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  1. Sorry, I went through a lot of places that had radio going and YouTube filed no less that 8 copyright claims...so the video being unavailable is the result of the copyright holder denying that work from being aired in your region. Anyway...Linden Labs grossly over-anticipated the demand of VR...Phil Rosedale too. Everyone mistook it for one of those things where people criticize it and it becomes successful like "they laughed at the Iphone and look what happened". "Just because we laughed at every genius throughout history, doesn't mean everyone we laugh at is a genius"
  2. ...ever get the feeling you're on two different topics? I would LOVE Second Life viewers to use Vulkan or Directx12 to properly use my graphics card & stop redlining my CPU. That IS what is happening!
  3. No...i7 and a GTX 1060! While running full settings in a crowded place the cpu was over 68%...gpu was just sitting there at 16%. This is why tech like Directx12 and Vulkan were invented. Sansar on the other hand gets results like 10% cpu usage and a whopping 89% gpu. Oddly for saying Firestorm has no support for advance multi-core utilization it bumps up gpu usage when shadows are on with no change in cpu. I wonder did they offload the work to the gpu?
  4. I got Black Dragon running like Firestorm so it's okay...would be great if it didn't overuse the CPU and completely neglect the GPU!!!
  5. Hoooooooooooooooooo boy...Linden Labs nuke anything from orbit if Disney smell legal payday over it! Avoid drawing attention like death!
  6. Tried to join again today....................................*sigh* I keep messaging group admin, funny they're not there to hear you but on the spot to punish you!
  7. Of course, it allowed me to express those ideas in my head that till SL came along...would have died with me! Now my Flickr approaches 8 million views!
  8. The more accurate analogy is "Breadmakers Kit" than actual sliced bread. One you have to go to a lot of effort to enjoy but it allows for far greater immersion and an incredible degree of control...the other just comes in a bag and you enjoy it immediately with no other equipment or preparation. In the end we're both just eating sandwiches....and most consumers want whats cheapest & easiest.
  9. Telling people is never enough it seems...they have to find out the hard way!
  10. I think the message we can take from each example is...despite the hype...the more convenient technology with the cheapest cost & obvious benefits always outlasts. Anything that has to have multiple excuses made for it or lengthy arguments & evidence citing tends to not go the distance.
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