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  1. letting this one go in Holton it is a traditional, in a few minutes: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Holton Center/46/192/26
  2. I personally like HB that are in a green location, however those ones are harder to get. Then there is the long parcel or short one. I had to try a few different ones to figure out what I liked best and even this one depends on location. Once you try a few locations you will figure out what is most important to you and what isn't. For example I prefer deeper water with my houseboat because I like an underground garden. Some don't care about that. This is something you will figure out as you go along.
  3. Letting this houseboat go at 3:00 pm SLT: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bippity/43/72/15 I think I have gotten this one about 3 times now.
  4. And you know what? No one cares! Let it go and move on. I myself have changed my land group name and no hidden agenda either. If you have a house to release or are looking for one, post away. All this other stuff is off topic.
  5. Personally I love your look. I think you look great!
  6. @Syo Emerald I just love that. Brings some green in and makes it look so lush.
  7. Unfortunately there is not unless it is a new theme release. People do abandon these homes daily, so you always have a chance of getting one, but you have to abandon your home first. You can also get some tips from here:
  8. I love seeing what I get on the land page. I have 2 homes right now a vic and HB and I have an alt without a home right now and I am trying to find a green traditional. Every parcel is really a surprise. Sometimes i will keep the parcel for a few months, maybe weeks or just a few days. Depends if I am feeling it or not. And at the end of the day I think I am just a nomad that just likes to wander. It has really given me a chance to see all the different regions out there and I love trying all the different themes too whenever I want to.
  9. I am so sorry this happened to you . I think this has happened to many of us.
  10. @Marianne Little I think that looks great!
  11. I believe this is on the marketplace. Search Winchester and look for new.
  12. That is the best time to reroll for a new home. Many people abandon seashore vics & trads and great locations for HB whenever they release a new theme. And i think these stilt homes will be very popular.
  13. Okay I am releasing this Victorian in Bridesmere at 7:00 am SLT: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bridesmere/130/24/23
  14. There is no way for any of us to know who's alts belong to who unless you are privy to their actual account information. Being in a group doesn't necessarily mean that all the people in the group are all alts of the same person.
  15. @AnnieBrand You should also remove the name of the group from your post as I am pretty sure that is naming and shaming.
  16. It is not the new build. We are not sure when that new style of home is being released exactly. Thatch Lea is Victorian homes. They are still building them and releasing regions when they are ready.
  17. I went to check them out today. I really, really, really...... just love them. They are so open and airy and I love the fact there are so many decks. It will save prims on that. They kind of remind me of the open feeling I had when I had an old quad home.
  18. Thanks for posting what you did.
  19. These are going to be awesome. Must.have.one.
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