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  1. I read recently that fruit island managers are turning away non residents from sailing.
  2. Is there an easy way to find unlinked parts like in a house rather than hunting them down?
  3. Yes I thought about it being modify. Do you know a good rezzer that is modify?
  4. Can anyone tell me if I can add furniture and save to a house rezzer that I purchased?
  5. I cant use a skybox. Its inside a skybox so there isnt room for something that takes so much space. I have to use a platform.
  6. I have been trying to find a way to make my circle platform to show the ocean around it. Its a beach. I have it in the sky of my skybox. It will be a place to relax away from home once in a while. I have been looking at a number a ways to make it look like its in the ocean but to no avail. Its 64x64 so I cannot make a prim larger to put water around it.
  7. I have gone to places that appear to be in the middle of the ocean. I was wondering how these locations are rented or purchased. I am interested in placing an island in the ocean.
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