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  1. Sweeeeeet! That worked out perfectly! Its 2LI each now. Brilliant. Thank You. I have learned a lot from this thread, appreciate it
  2. Using the single vertex method, I have managed to reduce physics from 2.5 to 0.5 on mid floor. But the sides are going way out the roof. 17K to 53K of LI! 🥺 Mid Floor Physics with Triangle to cover Z axis in BB Mid Floor Physics with Single Vertex Method (with a big plane on ceiling surface) Side Floors Physics with Single Vertex Method (with a big plane on ceiling surface) Top View Bottom View Uploading only one side (the side @Aquila Kytori have redone the physics) Physics made in my original file, following the vertex me
  3. Thank you @Beq Janus & @Aquila Kytori for that awesome & quick reply. As you both mentioned about a possible auto-generated thin triangle on uploading process, I looked into the one I have uploaded already (below is a pic of auto-generated physics of the Floors in in-world). Then tried manually converting physics quads to tries in Blender, making both have same size tries. But still, somehow Land Impact vary. It is because, I got some more mesh for side woods :3 (see the links to files below) So, the walk-able surface is just about the c
  4. I made the following 3 stores. For each of these stores, I got a separate roof, floors and walls on each side. I first made the centre store, then made the right side and mirrored it to left. Applied the transformations, baked all textures & made all LODs. Those 2 sides have same number of materials, same number of vertices & tries (as per Blender). But somehow, I get two different Land Impacts on left & right roofs & 1st floors. Everything else matches. Below are the LI when those are set to Prim (Physics Shape Type). Both have hole for stairway. Dimensions are same
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