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  1. Oh no no, I ended up getting a parcel that Fay let go, and when I checked the set windlight for it, it was the JuicyBomb Rainbow one. So I guess the EEP windlights you put on a parcel stay until the next person changes it.
  2. Thank you for the beauty ❤️ Seriously lucky break. Edit: Just noticed the rainbow too, that's adorable~
  3. Pretty confident after 10 tries today, that older abandons take precedence. I didn't get a single new region, all old(first 2 days of stilts) released region stilt abandons.
  4. Happened to me the other day on my alt. Only able to pick up 4 houses(she did not start with one to abandon), and I was well out of my rolled-over time.
  5. Ooooor people OL can see that there are plenty of Pier open, something they may have wanted, and abandon their OL. Thus adding to the pool of OL and making that distant OL want further away(and if the theory of abandons first is true, whelp). There are still Pier homes not taken on plenty of regions. Overall they are at a good place for new premium members to get a house, but hunters/goh'ers are gonna be stuck with slower jumps.
  6. It's taken atm, but http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Capn Billy/7/132/25
  7. If I get that OL Capn Billy house one more freaking time, ugh. x.x Sooooo much open and my one alt keeps getting the same one now for 2 days straight.
  8. I live right across and over one from the second one(i'm on Fluke). Also looks like Pier to me. The houses in this area do tend to have a little sand under the pier or right under their front halves. Maybe something wasn't loading? Edit: Or the link was very messed up and they need to look in to that.
  9. I've only seen up to "Land Ho" saying "Linden Home" on it's Parcels.
  10. Knot Atoll goin' Edit: Scratch that. A handful are rarin' to go.
  11. There is a pier on Fluke in the pool. Northern side.
  12. It's lonely up in here lol I have no idea how or why it let me go..
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