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  1. RA is looking to do an expedition! Fictional RP Micro nations, Alternate universes, anything sci-fi except Star Wars..No offense but I respect the franchise enough to not mix a Stargate with it.
  2. Hello. Us here at the ROYAL AVIATION EXPEDITIONARY CORPS are looking to give back to the boys in blue. Yes, we have furries in our ranks but, are still looking to help out any police or law enforcement agency that could use the additional support. Anyone need a swat team or additional officers?
  3. Hello, I command the ROYAL Aviation Expeditionary Corps. We are a modern PMC and no we are not British. If you looking to get into the modern military community I may have the answer. Currently, since Buckland Military Region and Stillwater have closed there isn't really a sim the units use for combat. While another one is being built the RAEC, SL US Navy, and Projekt Bear are currently looking for new blood as well as training. The gulf is the main hub for sl military operations but it is not the only place. If you would like to talk more about it feel free to message me in world or drop
  4. The ROYAL Aviation Expeditionary Crops Is looking to expand its ranks through civil support. Are you an experienced police officer or law enforcement and want to be part of something different? Doctor or nurse with a thurst for adventure? Take a look at what we offer and enlist. Military Police-All Positions Needed Medical-All Positions Fire-Everything but Chief Realistically I need someone who is experienced since I only have expertise in running a military unit for combat and standard role-play.
  5. Hello. I run Port Churchill and commander the RAEC. We need another fire department on base as well as someone to run SAR. IM me in world. mrharrisonofreaper
  6. Hello. I am General Temp Harrison. I am the Commander of the ROYAL Aviation Expeditionary Corps. We currently are active throughout the grid but are currently looking for a new place to operate. I have several furries in my ranks and have found trouble finding a place we can deploy. We can fight into Urban or Future environments. Any tips help as well as VICE battlegrounds. Thank you .
  7. I get that the amount of rescue calls is at an all time low. However my question is how no SAR or Naval group doing Anti-Piracy or Anti-Smuggling RP. The Coast Guard has other mIssions besides SAR. Who do you think is fighting drug lords of the coast. Just an honest question.
  8. No. It will be structured to how the SL Marine Corps or the SLN 3rd Fleet but fitting for Private Military operations. So VICE/LLCS combat with Rp
  9. Message me in SL. Already have an admiral but can always use sailors.
  10. The ROYAL Aviation Expeditionary Corps has finally expanded to point of being able to give birth to the RAEC Navy. We are looking for people who interested in combat as well and non combat role-play. A list of jobs are inclcuded below this. Also anyone with RL/SL Naval experience would be awesome! We are currently operating as whole in every part of the grid as well as Buckland. Additional Pilots are also need for the Air Det. Taken from the RAEC Job Guide Book 5: Naval. The Naval Detachment is tasked with providing naval and addition medical support to the rest of the RAEC as well
  11. Hello Everyone. I have found some really awesome mesh for weapons that I plan on issuing to my guys for combat. However I don't know how to script and really needs this done right. If you are able to script in the VICE combat system I would love to speak with you. I do not intend on selling these only as a standard unit for my vice combat group. Hope to hear from you. General Temp Harrison RAEC Commander
  12. Hello folks. I am setting up the naval det for my unit and need a place to set up a small port to launch ships roughly the size of a cutter and subs. Would also need to land helicopters of any size there. Anyone know someone I can setup? Looking to buy not rent.
  13. Hello Everyone. I run a group called the ROYAL Aviation Expeditionary. So I have a .:S&W:. Sentinel FRC and want to arm it with guns and maybe a Mk110 Bofors Cannon. The guns would be M249 or M240 turrets and basically whatever I can get on it. Of Course I would need all of them to be vice capable. I've heard my builders for this job and have been scammed. Can anyone help?
  14. Hello so I have 2 MACs that I run firestorm on and upload textures for my aircraft and vehicles using templates from the makers with my custom work on it. Since Apple released a new update and Adobe retired Photoshop Elements 12 I'm not sure what software I should use not for making and modding textures..thoughts?
  15. I can give you information in world. Also added you and returned your message. You can get a enlistment pack at Hollywood Airport and Jet Nation.
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