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  1. @Skell Dagger The issue i've been having is with the positioning of the Iris and materials layer for the eye. Clicking around, off and on with different things, I was only ever able to get the materials layer to move, as well as it's sizing.
  2. My first was in Willoughby, furthest bottom right house on the region. It was such a nice spot, and it was an abandon. It felt so private, despite having neighbors!
  3. Do you perhaps have two sets of eyes on? It really does look like you have eyes phasing through eyes, so my first thought was also what Rowan mentioned. Would it perhaps be the new Catwa head? If so, unfortunately I have no idea then.. all I know is the eyes are a complete nightmare to manage on that head's HUD from my experience.
  4. Glad I grabbed the Legacy body for half off on Black Friday last year.. like you, I surely would not pay 5k for it. I can safely say after using it and mostly still opting for my Maitreya, it's just not worth as much as they want imo. After playing with the Catwa HDPRO demo some more, I am kind of leaning more toward no. The jaw and the strange chubby/chipmunk mouth that I can't seem to get rid of no matter what I do is just really bothering me. Edit: Also the eyes have been an absolute nightmare for me. Don't know if the HUD isn't working right or what, but hooboy..
  5. Not exactly thrilled over it's price point. With how expensive buying L has become, it'll probably be a while before I can get one of these(gotta prioritize the land rent). It looks nice overall, though. From what little fiddling i've done so far on the demo though, I can say i'm a bit overwhelmed by all the slider diversity. Not really a bad thing, but certainly something one may need to get use to.
  6. I don't know that i'd deem those as having "widespread support". They are popular with the furry community, definitely, but when it comes to clothing and such you are limited to the handful of creators that rig for those bodies. You almost never see things for them at normal shopping events. Great if you want glowy markings, though. I've seen some amazingly neat pieces of those. I have the Regalia only for making furry skins for people, but I would never use it over my Maitreya, Legacy, or Belleza.
  7. Different screenshots i've tried have given me ages between 21 and 25. This is probably the youngest looking one i've tried. Alphas and clippage killin' me lately.
  8. It could be due to SL issues, as I have had my fair share of lag issues the last 2 days or so, or somebody moved in to that region and is lagging it up with something.. or both..
  9. So, I don't know if it's just me, but rejoin crossings seem to be back to what they were prior? I have been getting a lot of hangups with crossings today on my normal mainland routes that had an improvement prior.
  10. We finally have some news. From the creator's facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100004352386855
  11. From what I heard, yes, Genus is taking the person to court this time. No news, though.
  12. I had this happen to me as well on a furry character some time back. I had multiple people over the years rip her skin.. i'm now afraid to bring her in to public wearing it. I had reported one person, provided proof, all that jazz.. LL pretty much just ignored it and me. Best of luck.. but i'd suggest refraining from using skins of characters you are attached to; there are many sticky fingers around the furry communities.
  13. Oh goodness, I remember a day long ago where that house was being passed around for a straight 15 hours. Seeing it again almost gives me PTSD lol
  14. I took a ride around different mainland continents on my horse a couple of days ago. The greatest improvement seems to be between regions on the same sim. Overall, though, it's greatly improved. I actually haven't had anything pop on me yet.. but then I haven't tried any of my cars yet.. perhaps tomorrow.
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