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  1. This was a big help and I should have paid more attention to the physics especially with spiral stair cases. Thank you
  2. Nice idea, you must know some things about MEMS devices and electronics. This MEMS device is a pressure sensor and the small gold traces deform differently based on their trace pattern due to pressure. The gold traces are laid on a thin silicon nitride membrane like a drum head and deform based on their pattern. A comparison in their deformation can be used with sensing electronic circuits to translate pressure into an electronic signal. Several years ago, I built this model in Solidworks and wanted to use the STL version of that model in SL but with a texture which I attempted to create in Bl
  3. Sorry, I am not sure I responded to your question. Thanks you for your response. Either textured object was ok but the one of the right is more representative of what a MEMS device might look like magnified. One of the process steps is to deposit a thin layer of gold over the etch silicon wafer so the image on the right looks more like the final MEMS device so that is what I was attempting to do. I am still a little fuzzy on how the texture painting in Blender and have been working on a set of PowerPoint slides that layout the step by step process. So when you upload to SL the mesh model (DAE)
  4. Blender will allow you to merge textures on objects. I have not figured out how all this works yet. My question is where are some good free textures you can use in Blender and upload to SL?
  5. Hello again. I do appreciate all the help I have gotten since I started. There is a tremendous amount of information to learn. There was a comment that Chic Aeon made in her video regarding changes from Convex Hull to Prim. Is this related to adding textures? Currently, I have some models that I cannot add different textures to in SL. Also, I am not sure I understand why the original small house model was segmented. Was this also for texturing? Lastly, I had a question about Land Impact. In the Marketplace there are items that have 200+ for land impact. I bought the Space Academy back in Jun o
  6. Thanks anyway, I think I got the video links from reading the Dec 2020 post...
  7. Started to watch your videos and have subscribed to your YouTube channel. You do have some cool stuff to buy in the Marketplace. The Elephant looks pretty cool. Also, wanted to get the hat and put an Ivy Tech logo on it.
  8. Thank I understand. I did look at our Blog @ https://chinrey.blogspot.com/2019/09/creating-lod-models-case-study-1.html I had no idea that Medium, Low and Lowest LODs could be uploaded from a files. Thanks
  9. http://puu.sh/HpNiz/e6c33006cd.blend I can't seem to open the Blend file.
  10. Also, Chic Aeon suggested that "MANY (MANY) texture places have agreements that prohibit people uploading to Second Life using any part of their textures" and indeed https://www.textures.com/ states "6.3 You are not permitted to use Content in Second Life, Sansar or any other Linden Lab product or service;" so where do you typically textures? OBTW, thanks for the heads-up
  11. I don't think Align is part of the Second Life Viewer anymore, just like you can no longer download your models (dae) with the SL Viewer. Need to use Firestorm I think. OBTW, when I uploaded the small house, I get the same kind of response that I got when I first uploaded a model a year ago. "When I view the model in Second Life it doesn’t look right until I get closer. When I am ~10 feet away it looks weird. Is there a way I can improve it’s look from farther away?" I was told that I should modify my SL Viewer preferences. In the Firestorm viewer the small house looks great, no issue but the
  12. Thanks, I know it was a crazy idea to build something so complex. Just wanted to have some fun for a change. Thanks for your comments and help. I did try to build a simple house model using Chic Aeon video above in Solidworks and create a physics file that goes with it. the LI was 0.6 and the cost was only 13 to include the physics file. I wanted to add textures to in in SL but you cannot select just one face to texture. So I thought I would just build something in SL for fun. It is more difficult even for simple building to align all the walls but it was easy to texture. Next I will add a tex
  13. Hello again, I wanted to build something a little bigger this time. The creation of the physics file seem a bit more challenging. Using Solidworks 2020 and Blender 2.9 I have created a building model. Just experimenting with the Physics tab in SL and I sometimes get a MAV_MAX_HULLS_EXCEEDED and where is the secondlife.log? Oh, I found it and it says: Calculating model data. LLFloaterModelPreview::setModelPhysicsFeeErrorStatus(13107200 : ) Is there a good tutorial on creating physics from the model using the model uploader in SL? PS not sure if I did it correctly but I uploaded the Blender
  14. Hello, I know this is an old thread. I am using Blender 2.9 now. You said to "export UV Map Texture" did you mean click on "image" and "Save a Copy" of the image? Where is the export UV Map Texture?
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