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  1. I saw it said Linden Home, went and checked it, owned by Governor Linden. Was just taken again. Edit: Dolores got it back. See above.
  2. There's a Trad in Kirbee still in the pool, either it was taken and re-abandoned, or none of those you saw were that one. Good luck!
  3. I found a video that helped me out on making a skin I wanted to use in to an applier. I was thoroughly confused as well before this.. this system isn't the most user-friendly in comparison to the other bodies. I don't know if it's what you are looking for, but perhaps it'll help on whatever it is you are trying to do.
  4. Ohh. So if I turn the skin i'm using in to a system skin then it should work fine? Edit: Nope.. still showing the hud's skins..
  5. So.. does the Bakes on Mesh not work with any skins other than the skins that come in the HUD? I tried using it with the skin I custom put on, but it'll start loading it and then break and show the default body as well as the mesh. If I don't try and apply the skin it shows the HUD skin and works as it should.
  6. I feel as though this will cost them momentum. They were doing well for a while there, too.
  7. I am on the wagon of not being very trusting of this company, as I had a run-in with their bad customer service prior.. but I figured i'd.. give it another try. I was not very sold on their "try" at customer service on their MP replies to reviews, but I guess I will see for myself. I love the shape of the body. Was it worth 5k? Mmm.. I mean, I got it and it's pretty, but I can't say I an 100% satisfied with that price at all. I like the deformers, although I feel they negate the "look" of the body. Your shape completely changes in instances I have tried. Limbs mostly just seem to slim down. I will have to find some clothing fit for the body and see how they look. One thing I am not liking so far is this whole "style" system they have for their appliers. I have worked with appliers for Maitreya and Belleza. Easy. This.. I may as well be trying to read pig latin. I am trying to make my own skin but oh my god I just cannot figure it out for the life of me. Can this even be made using a prim you simply click on? I have never made a HUD. If anybody has managed this and could help me out, I would greatly appreciate it. Edit: Found a video that explained it. Hopefully we'll get a version that doesn't require you to fill everything out.
  8. I do not think you can stack parcels upward though, so condos on top of one another would leave no privacy to the occupants as they are all on the same parcel. Most they can do is side-by-side, as I have seen a few rental places do with town homes and such. Italian villas would be absolutely lovely, though! I would love to see a Tuscan style.
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