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  1. Yeah so thats what i wanted to checkik3 tbere was 1 million before me.. And some people might have cancelled and put it on 240 or 241 so in that case mine will go further. So is there any way to check like how many has been sold yet since 25th December?
  2. How do i check that since December 25th to today how many linden has been sold as 239L$ for 1$ I put a limit sale, there was like 1million L$ before I put my linden on limit sale as a rate of 239L$ per Dollar. But now I can't keep a track because it's up to 2 million now.. If I see that my transection is getting close I will not cancel my order. So how do I find that out?
  3. I m suspecting that someone else is login into my account. But i cant find any way to track it.. is it possible to get notified each time i log in with the device i logged im with?
  4. Sometimes my work keeps me busy and hard for me to log in and send out notices. I use lumiya to reply the text sometimes.. but is there any software that i can use to send out only notices please let me know.
  5. Hone i keep all my clothes in one folder which contains 20k item.. and i m a freebie collector so most of them r group gifts i dont know if i can get a redelivery... And i keep things organized so i got it within one second.. jeans,shorts, jacket, masks, gloves , bags etc totally which might be at most 30 k.. even if i think of organize it again... It scares me lol..
  6. It wasn't a system folder.. it was the folder i made for all my cloths...
  7. Yesterday i wrongly deleted my whole clothing folder which contains all my cloths... And it went to trash.. then i restored it from my trash but my inventory was fetching but i panicked when it was taking so long and i relog. But when i came back i didn't see my inventory came back... I m half mad now.. i love all of my clothes so much. I already submitted a ticket but i dont know how they reply it... I see its been closed but i dont see anything they replied with... Please help.
  8. I got a gift from their store one of my friend gave that to me... I actually didn't buy anything thats true... I will try that soon then..
  9. Yes indeed... Their gifts r so nice thats why i wanted to have those but my friends r getting it regularly but i m not... I don't know what else i can do to get the gifts ..
  10. No i didn’t muted the group.. i do see notices but i never received any group gift so i was wondering...
  11. I always heard that people r getting gift from Hayabusa but i never did.. i m in the group... Does anyone know about their group gift policy?
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