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  1. Is there any way of actually monitoring the literal cause, and why I'm being disconnected? Checking some kind of log? Filing some kind of other report? Account Activity? Because, literally I have other things up that also require constant connections at the same time and they don't stutter AT ALL. Supposedly a friend of mine also had a similar issue that began today or yesterday, but his just kinda solved itself after he logged into his house or something like that. I really don't want to quit Second Life, but it's literally unplayable. I tried Firestorm, LL, and Black Dragon. I even tried Text Mode of Firestorm. I would typically run it around medium settings with Advanced Lighting disabled. That mixed with not even Text mode really makes me think it's not that my computer is incapable. I would imagine almost literally anything would be capable of running the text mode. Even now, if I wanted to I could crank the graphics as high, maybe even higher than they would go to before, hardly any slow-down, if any, it just freaking logs me out. I don't even get a minute of time basically. I'm lucky if I get 3.
  2. Well, looks like trying the LL viewer is my last option, wish me luck. Same problem, oh well. Guess it must be something on my end doing... who knows what.
  3. I use the Firestorm Viewer. I'm smart enough to look my problem up before posting myself, but I was unable to find anything that actually helped. I am able to log in perfectly fine. As far as I'm aware I am able to teleport just fine. Sometimes a few messages even come in from friends or groups... But fairly consistently I'm being logged out of Second Life for whatever reason in no more than 5 minutes (likely closer to 1 or 2 minutes). I am on a wired connection. I have attempted changing DNS server. Temperatures of any given piece of computer equipment are never in excess of 65C. Originally I was simply getting the "You have been logged out of Second Life" message, but have since received two others. "The region you're in may be experiencing difficulties", and uhh-... Some other one (Maybe not the exact quotes, but if you've seen them then you know what I'm talking about). Checking statistics, there is 0% packet loss, and whatever ms is directly above or below that seems fairly consistently around 90 to 100. However, at one point when it had logged me out I noticed the latter jump up and stay at some ridiculous number like 10,000, or 100,000, or 1,000,000... I'm not sure. I tried Smith out at least twice, and the problem seemed exactly the same. I am able to walk around a little while until my avatar freezes and the activity on the lag-o-meter in the top right of my viewer ceases, and after maybe a minute of that I get the typical log out message. Everything seemed to be working perfectly fine up to and during Saturday night, tried logging in probably sometime yesterday (Sunday) evening and this problem began pretty much immediately. Since then, I have been able to do every other thing I would regularly use the internet for on my computer without problem. Oh, I also even tried doing a fresh installation of Firestorm, still happening.
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