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  1. I remember seeing a couple of hairs like this from time to time. This was one of them. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/CHAIN-Babygirl-Hair-DEMO/21300184 (maybe not exact but pretty close) Pretty sure i've seen others, but I can't remember where for the life of me.
  2. Calico and Analog Dog still have some flexi(although I don't think Calico does any new flexi).
  3. Many of the fantasy-type hairs from No_Match are older, so not quite as high quality as newer hairs. Especially the styles Rowan posted. Unfortunately for now at least, we can't really be picky if we want these types(I have an alt I used one of No_Match's older styles on. It's even older than those lol). If I was able to make hair, you can bet your booty i'd make plenty of fantasy-type styles. I'm pretty over and bored with all the voluminous up-n-swept hairstyles coming out these days.
  4. For femboy, i'd probably go with Maitreya as it has flat chested capabilities(not sure if Maitreya has an add-on for this themselves now, but they might. I know there are others). Maitreya is the most supported female body out there, and you'd be hard pressed to find any rigged mesh clothing that doesn't have it. Edit: However keep in mind that flat-chested mods are less supported so you won't always find sizes for those.
  5. Going through things and checking out how a hud works. I think i'd lose my mind if my stuff didn't clip.. it's like a part of me.
  6. For newer things that may have Legacy sizes, I second Rowan's recommendation. I look forward to this event every month to see what they have in store. Unfortunately though, a vast majority of stuff out there is for the bodies prior to Legacy. Lots of Maitreya. I wear the Legacy deformers to wear the Maitreya sizes in some things. What's the point in wearing Legacy then(as it's much heavier than Maitreya), but sometimes i'm just too lazy to change from one to the other.
  7. A screen I took mainly for a new icon and such. I think this counts as close-up?
  8. According to the Belleza FB something is coming. Hints be droppin'. Probably too late at this point, but as somebody who likes Belleza i'd be happy for it. Legacy is a lagbeast for sure.. The server thing is the worst part of it. The HUD breaks for me all the freaking time(and thus I have to redeliver to fix it).
  9. I like Flexi and still wear it from time to time because it's one of the only reliable ways to get a curly hairstyle that doesn't look like somebody spent 3 hours doing their hair. They just jumped out of the shower and let it go. Not in to that half-flexi with hairbase thing other than just an updo ponytail. Really just looks incredibly awkward when I see it on people. Full flexi hair or mesh_flexi for me. So yeah it is still around, but moreso in an awkward phase unless you go with older hairs still out there.
  10. I'll direct her to your post! (She's an off SL friend)
  11. It's an avatar from a Gacha. Should be able to find plenty on the MP if you search up Wendigaunt. If you'd like to try your luck yourself, you can find it at ::Static::'s mainstore, I believe. It doesn't come with any sort of AO, and most normal AOs look strange with it, so keep that in mind.
  12. Unfortunately I am not renting an entire region, merely a parcel on a region, so I don't think it's possible in that case?
  13. Would honestly love group-only for my private estate rented property. I'm so sick of bots and nosy neighbors constantly setting off my orb.
  14. I got my first yesterday. Injection site area of my arm is sore, but that's it. My fiance only got headaches for his second, and I wouldn't be surprised if it's similar for me come time.
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