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  1. I have had that too. I think the other thing is that people are finding it easier to find a parcel location they like. It is easier to get one by water and when the night comes on it takes away any flaws.
  2. You should give a warning. Once it is seen you just can't unsee it. I see them everywhere now!
  3. I'm going to go with no as it will continually distract me as I am nosey and would want to know what drama is going on!
  4. But the good thing is that these homes are still here if you want to have one again.
  5. That looks great. This is one theme that I feel that I don't have to have a kitchen. Not sure why I need to have a kitchen in the other places, but I do. I might even forgo the bathroom here too!
  6. As long as a person's stuff is not on my parcel I don't really care how they decorate. It is their vision of how that parcel might look. I'm pretty sure some of my stuff annoys people. Also some of my favorite parcels included a neighbor that had something unique on their parcel that others would find annoying.
  7. I use this monarch/firefly on all my parcels even mainland. Lets me know when it is SL night. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Babylonia-Roaming-ButterflyFirefly-Monarch-Butterfly/1205779
  8. hopefully.................................................................................soonish soon!
  9. I think it is very nice that you are offering this. Lots of good karma coming your way.
  10. @Mercedes Avon That is just stunning.
  11. Here is a lovely Victorian I got last week in Reston. This should keep me busy until the fantasy ones are released.
  12. I am pretty sure when the fantasy houses are released there will be lots of stilts up for grabs!
  13. Please please make sure you post pictures of your decorating. It is going to be spectacular!
  14. I have to say good job! I would have never guessed that it was you.
  15. No one can hand you over a Linden Home. You have to get it on the land page like everyone else. The only advantage you might have is that you know when it is going to be released, that really is all it is. Doesn't mean you will get it. Chances are you will get another house or you won't get one at all. The house might also just sit in the queue for hours.
  16. You mean the one beside yours?
  17. Agree with you 100%. I don't even like to post any nice abandons I do get anymore due to all the negativity.
  18. Very sorry to hear about this. Keeping his family and friends in my thoughts and prayers.
  19. Do you mean this? https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Bellisseria-Free-House-Number-system/18408596
  20. That is lovely! What a nice view.
  21. @Mercedes Avon I have to say that is impressive. Good job. It's stunning!
  22. And this includes you too. Which is what makes it more baffling.
  23. It is all the same. There is most likely more going on here than just this. Maybe some along the way had their feelings hurt due to trades gone bad or feel they got screwed.
  24. @Elyeah That looks stunning.
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