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  1. It's unlikely the universe conforms to human ideas. Just like every flying saucer sighting over history changed depending on our current SFX style, I expect our idea of what the universe is will change over the next 50 years as well!
  2. Funnily enough mine's a mid 2016 model, not even a gaming rig! In fact the image on the bottom is the first I ever took on it, back when St Pete's City was around.
  3. As documented on Twitter, I reached out to you...but you blocked/muted me after you posted a picture of yourself in a Bernie Sanders T-shirt and I reacted with confusion. I know it's a savage battleground of "you're either with me or against me" at the moment, but there is life after an election. Smashing perceived threats with a brick doesn't bode well for community building!
  4. No that doesn't work...the second thing I tried! The same method would allow abusive residents to use griefing objects...the very reason I suspect scripts were banned there in the first place.
  5. If I recall correctly, Strawberry got her videos on YouTube copyright struck by LL themselves. It was reversed of course, but It's part of my longtime gripe with how they handle things. Too many staff not communicating & assuming everyone's a troublemaker till they can prove otherwise...or are too well known to ignore.
  6. Against my better judgement I decided to give it one last try. I went to Ahern to try and do a comic on "Second Life Avatar uses Second Life to see what the fuss is about".😄 Okay...some surprised facial animations....wait...no scripts? Well then.....................um.............................yeah.....so much for that idea!
  7. Mixed feelings reading this discussion. Back when I joined SL I really wanted to help LL market it, even though I didn't know how. I knew there was no money or fame or glory in it, just an old habit. I've been working since I left high school & you do your part to make the company rise, it's habit. I tried making marketplace items but, they got banned for various reasons I don't recall, maybe IP similarity to Disney property (anyone would panic smash items that dared incurred the wrath of those lawyers)...ran away from that idea scared I'd get banned...account was too important to me! Then I tried making Flickr pics, even added some to the official SL group...got banned...never an explanation! The ban was lifted recently which was bittersweet as it was after Wagner James Au asked me to DM him with the details on Twitter...sinking feeling it only got noticed & reversed out of fear I'd talk to the press. Today...I approach 8.6 million views on Flickr, each picture created in SL gets about 500 people a day, also on Twitter, Deviant Art, YouTube...spreading everything i create in here far & wide. You'd think that would be prime to do a bit of advertising, drop a link here & there...but I've removed all mention of Second Life from my work. I got ignored, treated like a troublemaker, punished like I was out to screw the system. How can LL market SL better? ................................know what you've got...before it's gone!
  8. Extrovert...hoo boy do I crave centre stage!
  9. The most frustrating thing I've found about getting new people into SL is the "Mistaken for something else" problem. As in you ask them what they want...and they describe SL to a tee...but then say they don't use SL because it "doesn't have what they want".🤨 Like saying "No thank you I don't drink cola...do you have any Pepsi?"
  10. We often hear the lindens roam around SL interacting with residents as they go about their business. So, why is that such a rare occurrence? We used to have meet the lindens events in random sims around the place but that's more of a meet & greet, not a customer service situation. We always heard SL was the golden new frontier of work & how businesses can interact with their user base so why has one of the central tenets of virtual worlds seemingly been squandered?
  11. Hugo's Design! I run promo events for them and the brand is the strongest in the fetish/latex scene!
  12. Oh did you hear the Occulus blah de blah is coming out in fnar whoop de do?
  13. Tried the widescreen thing? Just zoom back a bit & take a pic in Firestorm that's 6000x2000!
  14. You may have got an overly "what's on the label" idea of Sansar there! The reality is we haven't found much use for it. Sure there is worryingly "stepford wives" levels of enthusiasm from those who stand to gain from it (Bloggers, influencers & such) but for your average resident it's a new rendering engine (one of the best really) with very little content. Que the excuses about content will come, but it's recognised as harder to produce than in SL. I get it...tech trends are hard to predict...and there was SO much fear of missing out drummed up by VR pundits and if you're gonna make a VR platform you need to go all-in. Linden Labs were lucky they had SL to fall back on for funding...but residents are tired of subsidising a mistake nobody wants to admit!
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