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  1. Events are worthless! Ever since the great Truth Hair disaster of 2013 I know to avoid those massive sim crashing events due to the fact I'll never get anywhere near them, sim will be full for weeks and if I had my heart set on something it was usually exclusive to the event and I'll never see it again. I've started dis-associating to avoid the torment...I won't even look at Flickr "Coming soon to...".....ugh...no...just....don't!
  2. -You must have exclusive items that will never be seen again once the event is over & the sim is re-purposed -You must have the event in a smaller capacity sim that can take only 40 people -you must have the sim next to a neighboring sim that can only take 20 people -The event must be full night & day so nobody can get in -You must not care if anyone complains because you got yours
  3. The fact that we're having the discussion means not all is well in the realm of gatchas. I know there was often an item I wanted badly but as soon as I saw it was gatcha only I went off it and the designer quite angrily. "Yeah screw it I'm not playing their damned gambling nonsense".
  4. No, I think my early ideals of charity towards them are gone. All I'd want now is to prevent the same thing happening to anyone else. And to encourage other hopefuls to build their own stream for their benefit instead.
  5. Can we all agree the one thing we would like from The Lindens is "Due Process"? Beginning from the assumption of innocence before acting in such a permanent manner with no possibility of review? Talking to the community they say they value?
  6. No, I think it was because the rules were drafted in reaction to events rather than having a clear roadmap. I do have my suspicions my Official SL Feed banning was due to advertising...despite me not selling any products whatsoever. As for the Flickr moderation, because a lot of people have done unmentionable things totally covered head to toe in latex without an inch of skin showing...and the people who do show skin tend to be doing only that...the knee jerk reaction hit the fan. So now anything shiny gets the boot by default. Because...lets be honest...who are we to show due process to? One little insignificant person among thousands per day?
  7. You would be surprised to know I actually DID get the content restriction on my stream...but not for the reasons you may think. Because I deal in latex fetishwear in Second Life that was deemed more volatile than nudity. So this pic is restricted...but unzipping to let the ladies out would have been moderate.
  8. I think ambiguous grey areas are always difficult in heavily policed rules. Show what a wonderful platform it is...but don't advertise. Express yourself...but only if others approve. Create something iconic...but get too close to something copyrighted you won't even be able to kiss yo azz goodbye it will be vaporized so fast. I just wish they would use a bit of common sense instead of believing everyone they meet is a terrorist, out to screw everyone over as much as possible before they're shut down.
  9. The camera focus was on the structures in the background, I was in the depth of field fringes.
  10. Colour space equation helps too. You saw above I had mine at 2x2 1x1 1x1? Those are the pixel groups the software sampled colours in. The 2x2 meant the red channel was only recorded every 2 pixel by 2 pixel square, so the resulting red colour data was only half the size for the image. It makes anything red appear a little jagged at times but not so you would notice. 2x2 2x2 2x2 means the colour data for the whole image is half...so you could upload a 1024x1024 and still have it cost as much as a 512x512 in terms of data delivery and system graphics handling. Moving textures from memory to the graphics cards video memory is faster if it's lighter. Also...tried uploading the same detailed wood texture to SL at 1024x1024 4 times, 25% 50% 75% and 100% JPEG. ...then I saved them back onto my computer from Firestorm. The results were................telling!
  11. I know what the science says, but you're ignoring the fact that my textures outperform everyone elses. And that's confirmed by others so you can't say I had the texture cached.
  12. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYBvXK0iiWzLqUUigqWhaxg/videos
  13. It's only for content delivery, as in from Linden lab server to you. Your graphics card chooses what to do with them once they're on your machine, but generally any GPU overhead is insignificant compared to the memory & bandwidth savings. Having spent a few years on the grid though I have little faith in people's ability to find the true cause of the lag they suffer, they always blame something else. Pic from a recent Twitter conversation.
  14. Grab a copy of XNview from https://www.xnview.com/en/ Save your textures as square, max 1024x1024 like any game developer. Make sure your jpg settings are this. Trust me on this, saving to a compressed jpeg format at 75% makes your images smaller and they demonstrably load quicker. I create event posters inworld, some get shown at The House Of V...which averages 80 guests and a whole tonne of lag. Quite proudly my posters load before the rest of the club because they're lean & lag immune.
  15. Says right up the top "Submit your images for pic of the day"...apparently that comes with a whole world of baggage. See I could have provided so many helpful pics to market & promote Second life to a very broad audience. I've reached over 6.6 million people with my work and everything I post in the day gets between 500-1000 viewers. I mean do you think the attached pic would suit being on the landing page for the MP or other material? But because some trigger-happy BLIND man decided to ban me, the Lindens can never use that...and that seems like a stupid & pointless shame.
  16. Working my ass off for Hugo's Design It does fund the props for my photos though
  17. Looks like youre on the right track already dear. Focus on telling your story, not fitting into established trends or chasing an audience.
  18. I'd be glad to come Think my work is up to grade? https://www.flickr.com/photos/alexandriabrangwin
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