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  1. Personally I like child avatars, they're adorable and fun. What I have an issue with is the baby talk, as a non native english speaker it gives me a headache trying to descipher what they are saying
  2. I can't count the times I've told people about this feature existing. It shouldn't be so hidden away.
  3. I had a true blonde moment this morning, to my defense I was only half a cup of coffee in. Basically, I signed up for a site that has an add on for a game I play. Made the account there just fine but...couldn't seem to log in. It said my username or password was wrong. I tried multiple times, even made a second account and still the same. So I went to their help articles and they actually had one adressing my issue. It basically said "Don't use your username but e-mail to sign in." ...and going back to the link page it said E-MAIL and PASSWORD....NOT username and password. I felt like the worst derp. And yes....I logged in just fine then >.>
  4. Now I'm curious, did she respond to that?
  5. Updated my avatar and am suuuuuuper pleased with it n.n
  6. SL related petpeeve: 'Employers' lowballing workers ridiculously. Some of the 'wages' I have seen on these boards are just a smidgen above free labor.
  7. And why not? It's the most normal thing ever for people to want to know what they'll have earned at the end of the week. Who works to get a mystery salary once a week?
  8. I've realised I am a special kind of masochistic for maining a healer in WoW. It's always my fault when ***** hits the fan. Always. Obviously.
  9. Having a thirteen year old avatar with developed adult parts is a big no no on so many levels. The creator who makes this avatar is clearly not comfortable doing so, and neither wold 99.9% of the SL userbase.
  10. EvoX uses a different map for their skins so EvoX skins will only work on EvoX heads.
  11. Did you tick the deny 'object entry' option in the land tab?
  12. What I was sayig is, that each individual has to donate their tier to the group themselves. The OP wanted to donate another person's tier to the group which isn't possible for obvious reasons.
  13. Your friend will have to donate the tier to the group, not you. If that was possible group owners could abuse it to hell and back.
  14. There really is no such thing as free land in SL. Someone always has to pay tier (which is basically rent) to Linden Lab for the land. No exceptions.
  15. I've recently aquired an extra 1024sqm parcel in addition to my 9.1k one because I had the tier left over and might as well. Plus it wouldn't let me get a Linden Home with the spare tier since you can't 'buy' that for a group. So now I have my main home where my Kreatures will be and a small garden retreat in a wonderful region next to a cobblestone road.
  16. I wouldn't have stuck around either. 2 dollars worth of Linden for being on call the whole week and doing a multitude of tasks. That's 2 dollar above slavery.
  17. What you are looking for is a homestead. No Land Baron will give all these rights if you merely rent a parcel.
  18. And we finally have the explanation why this is geared toward newer residents who don't know better/are desperate.
  19. This topic is only an hour old. This is a forum, not a chat room. Be patient and stop spamming your own thread.
  20. My profile says that I come in many forms, human, furry, dinkie etc. and that means exactly that. I've just created a new furry avatar that I am in love with while my profile and forum pic still show me as human and no I am not an accountant.
  21. I am also having trouble with this as I keep getting off-line e-mails with spam. I blocked the objects but that rarely helps. Needless to say I will not ever shop with those shady merchants. The fact that LL doesn't do jack is annoying AF.
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