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  1. Seems like a great concept Talli! Please drop a SLURL when it's open to the public! 😁
  2. Id also recommend searching "Groups" and check out group chat for some topics you're interested in. Avatars might not always be hanging out together, private messaging and group messaging are much more convenient if you're "body" is busy doing something else. It can also help you be notified when events or gatherings are happening at certain places 👍
  3. I'm sure there are plenty more - but GABRIEL has a nice selection of trendy/traditional stuff like that - Asian without being "Anime" ? I'd also suggest running a marketplace search for specific things like Kimonos!
  4. Hey mooosic lovers! I have recently opened the doors to my new intimate openstage-venue "MINTSPOT", and I wanted to pop in here and invite Dj's and listeners to participate! Though rules and guidelines are loose, we suggest music genres focusing on the chill and relaxing - Techno, Ambient, Dub, Electronic, et cetera. Anyone and everyone are welcome - join the group to hop on the stream or just mellow out to the radio. Hope to see you there ❤️ SLURL Also, if anyone has any suggestions for OTHER openstages, please use this thread share them! I am opening my
  5. Run a sci-fi search using the search tool! Unfortunately a lot of them tend to disappear pretty quickly - there are some Star Wars + Star Trek communities that are quite seasoned, and might be accommodating to your RP and storyline
  6. Rosehaven has a cozy little Gyspy population ? wagons leave in the winter, but it's a nice place to create a story ❤️
  7. I feel like every year I get worse and worse at making new friends. At least my cats don't seem to care...
  8. Also here...Winter Moon... a special recommendation for winter photography ❄️ http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Winter Moon/54/116/21
  9. Chamonix City and the adjacent mainland area are in a constant state of snowfall!! ☃️ https://secondlife.com/destination/chamonix-city
  10. just got booted - time to get zooted ?
  11. cool thanks for sharing! gonna check this place out soon ?
  12. lmao yes I find SL is very much enhanced when im blazed ?makes immersion much easier lol
  13. Depends on what you're looking for! Could recommend a slew of different places depending on the style of the photoshoot. Lots of spooky spots on the grid right now thanks to Halloween. I also find a lot of great photo spots through other residents on Flickr - kind folks who offer SLURL's with their photos are the best!
  14. @Gabriele Graves that's the beauty of the forum - everyone can give their own opinion. All I know is the OP seemed to have a difficult time finding shops in world and I don't blame them. I've found some wonderful shops inworld that I frequent for apparel, furniture, landscaping etc, but I also personally think it's easier to find and browse these things in Marketplace. My statements were never meant to be Linden-Approved or "nothing but the truth" - simply a suggestion to help another resident. If you can recommend the OP some places to shop inworld it might be more helpful than checking
  15. Anecdotal. In my personal experience people tend to shop more at events and on marketplace. If theres evidence to the contrary I have not seen it.
  16. @LennoxGregor I hope you can find everything you're looking for! ? Gatchas have definitely made a bit of a mess of marketplace, but I still manage to find what I need!
  17. *Shops* in the traditional sense are definitely on the decline. Majority of shopping is done on marketplace, and social shopping tends to be done and "Exclusive Events" All of the things you mention still exist, though perhaps not as widespread as before. There are plenty of clubs that feature unique alternative/electronic music. I would honestly recommend you spend some time with "Groups", there are many groups I am a part of that I rely on for club announcements and events where I can meet up with other people. Groups have become one of my favorite tools to "Find" people actually online
  18. welp it's that time again! been away from SL for a few months and things have gotten lonely ? currently looking for some company to fill in the gaps! ?
  19. thank's for the replies people! forgot about this thread completely lol! If there is one thing I remember, it was NOT A mainland sim, it was an island on a private sim, the ground was textured like trash as if it were a giant floating trash island. Something you might expect to find on a LEA sim, but it was not a LEA project either.... Also great shoutout to CC's factory, i've been a longtime fan of that creator and their products ever since accidentally becoming neighbors a few years back! Highly recommended as well ?
  20. omg yes i love durarara!!!
  21. Such a great city - do attend an event or two if you can, the people who live there are as magnificent as the architecture ❤️
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