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  1. It will be happening.........................................................sooooooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!
  2. Yeah I think that this is something new. The last time I filed a ticket was when the Victorians first got released, some fencing had to be fixed on their end. I don't recall getting asked those questions back then.
  3. @Selene Gregoire Thanks for putting those questions out there. Like I said I have no problems with the security questions, it just would have been nice if they asked these at the time you put in the ticket as I wasn't able to get to live chat. Maybe there is some way they can implement that, little boxes asking you these questions when you submit your ticket. The house would have had to been fixed no matter who owned the parcel, I wasn't needing an account reset, just a simple mailbox reset so that I could rez the houses.
  4. I agree. I don't mind being asked security questions, but of course I have to send it back and then wait for a response. All I wanted was for someone to fix my mailbox so that I could rez a house. Just seems odd I have to go thru top security clearance to get it fixed, but I guess they have their reasons. I would have gone thru live chat but I had to work the hours they were open.
  5. I filled out a support ticket the other day in regards to my LH not rezzing. They also asked me the same questions.
  6. Whoo hoo! Congrats! Going to welcome you to GOH too as you seem like an addict in the making! 🤣
  7. Looks like there is only 7 houses there. Blink and you miss it 🤣!
  8. ...........and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. It is nice that we have the option of adding to the landscaping and yes even houseboats.
  9. Everyone has their own definition of tacky. People like to complain about all these things and post pictures, however, some can't be bothered to AR stuff when they see it. And from what I have seen Bellisseria is still much nicer than mainland if you want consistency and no ban lines. When I decided that I was going to get a LH in Belli I asked myself how much others decorating might bother me. Decided that it wasn't going to be an issue cause I use firestorm and I can just derender if they aren't doing anything wrong. I have many neighbours who have eccentric or quirky ways of decorating. If one wants the perfect view everywhere they go then buy mainland or rent on a private estate or use a viewer that you can have the option to derender.
  10. Welcome to GOH! I hope you find the Victorian you are looking for.
  11. My alt caught this victorian in Oleander: and when you look from the front you can see the bridge. Very lovey area. I also like that there is train tracks on the one side, the ocean is on the other side, it feels private yet is open and no heavy fencing in front. Still lots of abandoned parcels to be had in areas you might be looking for. Don't give up for those still looking. I also imagine when the new theme is announced we might see more abandons as people get ready for the release.
  12. Try to look at it this way, if it's meant for you, it will come to you .
  13. Well some people would rather be surrounded by mountains. This region is a wonderful area for that. I did release mine as for me it was a little too boxed in. But is was a lovely parcel.
  14. Nice to see people getting what they want after a release and an abandoned one at that. Thanks for letting people know.
  15. They have been there for a while now. They could be a hint for all we know. The moles and Lindens love all the theories everyone comes up with so keep talking.
  16. Me either I was sleeping and I still have that Victorian in Banebury. It most likely went so quickly as there is only 5 houses in that region. Very nice!
  17. Got a lovely Victorian in Banebury yesterday. What is ironic is that when the Victorians were first released I got the white house on that one side and that was before all the landscaping on that mountain was completed. Nice to see that they just went with landscaping and no houses behind it.
  18. one thing I do find after a release is to keep trying because not everyone keeps a new release. There is a good chance your friend can still get one of them.
  19. Yes they have, it is just not a guarantee though.
  20. and this! I don't understand people's fixation because others leave their plots empty. Even the older LH lots of people didn't decorate them. These parcels are nice even without filling up your house or yard. When i first get a parcel I like I always spend more time just walking around it and admiring how nice everything looks before i start decorating. I think people too feel more pressure to get the decorating done just because these places are so nice. But people are not obligated to decorate them if they don't want to.
  21. @Elora Lunasea that looks stunning! I decided I don't need a bathroom on my houseboat. This is SL and my avi is just too posh to poo. hee hee
  22. Exactly this too. Sometimes you find that the parcel you wanted the most just doesn't work for you. When I first started all this home hopping I had an image in my mind that i wanted a nice green property totally private and no sand. Well one of my favorite parcels has ended up being a sand one and it is open. Also we sometimes think that we HAVE to keep a parcel because everyone else thinks it is great, but we feel bad cause we don't and then think we are a little nuts for wanting to give it up cause we have been saying "i got the perfect plot I have been looking for" . Not that I am telling you to give the parcel up, but I know I have released parcels that some would think I was nuts for letting go.
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