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  1. Extrovert...hoo boy do I crave centre stage!
  2. The most frustrating thing I've found about getting new people into SL is the "Mistaken for something else" problem. As in you ask them what they want...and they describe SL to a tee...but then say they don't use SL because it "doesn't have what they want".🤨 Like saying "No thank you I don't drink cola...do you have any Pepsi?"
  3. We often hear the lindens roam around SL interacting with residents as they go about their business. So, why is that such a rare occurrence? We used to have meet the lindens events in random sims around the place but that's more of a meet & greet, not a customer service situation. We always heard SL was the golden new frontier of work & how businesses can interact with their user base so why has one of the central tenets of virtual worlds seemingly been squandered?
  4. Hugo's Design! I run promo events for them and the brand is the strongest in the fetish/latex scene!
  5. Oh did you hear the Occulus blah de blah is coming out in fnar whoop de do?
  6. Tried the widescreen thing? Just zoom back a bit & take a pic in Firestorm that's 6000x2000!
  7. You may have got an overly "what's on the label" idea of Sansar there! The reality is we haven't found much use for it. Sure there is worryingly "stepford wives" levels of enthusiasm from those who stand to gain from it (Bloggers, influencers & such) but for your average resident it's a new rendering engine (one of the best really) with very little content. Que the excuses about content will come, but it's recognised as harder to produce than in SL. I get it...tech trends are hard to predict...and there was SO much fear of missing out drummed up by VR pundits and if you're gonna make a VR platform you need to go all-in. Linden Labs were lucky they had SL to fall back on for funding...but residents are tired of subsidising a mistake nobody wants to admit!
  8. No, it had nothing to do with it's actual cost...and more to do with the emotional investment. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sunk_cost
  9. See that's the thing that worries me, the only people singing it's praises seem to be the ones that have sunk cost into it really deeply. I was around for the first wave of VR in the 1990's and honestly all that has changed is the graphics tech. "True Gamers"?...oh come on...you know they'd rather spend the money on a new GTX 2080Ti & a 4K monitor array that stretches off the sides of the table.
  10. All good points so far. My main concern with VR is beyond the market, beyond the hardware...more the experience itself in a very meta way. In the most popular games of our time, your God Of War's & GTA5 and such your avatar can perform moves the likes of which your physical body can't...or even if they can...not for very long. Yet people spend hours in these games. Taking out the physical limits has enabled people to do things in games we can't hope for in reality...unless you really can run at full speed around Los Angeles non stop for 6 hours carrying ten guns? VR adds in not only that immersion of being there (funny I never heard anyone playing Fallout 4 say OMG I'm staring at a flat piece of plastic with LED's behind it) but also adds back that physical limitation. It's something I never see mentioned but subconsciously we all know it...we feel it even if we can't put a name to it. I think that's the big barrier to VR really taking off in the way marketing types keep saying is "just around the corner"
  11. An observed offhander from Twitter by Philip Rosedale, creator of Second Life. If he's having regret about leaving to start High Fidelity, what does that say about the FOMO drenched land rush Sansar was built upon?
  12. Not seeing a link for the 101st follower😕
  13. I had to delete it! The system literally was broken when I asked it to mute affected audio...couldn't edit...couldn't download...nothing!
  14. I did not use ANY song, it was just on as I passed through the social hub "Socialites Guild" Linden Labs themselves created. I chose the "mute affected section" option but I suppose because of it being a live stream the system bugged and was stuck in a loop processing forever. Having "Sure Thing" playing in that club ruined an hour long stream. It was such a shame as I went to such wonderful places and had interviews with content creators. I doubt I'll do it again though, I was already kinda sour and this was trying to claw my way back to some sense of joy. Was kicking myself afterwards.
  15. I'm sorry...I deleted it...I just can't do this anymore!
  16. This is just ridiculous!!! Over an hour later and it's still broken!
  17. ...give Googles poor computers a minute...or maybe an hour! It was still processing when i went back. ...muting a few seconds of audio is now taking longer than the entire video!
  18. Jesus...christ...Youtube! Okay I muted the offending bits, we'll see if that opens it up!
  19. *sigh* Wasn't going to bother after Avatar 2.0 ruined all my clothes & I had to start over, but my family insisted! The results were................really good! (Miss the Atlas so much)
  20. "Do some unpaid promotional work for us in exchange for influence".
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