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  1. The more accurate analogy is "Breadmakers Kit" than actual sliced bread. One you have to go to a lot of effort to enjoy but it allows for far greater immersion and an incredible degree of control...the other just comes in a bag and you enjoy it immediately with no other equipment or preparation. In the end we're both just eating sandwiches....and most consumers want whats cheapest & easiest.
  2. Telling people is never enough it seems...they have to find out the hard way!
  3. I think the message we can take from each example is...despite the hype...the more convenient technology with the cheapest cost & obvious benefits always outlasts. Anything that has to have multiple excuses made for it or lengthy arguments & evidence citing tends to not go the distance.
  4. To not bet the farm on VR in the first place.
  5. I don't think I'd last five minutes without saying something embarrassing or stereotypical based on my perceptions & beliefs about men in general.
  6. Well In First Life I'm a recruitment consultant by day, hiring men to build things...queen of Sydney's top latex fetish clubs by night. In Second life I'm the manager of Hugo's Design Latex, hiring models to do events & promote the brand. ...............oh god....................I became myself?
  7. Well I'm a Flickr artist with over 7 million views, married to a popular DJ at a club, manager of an inworld fetishwear brand (Hugo's design) and grid-wide action heroine. ...so yeah I'd say I'm worth a look?
  8. Right there you stated part of the problem. My internet connection speed is actually above a great deal of Australian homes (15mbps instead of 5) and it took over 6 mins & nearly 500Mb...then failed. There is this arrogant assumption on the part of certain creators that it all loads in seconds and they can go nuts with detail as long as THEIR experience didn't take over 2 mins to load.
  9. Video speaks for itself really. Creators in Sansar really need to reign in the "Designer Diarrhea" and restrict texture sizes & increase compression if they want to increase the userbase.
  10. Well I did start my own group to facilitate something like this. I switch between snapshotting & massive builds/complex scenes and was just DYING to share that with people...but it ended up as well as you'd expect. In our ever interconnected world we have a severe lack of connection. So now it's every shutterbug for themselves.
  11. Crazy thing is, these SL vids attract over 60,000 views in as many days while the other vids on the channel get about 5
  12. Hugo's Design Latex is doing loads of mesh now! https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/142755
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