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  1. Nope. The legality is based on knowing what you get, not how you get it.
  2. I was interested in the female Jomo wolf avatar but didn't purchase it in the end due to lack of clothing support. I mean, some clothing would work for it if not a lot of skin is shown so you can just use the alpha cuts but anything else won't work x3 Too bad though, the avatars are amazing.
  3. This sounds like it could be abused by making a ton of alts until one of te alts has the rare as one of their first three numbers. Since the rare is transfer the alt can then simply send it to the main.
  4. All of these names strike me as year around ones. So uh...
  5. That's because you are new, inexperienced and bring no skills to the table. Jobs in Second Life are just like in RL, no one is going to hire you based on these facts. Kudos to you though on the very honest thread title.
  6. You always have to pay rent wether its to a landlord or to LL itself. There is no rent free land.
  7. Will do^^ Though it's going to take a while, which is honestly a good thing!
  8. It's more like 1/10th of it max and on a weekend but most likely even less.
  9. Thank you everyone for the valuable input and the laughs^^ I've decided to get it! I am so stoked!
  10. I'm sure I am not the only one who this is happening to but I need an outsider's opinion. Basically what I have been agonizing over buying or well...not buying is this beauty: I have the Linden. I have the space. Problem? It's too effing big for just one person, there's so many rooms, so much space and I keep trying to justify buying it for just myself. Should I get myself a boyfriend? Should I rent out the extra rooms (probably for free) or should I just splurge and go crazy for the next couple weeks or so furnishing it to perfection? But what then? I'll have this rad abode and it'd just be me there unless... Can you guys see my dilemma? Has this happened to you before? How did you handle it?
  11. Wait wut, I am talking to my mom on WhatsApp. I knew we were magic!
  12. What Silent said. I am in plenty of groups without having chat/notices enabled and its blissful silence yet the group is right there to manually check the notices. This is for paid groups that I don't want to leave.
  13. You do have the option to decline group notices and group chat in the main group window.
  14. If fly is not enabled then direct tp should be so people can use area search and directly tp to the product that is over 400m away instead of having to walk there.
  15. It's not even only clubs doing this. I have been to stores that you had to walk/run up to (No teleporting and flying allowed) and then you have to run/walk through their huge store which takes forever and usually ends with me teleporting away without a purchase. On memorable time I wrote the creator of the store to tell them about my shopping experience and surprisingly enough they thanked me profusely for the input and enabled both direct tp'ing and flying. So yay and much kudos to them.
  16. That is exactly what SL is for some people.
  17. While you're looking for a stylist you can always go to the marketplace and search through the litany of shapes there and see if a look catches your eye. Most shapes come with a Style card to help you recreate the exact look in the advert. It's a good starting point.
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