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  1. Interesting thread. OP, if it helps, I am mixed race (half black, half white) in real life, so if you want, you're free to send me a PM or something. It's always cool to meet more black folks. Now in regards to the state of SL, I posted about this in other threads but here I go again. Virtual worlds and online games in general have been in decline since ~2009 and this is pretty obvious - every single one I used to frequent has shut down or is in limbo. There have been some recreations made by fans (such as FreeSO, a remake of The Sims Online) but these aren't active like the rea
  2. That's true! I have yet to learn how to deal with rude people effectively. But bad treatment is often unwarranted. I think once you get older and older you stop caring about what others think.
  3. EDIT: I just realised this was necro'd. But feel free to read what I wrote. I have yet to read everything here but you have a point and I agree with you. This is a huge issue. Why is gender so questioned these days in SL? Is it because people are seeking actual offline relationships? And even if they are, why does it matter if the person has an avatar of their assigned gender or not. Harrassing others for expressing themselves on a virtual world is a no-no to me. Besides, if you're looking for a relationship, there might be ways to make things work or you can cut your losses and br
  4. Interesting observation It's not you. You are right that things have changed. Virtual worlds have been in decline since around 2010 - basically when Facebook really exploded in popularity. Younger people prefer to watch YouTube and play other games. Second Life is too much of a relaxed environment for them to be in. And to be honest the engine is quite outdated (despite there being mesh avatars)... nowadays you have games that are super realistic and not as complex, you can just start the game and play. Second Life requires patience both to learn how to get by and to find places to go. I
  5. Yes, I have already said that. But I had just registered then. I wasn't a part of the "in-game world". I know this wasn't allowed, but it's in the past anyway and I can't change it. Nowadays I want to connect with people on here, and maybe have fun. I want to find more friends on the Internet, but forums are often serious and cutthroat. SL tends to be more relaxed I guess. I keep checking the Destination Guide - I might find something to do with friends. I worry if my friends are bored so I need a place where we can have fun and destress. I want to buy Lindens/Premium so I can g
  6. I was born female, but recently realised my gender identity and I am a transgender man. I don't mind a guy playing a girl or vice versa, why not? Torley Linden made that cool years ago. We can be anything or anyone we want here. Why limit yourself to your assigned gender?
  7. Haha, I wasn't that kid, but it sounds like a good story. Virtual worlds were a huge thing for kids around that time because you could create an avatar and chat with others. And thanks for the "welcome back!". I made many friends in different virtual worlds and social networks but sadly I lost contact with pretty much everyone. Second Life in particular sounded exciting because you could fly, ride a skateboard, play games like capture-the-flag, etc. This is off-topic but while I agree that SL isn't for kids, I don't see a problem with teenagers here as long as they aren't bother
  8. It sounds like there is a memory leak issue. There is no reason for Firestorm to use that much memory or hog the CPU. The developers should take a look at this, or maybe it's a setting issue everybody's overlooking. I gave up on trying to use other viewers unless I find something that works well. I want something that isn't outdated or at least something that won't explode my PC. A friend of mine just registered on SL and her computer and Internet connection are awesome but she still has lag (I believe it's server-side though, once everything loads it's fine). We're both using the LL view
  9. The metaverse idea. I like how you can make an avatar and roam in a fantasy/"fake" world. There are many places to explore and ways to customise your avatar the way you want.
  10. I agree with many posters here. I would advise seeking a real psychotherapist and possibly a psychiatrist if you need one. There are websites that apparently offer paid counseling but I wouldn't trust these, to be honest. There might be licensed professionals in SL but treatment may be suboptimal - if they even choose to help you, since trolls are indeed an issue. Again, seek a real person to treat you. There is no shame. And take care with bad doctors. A bad one is worse than no doctor. Now, roleplay does exist and you can probably find someone who is willing to pretend t
  11. Yeah, I was around that age, but now I am old enough (over 18) to come here without LL hating me forever, and like I said, I want to verify my age and buy Lindens now (as soon as I can). And I signed up in 2006 but didn't actually use the software until much later. If the Teen Grid was available when I was an actual teenager I would have joined it. But it doesn't matter now lol. Before I just wanted to make an avatar and in the past SL was a trend so everybody was signing up (especially in 2007 when they created international grids). In regards to the marketplace, I do find thin
  12. Thank you. I used to join groups just for freebies/gifts so I never knew their true potential. Good idea, I want to find more people who have things in common with me. I check out featured sims but a lot of them tend to be themed and sometimes you just want a café or a place to relax. This post makes me more optimistic. In regards to shopping, I don't know if the marketplace search algorithm is borked but I used to get way better results before. Maybe I haven't been using the filters properly.
  13. I have a long history with IMVU and virtual worlds in general. It was officially released in 2004 as an add-on for IM software such as AIM and it was created by Will Harvey of Makena Technologies fame (He made There.com, another virtual world). I signed up for IMVU in 2006 but only started using it in 2008. It is not a virtual world, it is a chat program first and foremost. The customisation has always been great on IMVU since users create items just like in SL. Anshe Chung was big on IMVU too and I used to buy her rooms there. I had some great moments on there, but that's because pe
  14. Ain't got patience to read all the other replies, but I visited all of these virtual worlds you listed. My first virtual world was Habbo Hotel and I joined in July 13th 2006. It was magical then. My favourites are/were Habbo, Mokitown, VMK, Coke Studios (these two were co-created by Sulake, the same company who created Habbo), vSide (sadly abandoned after its acquisition by another company), IMVU, Gaia Online, etc. Of course I also love Second Life, but I am a functional noob here. I always wanted to try out There.com but nothing was truly free, and it took me a long time for me to be all
  15. Hi. Sorry if this is in the wrong subforum and I hope you don't misunderstand me, I am not saying that SL is dying, but it does seem emptier now. This post may turn out to be long. Let's just say that I'm a semi-noob. I don't know how to do many things, but I know how to at least open boxes, resize items and I can get by with the camera controls. I used to inform myself about SL, so I am not that stupid on how things work around here - and I've loved the metaverse idea since forever. Despite my young age (20), I have always been involved with SL (and virtual worlds) in some capacity.
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