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  1. Thanks Alan. Whilst it was frustrating with the original song it was also very interesting revisiting a Blender project I made so long ago in my early days of learning it. So many things I hadn't done right and was able to fix like baking the little fish and changing the seaweed from soft bodies to shape key movement.
  2. Strictly speaking this animation is mostly Blender but there is a little machinima too, me and a friend dancing on the pink phone, so I hope you'll forgive me posting it here. I originally made this animation a couple of years ago with different music, unfortunately the copyright owners decided to block the music track so I took the opportunity to remaster and tidy it up with new music. I hope you enjoy it!
  3. I have a new animation to share with you. This is part machinima and part Blender and is Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata animated with flowers, mushrooms, vines and falling acorns in a garden setting alongside me playing the piano. I hope you like it. I have many more animations and machinima at my YouTube channel: https://youtube.com/PrydaParxStudio
  4. I just noticed I got my studio url wrong, it should be https://www.youtube.com/PrydaParxStudio, sorry about that!
  5. I've not tried a music machinima yet, I might. It seem like it might be expensive with good quality bodies, animations and props. Everything I've done here has been with the things I've made or freebies from the marketplace. I like the idea with thinking through the song first or all, I did something similar with a Blender animation a while back, Fish Go Deep, Cure and the Cause. What would be the typical cost of a music video Macedonio or Jackson?
  6. I was wondering how other filmmakers start out with a new work. I generally (not always) like to start with a striking image, I think through the style and composition for that one frame then build the rest of the story from there. For example here are some of the initial idea from some of my films: I'd love to hear about the creative process for others of you in this forum.
  7. Thank you Maryanne. It's easy to be a bit unsure when trying something completely new, I'm very pleased you liked it
  8. The finished work I posted in the Forum, did I get it right?
  9. This is my first machinima since Future Shock. My aim here was to create a eerie moody film showing the reaction to an act of passion; fairies are after all passionate creatures. I hope you like it and of course comments are very welcome as it helps me focus on the kinds of machinima you'd like to see. I have a number of other animations you might like at https://youtube.com/PrydaParx/Studio
  10. I've been working on a new machinima "Death of a Fairy", my first since Future Shock, and this time want the styling quite different. I'm going for a sketch type look with soft colours. A downside is there is more mood than detail, I think its probably OK but would welcome any comments on the direction I'm taking.
  11. Thank you Zeotetra. The language in Future Shock can be quite robust at times!
  12. I'd like to share another of my Blender animations with you. This one is about a robot with a project. The connection with Second Life is the cave painting towards the end was from a picture taken in Second Life. I have lots more animations and machinima if you are interested: https://www.youtube.com/PrydaParxStudio
  13. A short surreal animation with pink blobs passionately discussing childcare. I wanted to share this animation with you. It's not machinima and was made in Blender, but it does have a little of Second Life in it; the sky was an environment texture captured from Second Life with the 360º viewer.
  14. This years Fantasy Faire is really special; here is a film I made walking through all 18 regions I saw so much exotic architecture, bridges, walkways, statues, trees, plants, rivers. Cold battle robots, chocolate lakes, underwater caverns. Creatures aplenty too; bears, peacocks, bunnies, fairies, giant clams and many mythical beings. I fell off a turtles head, got lost in a beautiful royal garden and in some castle grounds too. I had so much fun. The timeline: 0:00:00 - Lunafae 0:05:23 - Auxentios' Pass 0:12:46 - Mistakes Were Made 0:21:24 - Autumnium 0:31:47
  15. The whole of the third and final series of Future Shock re-edited with additional previously unreleased scenes. Future Shock tells a story of a dark and terrifying dystopian future dominated by technology and where real life and virtual worlds intertwine. Series 3 picks up the story immediately after the ending of series 1 and series 2 and takes it through to a dramatic conclusion. See the series 1 and 2 director's cut at: And my YouTube channel at: https://www.youtube.com/PrydaParxStudio
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