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  1. Hi! does anyone know how to make a BOM makeup applier wanted try and make my own to just test it out
  2. Do you have a LM you could share maybe on IMs my user is Vera (ophismx)
  3. Thanks! I actually been Rping in it a few times tyyy
  4. Hello! does anyone know how to take really High res photos for Flicker because I noticed when I take pictures they don't zoom in really well as others pictures do like 3x zoom... My photos are good I guess but they can be totally better in quality here is my flicker you can also look at my favs and notice I can only zoom in once and the people I liked phots are like 3x zoom like I was saying
  5. Hi. Does anyone suggest any beginner friendly role play groups I could try out?
  6. I'm pretty new to second life, but I'm very interested in learning how to roleplay since I don't want to do the wrong things and be a noob. I am thinking about being a host and or stripper, and just wanted to know if there was any classes on beginning role play here?
  7. Hi I am very interested in making my own clothing for SL and maybe even opening up my own store here to sell those clothes, But I don't really know exactly where to start I couldn't really find much helpful tutorials for blender since they are pretty outdated on YouTube. I also would love to learn how to mesh the clothing I make after working in blender. I really want to learn about this since this is something I believe I would love to learn about and enjoy, so your help would mean a lot thanks ps. where would I even look for to find the avi shape like Legacy or Maitreya to open
  8. Hello, the name is Vera, and I'm pretty new on second life about 2 months exactly and I've been having quite some trouble making friends on here. I really want to make friends that love shopping and fashion just as much as I do. I'm 19 and wanna meet people around that age group also!. My Avi is really pink kawaii themed but i'm also open to a realistic avi in near future so don't be afraid and just message me! SL username: ophismx
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