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  1. Sometimes my work keeps me busy and hard for me to log in and send out notices. I use lumiya to reply the text sometimes.. but is there any software that i can use to send out only notices please let me know.
  2. Hone i keep all my clothes in one folder which contains 20k item.. and i m a freebie collector so most of them r group gifts i dont know if i can get a redelivery... And i keep things organized so i got it within one second.. jeans,shorts, jacket, masks, gloves , bags etc totally which might be at most 30 k.. even if i think of organize it again... It scares me lol..
  3. It wasn't a system folder.. it was the folder i made for all my cloths...
  4. Yesterday i wrongly deleted my whole clothing folder which contains all my cloths... And it went to trash.. then i restored it from my trash but my inventory was fetching but i panicked when it was taking so long and i relog. But when i came back i didn't see my inventory came back... I m half mad now.. i love all of my clothes so much. I already submitted a ticket but i dont know how they reply it... I see its been closed but i dont see anything they replied with... Please help.
  5. I got a gift from their store one of my friend gave that to me... I actually didn't buy anything thats true... I will try that soon then..
  6. Yes indeed... Their gifts r so nice thats why i wanted to have those but my friends r getting it regularly but i m not... I don't know what else i can do to get the gifts ..
  7. No i didn’t muted the group.. i do see notices but i never received any group gift so i was wondering...
  8. I always heard that people r getting gift from Hayabusa but i never did.. i m in the group... Does anyone know about their group gift policy?
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