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  1. Kokonattsu


    UPDATE! THEY MOVED TO A FULL SIM NOW! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Tohoku/110/196/40
  2. NOTE: This isn't my sim, but I had just discovered this sim MY THOUGHTS OF THE SIM: Been seeking for a decent modern Japan sim in SL for quite a while and finally found it!!! It is nicely done and has a lot of residential rentals and it comes with an RP hud that you submit your roleplaying to level up! DETAILS FROM THE SIM: Small Japanese town, with farms and farm houses in the outskirts. We have a shrine, a school that is currently looking for staff and students, a functional Ryokan with mens and ladies onsens, police and fire stations, shops, restaurants, several homes and a few apartments, convenience store, medical center, even a laundromat and graveyard and a forest of questionable safety for exploration and RP fun! Come join us! Follow the Teleport below. When you land, follow the signs, step into the station to gather your information, and an RP hud , then up the platform stairs and click the train to arrive in town! Hope to see you there! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Kopikopiko/97/155/60 Here are some pics I took of the sim:
  3. Kokonattsu

    Femdom community disappointment

    That's just the owner of the place's opinion. ***** them. There was once a place that banned me from their place and I had asked why, and it is because I was an owner of another company who was just coming by. And there was another time I was banned from a place because an "employee" there did not agree with my opinions and views, so just ***** them, LOL.
  4. Kokonattsu

    What would you do?

    I am honestly not a fan of what they are doing but this is how I think you should see it: If it is something you strongly don't like, just stay as friends or strangers, then no one can get hurt any further. If you somewhat care for this person, I'd say be friends for a longer time and see if you're gonna be okay with it in the longrun. If this is not okay at all, do not go any further. They must have some sort of reason for it. What if is some income that helps them? If it is something they enjoy, I don't know how else to tell you, you can't really change a person they way they come as already. BUT, If I were doing something for a long time that I enjoy or that helps me a lot and some random person come along in my life that I had recently talked to is trying to stop me from it, I would tell them to f*** off if they can't find a better idea to replace it. I would go seek someone else who will appreciate and understand my struggle or someone who can find a better job for me.
  5. Kokonattsu


    Never mind, I finally saw that it is from last year XDDD ***** meeeeeeeeee
  6. Kokonattsu


    Did you try to go to the link of the in-world shop or try to find her in-world?
  7. Kokonattsu

    Mesh hair that looks like it's floating?

    Lelutka's Swish hairs!!!???
  8. Kokonattsu


    Hello. I tried to go in-world and it took me to some empty place? Also, tried looking for you in-world to give you an application and you are no where to be found in the search D: I don't know what is going on D: Please contact me @ Kokonattsu Resident in-world D:
  9. Kokonattsu

    Looking for interactive furniture

    You should check out the shop [sinse] I currently own a couch from them cus I wanted motion capture type of animations?
  10. Tired of shapes with no demos? Need your head shaped a certain way? Custom Bento Head Shapes $300L ❀Send me a photo of a person or another avi's flickr shape you want! ❀Let me know which head you have! (I've mostly worked on CATWA brands only, I can try to experiment with other brands as well!) ❀Willing to work on male bento heads as well! ❀May also need information on what skin you are wearing! ❀I will do my best to make the shape as similar as possible! ❀Will send you a demos & communicate until you are satisfied! ❀You only pay if you are satisfy and truly want the shape! ❀The official shape will be sent to you as copy/mod when paid! An example image a client sent me VS my finished product! We both had no clue what head that photo she sent me was, but I tried to make it as similar as possible. She was very satisfied & I hope you will be too when I work with you! Go ahead and IM me now! Serious inquiries only! - Kokonattsu Resident
  11. Kokonattsu

    WHAT HAIR IS THIS!??!?!?

    Thanks so much! Case closed!
  12. Kokonattsu

    WHAT HAIR IS THIS!??!?!?

  13. Kokonattsu

    Where can I find a group for females that meets inworld?

    Go to Lesbian Teahouse, always a lot of lesbians standing around bored looking for someone to talk to.
  14. Kokonattsu

    Who created this building? I want it.

    Ok, found the creator, Isil Designs... Now I have 3 more buildings I am looking for.... The airship that can possibly be a house and that white building and this purple building, I am unsure if it is attached to that creature or just added on there, thanks in advance.
  15. Kokonattsu

    Who created this building? I want it.

    I was on Flickr and came across this photo. I have written to the one to took the photo a long time ago but no replies... It was supposedly found somewhere in April 2017 at the Sci-fi Convention at the Relay For Life event or so.... I had gone to the place and asked for help and I guess the place had changed... I want this building soooo bad! So please if anyone knows, let me know! T___T Thanks so much in advance!