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  1. Yes this is exactly what I meant, thank you very much!^^
  2. The problem here is that the AvSitter version from GitHub does not support what you want it to do - work with the AvSitter Experience. The paid version does and will allow prop attachments without asking for permission and is the only way to have AvSitter work with Experiences. If I recall correctly this is because the GitHub version has the user as the creator while the paid version has the original creator as the creator of the scripts which is the crux of the matter. This affects the Experience and wether it works or not. Edit: Did some digging and I was right. Outlined here: https://avsitter.github.io/avsitter2_prop.html Experience Keys Second Life has now enabled ‘experiences’ which will allow automatic attachments (without need for any permission request). Important: The packaged version of AVsitter (inworld updates and marketplace) includes the [AV]object script compiled with the AVsitter experience by Code Violet. If you compiled [AV]object from GitHub yourself, this section doesn’t apply, as the script won’t have the experience enabled. For automatic attachments to work, Users will need to enable the experience ‘AVsitter’ (created by Code Violet) on their land. An experience may be enabled at the Estate or Parcel level by adding it to the ‘Allowed Experiences’ list. For an excellent explanation, see this video by Froukje Hoorenbeek. Be sure to choose the experience created by Code Violet as anyone could have accidentally created an experience with the same name. You can find out more about ‘experiences’ on the SL blog and in the SL scripting WIKI. Important: If users do not enable the ‘AVsitter’ by Code Violet experience then each prop will require permission to attach and the owner may receive the message “To enable auto-attachments, please enable the experience in About Land.” (discussion)
  3. I was curious after Annabell's response and checked the form myself and holy shet. You might as well ask what people had for breakfast, their favorite color and their social security number while you're at it.
  4. The cat looks like she's seen some sh!t
  5. I'll be sticking to windows 10 for a while. Probably a long while. They had to pry Windows XP out of my hands with so much force, I feel it to this day.
  6. Try Doux, they offer multiple sizes of their hairs. Also I think Magika is an option and Pr!tty.
  7. I'm more talking about just the hip bones part to be layered onto the skin I wear like a tattoo. I mean there's BOM dimples and such, I was wondering if anyone had thought about doing hip bones yet :3
  8. True, plus I heard this thing about placenta's and don't get me started.
  9. That is a terrific idea plus with new clubs popping up all the time you'd never run out of places to review! I'd totally bookmark such a blog and I don't even go to clubs lmao.
  10. Nothing like a malformed fetus first thing in the morning! Sorry my bad humor is showing.
  11. I've been searching the MP but haven't found anything, does this even exist? I'm looking for hip bones for maitreya lara. The skin I am using is too smooth in that area and I want a bit of hip bones to show x3
  12. Smoking ads have also been removed in germany for some time now and they added super gross pictures to smoke packs/tobacco containers along phrases like "Smoking Kills".
  13. Personally I like child avatars, they're adorable and fun. What I have an issue with is the baby talk, as a non native english speaker it gives me a headache trying to descipher what they are saying
  14. I can't count the times I've told people about this feature existing. It shouldn't be so hidden away.
  15. I had a true blonde moment this morning, to my defense I was only half a cup of coffee in. Basically, I signed up for a site that has an add on for a game I play. Made the account there just fine but...couldn't seem to log in. It said my username or password was wrong. I tried multiple times, even made a second account and still the same. So I went to their help articles and they actually had one adressing my issue. It basically said "Don't use your username but e-mail to sign in." ...and going back to the link page it said E-MAIL and PASSWORD....NOT username and password. I felt like the worst derp. And yes....I logged in just fine then >.>
  16. Now I'm curious, did she respond to that?
  17. Updated my avatar and am suuuuuuper pleased with it n.n
  18. SL related petpeeve: 'Employers' lowballing workers ridiculously. Some of the 'wages' I have seen on these boards are just a smidgen above free labor.
  19. And why not? It's the most normal thing ever for people to want to know what they'll have earned at the end of the week. Who works to get a mystery salary once a week?
  20. I've realised I am a special kind of masochistic for maining a healer in WoW. It's always my fault when ***** hits the fan. Always. Obviously.
  21. Having a thirteen year old avatar with developed adult parts is a big no no on so many levels. The creator who makes this avatar is clearly not comfortable doing so, and neither wold 99.9% of the SL userbase.
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