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  1. Oh that is wonderful, curious to see which colors they'll chose for christmas!
  2. Read your rental agencie's rules notecard and the covenant. A lot of land barons have it in their TOS that they will not refund unused time. Edit: To leave a rental just pick up all your stuff and don't pay the next rent.
  3. You can abandon land at any time before your tier due date to keep from being charged for another month. If you're owning it even one day longer than your tier due date you will be charged for the additional whole month.
  4. Oh wow that was quick. At least *something* works around here!
  5. Thank goodness the forum still works so we can scream and shout in public!
  6. Try Body Language.
  7. It's like everything is down, I can't even add the new eyeliner group gift I got a bit earlier!
  8. Can't do jack inworld anymore 😧 Think it's time to sign off and go out into the real world for a bit.
  9. Looks like one of the SL hamsters died and the rest are out of their wheels to mourn the loss.
  10. Unfortunately for me it is, since I love breedables and builds like the LAQ Treehouse that's very tall and not welcomed on most private estates. I've recently found a wonderful 9k sqm parcel on mainland that is almost entirely a lake, I built landscaping around it and put a small hose in the middle and I am super happy with it. Whenever I get the money for the treehouse I'll plop that down and when Kreatures are released I will plop down those, too. It's great to be able to do whatever I want!
  11. Funny thing is, all those private estates have covenants but living on them for years its pretty safe to say none of them are upheld. Land Barons don't do a weekly or monthly sweep for privacy screens and banlines and its just like living on mainland but with restrictions (I like to follow the rules if there are any.) So a couple years ago I made the move to mainland and I am very happy with that.
  12. I deliberately live on mainland because there is no covenant, if I wanted one I'd live in a private estate or Belli.
  13. Wonderful, time to dust off my Freya body.
  14. But whatever, the fact that your parcel doesn't sell even with price adjustments speaks for itself.
  15. As someone who has experience with buying and selling sailable parcels I strongly disagree. You can find plenty of 1024smq parcels with sailable water access for 10k and less.
  16. Wohl kaum da sie 3 Tage alt ist und keine Lindens hat um ihren Avatar ansehnlich zu machen.
  17. I frankenstein'ed my own AO with different animations from Body Language.
  18. I just went back and actually found the Gacha. It's straight ahead from where you land, no need to teleport to the store o.o
  19. Dang, I got the noodle avatars back upon release but I'd love a couple of the other ones. Here's to hoping they will sell them normally after the fact.
  20. Congrats! I got myself the christmas robot that I am totally going to wear come the time! I'll be back later today for one or two of the rock golems. As far as Nutbusterz went, I went to their store but I didn't find any gacha's? Am I blind?
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