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  1. Who are we? We are a fun, energetic and brand new club where you can relax, chill, and dance your feet away. Club Strato is located in an Adult Region adjacent to the Plaza 94 Mall, which is a retro themed 90's mall, a delight to visit! Yes we are new. We have advertising everywhere however, such as on SugarSL and have many people dropping in everyday to visit. We are laid back, and want to have fun! We don't have hundreds of rules either. If you enjoy: Dancing the night away Meeting new people Jamming to excellent music Interacting with the crowd and making 100% of your tips We want you! Guess what? YOU keep 100% of your tips. We love our staff! Hours of operation are: 5PM-11PM SLT How to Apply? DJ/Live Performer Application Host Application
  2. Bound Desires Lounge is looking for Hosts and Hostesses. Bound Desires Lounge is a Dominant, submissive, Daddy and babygirl meeting place. The club is CMNF, but not a sex club. Unsure of hours at this moment, but filling positions to get the club started. We are looking for hostesses (preferably subs or baby girls) to greet patrons and keep the general atmosphere of the club upbeat. Experience is not necessarily needed, but welcomed. Must be reliable, friendly, outgoing and fun. Hosts and hostesses will keep 100% of their tips. We request that you have been in SL for at least 6 months. Also, please take pride in your avatar and be up to date. If you have any questions, please contact Stephen Galdonaldo or Bella Canning.
  3. We have big news we have now added to the northeast corner of Coco Reserve a new pool area called Coco Oasis situated in deeply landscaped surroundings featuring a pool, a couple of private coves, and two different styled cabanas, for you and that special companion. Also, next to the pool area you will find a new five story penthouse, for those interested in penthouse style accommodations. Come swim, sun, relax or indulge all your pleasures. Adult Sim Rentals starting @ L$80/week Cigar Lounge Jazz Lounge Cozy Cafe Human avatars only! Nudity allowed (of course) Swingers welcome LGBT friendly Uber to Coco Reserve *Follow arrows at landing area and feel free to browse through our rental kiosk or make use of our TP System to TP around Coco Reserve. Contact Xaviana Carpaccio, Nohvah, or Colebryson for more info
  4. "You will always be found of us, we represent the sins you never had the courage to commit" Velvet Seduction Lounge hiring! We are an adult lounge who specializes in bringing ever man and woman's desire to life, no matter how sinful you may think it may be. We bring the kinks done behind closed doors to the light. We are searching for girls to join our team and become our darling angels and sinful devils. We are looking for Dancers/Escorts and Bar staff with high quality emoting abilities. If interested fill the form below Dancer/Escort - Velvet Seduction Lounge Dancer/Escort Application (google.com) Any questions, please message secondlife:///app/agent/2782b6a4-c5d2-4295-9b70-f4ef7613febf/about
  6. (Photo taken at Puddles) One of the things I miss the most right now is spending Saturday morning in a coffee shop. There’s something about sipping an espresso beverage while nibbling on some kind of carb that makes me feel like all my worries have floated away and the day is filled with glorious potential. I found this video by Resident Emily Wand that really illustrates that experience. I ended up hopping around to a few different coffee shops in Second Life and without even meaning to, let out the biggest sigh of relief. I could even sense the muscles in my shoulders drop, because something about being in that environment makes me feel so relaxed. With all the Cafes & Hangouts available inworld, I encourage you to treat yourself to that feeling of “Ahh, that’s perfect” as soon as you can. There are so many good ones, each with a unique atmosphere, so I wanted to mention a few. Puddles Cafe and Lounge really hit the spot for me. This two level hangout has a super tall ceiling and a hip converted industrial loft aesthetic. Plus, prepare yourself for what I am about to say: there is a cat on a roomba. I may or may not have chased it around with a grin on my face for 15 minutes. Add the rainbow flag and Black Lives Matter sign, and I’m officially moving in. A sign says that there are group chats on Tuesdays and Fridays at 6pm SLT, so check it out! For a more rustic setting, check out Il Nido. As a cafe and wine bar, this is a great option for more of a late afternoon vibe. From my research I also discovered Bellis Blues Cafe, with DJ Stephanie every Monday from 10:00am-12:00pm. Coffee shops like Burrow Coffee & Whisky Co., which is remodeled regularly so there’s always something new, are great places to meet people and experience art, music, and the little things that make us happy. I wasn't kidding!
  7. (Photo courtesy of Nina Setner) This week’s featured artist is Nina Setner, an incredibly talented singer with a broad range: jazz, cabaret, vintage and current pop/R&B, musical theater, and opera. She is a lifelong lover of music and has studied vocal performance in university, record stores, and beyond. Her music can be found on her YouTube channel, as well as SoundCloud. Q: When and how did you find out about Second Life? A: I'm an oldie in SL--I'm coming up on my 13th rez day this October, which seems particularly insane to me. Back in 2007, my life changed radically because I'd had my first child earlier that year. Going out with the girls had been replaced with staying home with the baby, so all of a sudden I found myself without much of a social outlet. One night we happened to be watching a now ancient episode of CSI with a storyline in which SL featured, I was intrigued, and here I am--though to be fair, I would say that in addition to the life-changing relationships I've made along the way, it's the music first and foremost that has kept me here. It has always been my touchstone, in both lives. Q: You sing in a wide variety of styles, two of which are jazz and cabaret. For people unfamiliar with these genres, how would you describe the difference? A: Oh wow, great question--I'll do my best! In the simplest terms possible, jazz is a musical style, and cabaret is a performance style. Jazz requires a lot of imagination and willingness to experiment and be fluid with rhythm, time signature, melody--but often within a pretty strict framework. In order to excel at it, I think you have to be brave and give into the process. You can't scat sing or improvise 8 bars timidly--you have to go in with your whole heart. Cabaret on the other hand is a more intimate performance setting, as opposed to a larger theater or arena, etc. It can be free form (on the piano bar end) or it can be scripted ahead of time in a more formal cabaret club, but in both settings, singers are enjoying a rapport and a connection with their audience, either by telling them a story through songs they've chosen ahead of time or engaging with them off the cuff. Cabaret singers commit hundreds--thousands, actually--of songs to memory, because in a setting like that, you need to be ready and able to sing requests from multiple genres, jazz certainly being one of them. Q: You mentioned that you are a mother. How do you balance your creative outlets with raising kids, and do they like music as well? A: I was a regular in the club circuit here in Chicagoland where I reside in the days before I had my kids. When I stumbled into SL, I had NO clue about the live music community or potential opportunity to continue performing at a high level, but thankfully I found out pretty quickly. While they were little, I had to keep my schedule incredibly light--one, maybe two shows a week tops. As they've gotten older and can entertain themselves for an hour (though everyone who follows me regularly has heard my kids in the background *far* more often than I'd like over the years!), I've been able to increase that show load. My kids are young musicians as well, but neither of them enjoy singing. Apparently they're “too shy.” I keep hoping that'll magically change one day. Fingers crossed! Q: When books are adapted into films, there are always purists who say the source material was better. Has there been a film adaptation of a musical that you feel should only be experienced live in the theater? A: Another fantastic question. I think musicals that are more on the visual spectacle end--for example, The Lion King--I think that those are best appreciated live and in person. It's difficult to transfer the director's vision to the screen in those circumstances. I'm also a bit of a Sondheim fanatic/purist, so while I've been really happy to see his work getting the wide exposure and recognition it deserves through film adaptations of Into the Woods and Sweeney Todd, nothing takes the place of seeing Sondheim done as Sondheim intended. On the flip side, some musicals transfer brilliantly--the film version of West Side Story is still, for me, the one to beat. I have yet to see a live performance of it (or any other movie musical) that I liked more. Q: Did you study music or are you self-trained? A: At this point, it feels like I've been studying it my whole life. I started playing piano as a young kid and added voice lessons to the mix during my early teen years. Those piano lessons really helped shape my ear and broaden my repertoire beyond what I even understood at the time (I was playing Hoagy Carmichael's "Stardust" and songs like it back in high school out of random piano collections I'd pick up at the local music store--who knew I'd still be singing those songs 30 years later?) I did study music in college--I went to the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and hold degrees in both choral music education and vocal performance, and I'm still studying today--that never stops! Q: What is the most meaningful aspect of the SL music community to you? A: So, so many things. What SL and the music community in particular have added to my life and work as a musician is sort of incalculable. But I think reaching out over thousands of miles, making those connections and sharing your art and your passion with people you never would have had the opportunity to meet otherwise? I think that's pretty damn special. I hope we're here for years to come. Thank you so much, Nina! Don’t forget to check out her calendar for upcoming performances, and her group in SL. If you or someone you know would like to sign up to be featured in Music Mondays, please fill out this form. For more information, take a look at our official announcement.
  8. ...MiXX... Club & Events, where a club isnt just a club! Offering Saturday movies (Drive In style), Complete Gameroom, Bowling, Beach, Lounge area and much more! Bring your partner or a friend, enjoy some great tunes, banter, dancing and games! Looking for experienced DJs and Hosts to join our MiXX'ed up family. Looking for decent looking avatars who are atleast 5months old in second life APPLICATION FORM: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1-hj3zkLCO4EUsrzerOjEc3AZ54ogu-yYgMc8otviizY/edit FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/groups/713314706261774 DISCORD: https://discord.com/invite/X4b8rcaTMA WEBSITE: https://mixxclubandevents.wixsite.com/mixx FLICKR: https://www.flickr.com/people/mixxclub/ SECOND LIFE GROUP: https://world.secondlife.com/group/092496cc-d24b-8a03-556e-609729601e5e Eagerly awaiting your reply
  9. We are looking for full mesh avatars, all genders and bodies, furries are welcome. Lovense users are encouraged. ♥ Lovense Poles for males and females ♥ Themed parties ♥ Voice Chat ♥ Minimum 3 hours a week for dancers ♥ Bonus payment to the dancer with more hours on the tipjars ♥ Lots of fun Lovense, vibrator, club, weeb, furry, music, sex, games, arcade, hentai, anime, porn, rlv, afk sex, role play, rp, gay, lesbian, bi, lovense, escort, stripper, voice, orgasm, cyberpunk, demon. Drop your application at the club mailbox or contact any of the managers to start with your interview 🖤 Visit us: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/New%20Heaven/76/74/22
  10. Where Fantasies become Reality. An intimate Adult community nestled in a tropical, small town setting. Taxi Our Youtube Video ♦Available Rentals: (ADULT) - A single story, open floorplan farmhouse cottage retrofitted with sleek black powder windows and double doors, with a floating wood wraparound patio welcoming you in. The double sided fireplace gives you both outdoor deck and indoor living room spots to get cozy - 400 Prims/L$800 a week - A bungalow perfect for the beach with lots of open views. Blinds included - 75 Prims/L$150 a week - A spacious and modern yet timeless 3 Bedroom 1 Bathroom Big City Penthouse (Skybox) With its large floor to ceiling windows, spectacular views, hardwood floors and curved glass railings, it is sure to be one of the finest apartments your avatar has ever lived in! The 2 Story layout consists of an entry hallway, a stairwell flooded with light coming from the skylight, 1 Bedroom, a bathroom, a Double Height Living room and a kitchen. Upstairs you can find one additional regular sized bedroom, and a stately master suite with space for an en-suite bathroom or a walk in closet. - 400 Prims/L$400 a week - A unique little tropical island with a dock, tiki hut and other features. Partially furnished and ready to use! The set has all accessories you need. - 100 Prims/L$200 a week - Condo overseeing Coco Town (Must see for yourself only 1 left as these are high in demand) - 100 Prims/L$200 a week If you seek relaxing we have a jazz lounge, a social hangout, eateries, a cigar lounge with adult entertainment, we even have our own version of Little Cuba to relax and enjoy the scenery. Our main focus is your experience being our pleasure. For additional info you can always contact Xaviana Carpaccio EzraMcGowan Visit Us at Coco Reserve
  11. 👑 Come Explore The 𝐅𝐄𝐓𝐈𝐒𝐇 𝐋𝐎𝐔𝐍𝐆𝐄 👑 Explore all your wildest or tamest kinks with the ladies of Fetish. Enjoy our Unique Blend of Voice & Cam ladies who cater to all types of Filthy fetishes and desires. Enjoy some of Secondlifes sexiest ladies in a relaxed environment, Just remember it is a pay to stay and play establishment so bring your wallet as well as some of your kinkiest friends. Lovense enabled Club http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Your Fetish/53/56/4002
  12. Explore all your wildest or tamest kinks with the ladies of Fetish. Enjoy our Unique Blend of Voice & Cam ladies who cater to all types of Filthy fetishes and desires. Enjoy some of Secondlifes sexiest ladies in a relaxed environment, Just remember it is a pay to stay and play establishment so bring your wallet as well as some of your kinkiest friends. Lovense enabled Club http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Your Fetish/53/56/4002
  13. 1 Condo left for rent with beautiful view of the Intimate Adult Community called Coco Reserve. (NO SKYBOX) Come check it out for yourself. 100 Prims - L$200 weekly. Partially furnished. Amazing Neighbors & Staff Members. Also 1 Bungalow left with 75 prims at L$150 weekly - unfurnished. [We're Hiring] - Visit our office to fill out an application form. TAXI *Upon arrival at the Lobby, please use indicated sign to TP to Coco Town*
  14. Hiring DJ's & Hosts @ EllE CluB since 2011 EllE CluB is hiring DJ's & Hosts, we are an established Adult Music Club and Events Open Stage since 2011. ★ We are hiring Djs and Hosts for all music genres ★ Djs and Hosts get 100% of tips Come at EllE CluB NOW!* http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ecstasy%20Trading/82/204/23
  15. Coco Reserve Where Fantasies become Reality. An intimate Adult community nestled in a tropical, small town setting. Our Youtube Video ♦Rentals: Currently we offer: (ADULT) - Houses & Cottages - L$400/week - 200 prims - Townhouses - L300/WEEK - 150 prims - Bungalows - L$150/week - 75 prims - Chalets - L$200/week - 100 prims - Junior Suites - L$15/day or L$105/week - 50 prims (MODERATE) - Penthouse - L$200/week - 200 prims - Robin's Nest - L$150/week - 150 prims ♦We are hiring for different roleplay positions (earnings on tip basis) If you seek relaxing we have a jazz lounge, a social hangout, eateries, a cigar lounge with adult entertainment, we even have our own version of Little Cuba to relax and enjoy the scenery. Our main focus is your experience being our pleasure. For additional info you can always contact Xaviana Carpaccio Whitemixer Resident or Nohvah Resident. Teleport to Coco Reserve Facebook Page
  16. Looking for a place to relax? Share a conversation with some sensual and sexy guys? Or maybe you're looking for something a little naughtier? Then this is the perfect place to spend your time. [STUDDED] is a highly detailed, rich atmosphere that caters to all your desires and fetishes. We offer a mix of tantalizing guys who are dedicated to keeping you comfortable, relaxed and of course getting you off. Come on by and see for yourself why it's time to get [STUDDED]. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Prestige/177/118/3005 _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ [STUDDED] Seeking quality guys, with ambition, ability to hustle for tips, and just all around awesome. We hire Voice, Text and Cam Escorts as well as Dancers! We hire the best, because we are the best. Come on you know you are perfect for our club! apply today in world! What we ask for: ♦ Ability to voice verify ♦ A desire to work with us ♦ We hire quality men. What we offer: ♦ 2 minimum hours ♦ Weekly Colors ♦ Laid back environment ♦ Plenty of staff benefits ♦ Receive 85% Tips with a chance to keep 90% tips ♦ General Benefits ♦ ・ Free access to all or our rooms, VIP lounge, etc. ・ Weekly Colors and up to 2 Major events per month ・ Elite Stud [Guy of the Month] <- You keep elite stud status even when your month is over. ・ Chance at moving up to lead or management, we hire within when jobs become available ・ In-club promotion (all employee ad boards are only L$100 a week) ・ L$10 per hour [must clock in for this] ・Also note: Trainees are eligible for all benefits with the exception of: -Elite Stud ♦ Hours Benefits ♦ ・If you do ten [10] hours a week for you will be able to use the gold tip jars and keep 90% of your tips. Everyone starts off at 85% using the silver jars. ・If you do over five [5] hours a week, you will get a free week added to your board. ・Time clock pays out L$10 per hour.
  17. This Sunday we are back again in our great Beach Lounge, so come by and enjoy the music, meet new people or just have fun We starting Today with DJ WHITE who will spin some great Tunes for you guys live on his SL Radio. Followed by 3 amazing Live Singers: TOXIE DARKMATTER, LEXUS MELODIE and DEXTER SWANSEN! See you there Friends! Opening Party: ★ DJ WHITE Host: Doris LIVE EVENT: ★ TOXIE DARKMATTER ★ LEXUS MELODIE ★ DEXTER SWANSEN Hosts: Christine, Swuran ❤♪·.¸.·'´♫ ϲoϻє ᴀηᴅ cєʟєʙʀᴀτє Ɯιτʜ us ♫•¸.·'♪❤ Dresscode: BEACH or CASUAL attire please Your Jetski: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Skyhill/128/104/1462
  18. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ferdok/110/61/2501 New club currently seeking DJs/HOSTS/SINGERS for 12PM SLT on. Friendly Staff. FRIENDLY A MUST!! a dj following is a plus! But welcome just starting out djs also!! We cater to all genres of music! Sound interesting? Contact elihac or frostingz resident Look Forward To Meeting You!
  19. New but Old club re-opening after a 7 year hiatus! Pink Fire Lounge is back as one of Second Life's most recklessly themed clubs for all those that enjoy wild and enthusiastically sexy lovers with touches of campy debauchery all over our little area! Come down and see ALL the lights in the Purple Light District!! We welcome avatars of all types! Of course, obviously, no children avatars allowed! We are a motivated management company looking for novice or experienced dancers/escorts and/or DJ's who want to blow off a little steam while making a few lindens during any of our weekly scheduled events! No weekly hours required! We offer paid events in addition to our regular hours for our dancers and DJ's All that we ask of you is : - At least 14 days of age for dancer/escorts. 30 days for DJs. -English is preferred as that is our spoken language, but all languages are welcome here! -Don't take yourself too seriously! This is the most free you'll ever be. We want to see it! We're old school so we don't have a google docs application. Come see our club in person first! Then fill out an application! You can find them inside the club on the wall under the join group sign! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Badwater/12/164/1452
  20. This luxurious gentleman's lounge is now hiring women of all types. Must be 18+ to work here. Must be able to at least hear voice. We have hourly pay and incentives to offer our girls. Please contact MistyThompson Resident or mikahranezmaii resident for an application or pop in today!
  21. ~ Description ~ Hey all you funky freaks, we're bringing boogie back for the OFFICIAL grand opening for the Love Shack. Get on your flower power fashion, and your bodacious bell bottoms. The grooviest groupie couple will win a grand prize of L$1,000 each. We're looking for a Dancing Queen and Disco King. ~ Requirements ~ Human Avi Colorful 60's - 80's Fashion ~ Info ~ When: 3/28/20 Time: 6-7 PM SLT http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/City of Richmond/125/160/668
  22. Wanna work in a fun sexy and classy environment welcoming unlimited imagination, great music and experiences? Then Cocktail's Voice Lounge is the Place for you.. We are currently hiring male/female escorts and dancers to work in our club and we are also offering a 500L sign on bonus for every applicant who apply s,joins the applicant group and gets hired. Events and fun parties will be held monthly and many more incentives will be given as the club grows,,so come check us out and have a cocktail or two. All dancers and Escorts MUST have an active add board.There are also add boards for rent for businesses starting out at 50L A week and if you rent four weeks up front you get 1 week free.There will also be a suggestion box for everyone who would like to suggest an RP room that they would like so get creative and tell us your ideas!!!! ◄[ROOMS]► → Mercy Hospital → The real SL Wives → Daddie's Princess → Peek A Boo → The Street → Pleasure Beach If you are interested in working here or have any questions please contact xxxMistress Muhindra or ShugaahFree Resident or just come on down and fill out an application and leave it in the drop box... http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/LE STARDOM/218/58/3183
  23. NEW, up and coming hot spot, Paradise Adult Lounge is currently hiring beautiful, self-starters! Want to work with some of the best on the grid? Make REAL money? Paradise offers a competitive tipping split, training by fellow bombshells with 20+ years experience combined and a laid back, intimate environment to entertain your guests. Never feel pressured or overworked again! We WANT to see you succeed here! Contact billiebyler.resident or Diaphoni Galicia by NOTECARD for more information! 💋💗 Must be 18+ in RL & Female!
  24. Dissident Cathedral BDSM VIP SEX LOUNGE (DC LOUNGE FOR SHORT) IS HIRING COURTESAN AND DANCERS!!! WE ARE LGBTQ FRIENDLY AND WILLING TO HIRE ANYONE!! FURRY, HUMAN, ELF, SCALE, HYPER , ETC. (for hyper please be scaled to a reasonable proportion) WE ARE LOOKING FOR DANCERS AND COURTESAN THAT ARE WILLING TO USE THEIR WIT!! 90% TIPS, DANCING RATES ARE ALL YOU!! COURTESAN HAVE FLAT RATES ACROSS THE BOARD!! Free adboards inside the lounge for staff! Must be 30 days or older, have a mesh body , and if you are new to the business have the willingness to be trained!! Have at least two group slots open. A pick slot open and make sure you have your avatar shots ready on hand! If you are interested please message yazzie.foxdale or dead.rain in world for an application! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ivory%20Moon/208/194/28
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