm ones.
  11. I am not into SL to find a partner, however, I am not bothered by system avi's. To each their own. Not everyone wants to invest in mesh bodies and heads and you know what? To me that is okay. As long as I look good then that is all I really care about. yes that is so vain too! LOL
  12. Congrats to all the new home owners. It is great to see people getting houses, especially when they have been waiting so long for them.
  13. That is some serious dedication!
  14. I use Pink Fuel and I also love Amara.
  15. Also Pink Fuel has skin appliers for the Legacy body coming out soon too. There was a sign at her shop.
  16. You can hover with your mouse over their name in a post and just click on ignore user. Good Luck! I have tried it, but I am just too nosey to keep it on. I will always wonder what they are saying.
  17. I always have to have my birdhouse that makes chirping and owl noises and the birdbath bubbler that makes water noise. And also, always have to have nice wind chimes in the background.
  18. <=========== anxiously waiting for add-on with finger poised above F5 😀. That is just how quickly we all want it lol.
  19. I work on most days they do the releases except for Monday and my time is the same as SL. So that was one day out of the week I could really wait for a release. I still managed to get a house and not camp out 24/7 and I got it on a Sunday. I do understand that it is no fun to have a parcel that you are not happy with. I let go of my first house because I wasn't happy with the location, but I let it go KNOWING that I most likely wouldn't get one right away and definately not the perfect one, in fact, it could have been worse than the first one. If you are going to let a house go, you might be waiting awhile to get a new one. It is your complaining and entitlement that is turning people off, especially after you have already been able to get two homes and you abandoned them. There are lots of people here who are abandoning to get better locations, however, you don't see them complaining over and over again about how they are not getting what they paid for.
  20. It was fabulous! Loved listening to the live music. I had a good time.
  21. I agree. I got my first house in the first release and it was right in the middle of Princess Caroline and I also didn't care for the yard. I did abandon it and 2 weeks later I got a house right by the water and it wasn't any that were new, it was someone who got rid of their house because they wanted a houseboat. The only issue I really have is that it is all sand but I have some mesh moss I can use to add some green. Sometimes location makes a big difference as it is hard to enjoy a home you can't decorate the yard or your just not feeling it. I just kept in mind when I got rid of my first one that I could be waiting a while to get a new one.
  22. I love the idea of a roller rink and on the holidays turn it into a skating rink.
  23. But, but , but I want a unicorn! 😭
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