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  1. Thanks. When you say 'Your inventory is the worst place for backup. It goes missing all the time'. How often is 'all the time'? I haven't noticed anything go missing as yet? And sorry to sound a dummy - but i'm quite new, so don't really understand the instructions you gave which state 'rez a prim in-world, and drag copied of your boxed items into that prim'
  2. I am probably answering my own question here by asking it. Call me OCD - But by default I put the actual main box/packed item for EVERYTHING i buy in a protected inventory folder I've created called PURCHASES. Then I make a copy of that boxed item, and use the copy for actual use/unpacking etc. By doing that - does that protect me if ever I lose anything that is not returned to me? I am guessing it does? But who knows - i am learning stuff every day about this crazy new world !!
  3. So - in a nutshell - how do you go about finding abandons? Hapy to just be linked to where this is answered elsewhere? Thanks
  4. What happens to any items you own that you don't pick up, when you abandon.
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