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  1. I have several objects that each have a notecard with just a numeric value on the notecards. Is there a way to read and add up all the notecard values and create a new notecard or is there a way to merge multiple notecards into a single notecard?
  2. Added a media to the surface of a prim with the autozoom selected and when you select the face of the object it zoom in too much. Changed the display setting to from 1920 x 1080 to 1600x900 and it fixed it. 1680 x 1050 didn't work either.
  3. My laptop works fine but my desktop computer uses a AMD GPU. We updated the drivers and it did nothing. So turned the ALM off and that made it look better. OBTW, if I take a snapshot the colors look fine before I turned off the ALM. This is probably a bug with the SL Viewer.
  4. Is the Oculus Quest 2 supported by Linden Labs? Are any of the VR headsets supported?
  5. I was trying to use Blender to create a DAE file from the MESH model that included the painted MEMS circuit, but in this case the either version would work. I start with an STL file that is created using a CAD program (Solidworks). Then I import it into Blender to create a DAE file that I could upload into SL. While in Blender I wanted to paint it since the original STL file did not include any texture. Originally I thought that I needed to do something with the Texture Paint in Blender before exporting it to a DAE file. Maybe bake or something else. Currently, I am using Blender 2.90 and the
  6. Next, I need to figure out how to import a model that has a texture already attached to the model vs adding textures in SL. I think this can be done in Blender but I have not figured out how to do that yet.
  7. I am sure the mesh models are not optimized but the land impact and cost are now much smaller than when I started. I am a noob to building in SL but have worked on CAD drawings for a while so this is something else to learn. I am sure many CAD users would be interested in importing STL files into SL for visualization. I am also new to Blender. I am interested in learning more about mesh optimization for gaming.
  8. I wanted to share the results of the crystal models that were built using Solidworks and Blender. It looks great and I think I now have a good workflow. Thank you so much for your help...
  9. Thanks for your help with my BCC model, both of you had great ideas. My goal is to use models that have much more complex shapes that I have already created in SolidWorks and 3D printed many of them. I also find drawing in SL to be awkward and I am new to Blender, I typically watch 3 to 6 videos on Blender per week. Again, thank you for taking the time to help me and I will review your suggestions. Also, I worked in the space industry for 30 years and a senior designer and remember the crash of the Mars Climate Orbiter. lol. Thanks
  10. Thank you, my scaling was way off. When I adjusted the scaling I was able to greatly reduce the Land Impact. Not sure where the dimensions got mixed up since the original CAD drawing was 2.27 inches. I wondered if the size of the physical size of the model would impact the Land Impact and that makes sense now. The actual dimension were 57.74 x 57.74 x 57.74 meters! Thank you, this is a big (little) help, lol
  11. Hello, and thanks for the info. I watch the video and it was very helpful. To begin with I while ago I create a model in my CAD program of a BCC crystal unit cell. This model was then saved as an STL - BBC Crystal.stl (5390 triangles) and a physics simple cube was also create BCC Crystal box.stl (12 triangles). When I attempted to upload this model to Second Life I got this info: upload fee 22 Land Impact 268.325 Physics = 0.360 Server = 0.500 I was able to go decimate the model to reduce the poly count to 1345 and the upload count went to 13 and land impact went to 96 but I am
  12. Thank you for your replay. I teach engineering courses and have been trying to recreate VW features that were developed back around 2011. Much of what I have learned so far has come from YouTube or emails with people who will have a piece of the puzzle. My background is electrical engineering (know some software) and CAD. Thanks for the link to the journal, just registered and will check it out ... OBTW, I think I saw some Shakespeare SL reference by David Taylor on YouTube.
  13. Sorry that I am late to the party on this posting but it looked very interesting. I am interested in using SL for some of the classes I teach but have had limited success in connecting with others. Has anyone looked at the stuff David Taylor at National University has done? He has some excellent YouTube videos that have been very helpful. Also, have found some good YouTube videos on writing scripts to use in educational settings ..
  14. Hello, I have bought some wonderful models in the Second Life Marketplace but now want to build my own models that can be used for our engineering classes. I am just getting started and have created many CAD models using Solidworks and have used Blender to reduce mech count and convert into DAE files. However, my models still have larger than desired Land Impact count. Any suggestions? Thanks IvyEngineer
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