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  1. A few years ago I was banned unjustly from the Second Life Flickr feed without explanation, without the possibility of review...and with all my inquiries on the topic ignored. Now I'm seeing actual ads appearing in the group without consequence so it fired me up again. Has anyone here suffered the same overzealous "shoot first and ask no questions" fate? What did they accuse you of?
  2. Gatchas are unlikely to be affected...as they generate a hell of a lot of money for everyone concerned excpet the player. Sorry did i say player? ...I meant piggy bank
  3. Slip me any leads you can find inworld, my 4K pics are silent
  4. Ugh...yes it was the sync button down the bottom of the build box...see my screen res was 1280x720 and it got chopped off. Thank you.
  5. It happens for bump mapping as well  All the resize options are greyed out. ...and they werent in the last Firestorm!
  6. Ive found something of an odd problem with Firestorm 64Bit 4.7.3 (47323) The controls to adust the size of specular textures (repeats per meter and such) seem to be all greyed out. Is this a deliberate thing or did they miss something?
  7. Sadly the word "Drama" gets over-used in Second Life...and when i hear it the translation is "I can see something is upsetting you greatly, but I dont care and dont want to have anything to do with it...so ill throw a word at you and youll be so afraid of the social stigma attached youll stop and let us go back to life as normal". So really anyone who uses the word doesnt care about you at all. Problems happen...deal with them as an adult...dont mislabel genuine wrongdoing a simply drama because it lets truly awful people off the hook and gives them the green light to go ahead and do it all again.....maybe to you too in future?
  8. Mines dead too, and so far Linden Labs support isnt paying any attention to what im saying about it nor following common sense in diagnosing why this problem occurs...and continues to occur. Theyve blamed almost everything unrelated to the problem.
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