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  1. I’m in the same boat. I love the night in the fantasy region. It’s what makes the area so special but the times I can log in to SL mean it’s always daytime. I’ve yet to see my home at night. I’ve put off decorating as I need to see how things look in the night but I’m starting to think it’s time to just give up.
  2. While I appreciate that it can be hard seeing a dream parcel you wanted highlighted on this thread - & one of mine was pictured as well - I really love this idea. There are so many wonderful spots in Bellisseria & I’m still constantly surprised when someone posts a spot I haven’t seen before. We can all dream of getting that perfect house & it’s amazing to see the differences in people’s dreams.
  3. I’m hoping bridges made of shimmering light - a perfect way to arrive in a fantasy location filled with lights.
  4. Thank you Nika. How exciting is seasonal landscaping! I might just have to dip my toe back into Bellasaria again.
  5. I love this new theme! The landscaping is so beautiful & I’m loving the roof lights. I’ve always wished the old Linden fantasy region looked better & this is more like I imagined it could have looked. Well done to all the moles involved. You’ve made a lovely job of what could have been a very difficult theme.
  6. I can be petty at times & I’d be either blocking her view from your side with a giant screen or putting up the most hideous landscape I could think of. I’ve used screens at times when the view needed blocking but they were always transparent to the neighbours. I’d derender anything you don’t want to see & wait her out. If you can’t see it you can’t be annoyed by it & that takes away whatever power she mistakenly thinks she has.
  7. Patch’s quote is from Disney if I remember correctly. The next theme could be Vikings/Medieval themed. Certainly fantasy would fit in there. However, it’s a quote from the Epcot centre so it could even be be future/space. I’m looking forward to finding out.
  8. So the original question was ‘how many chalets is enough’? Trying to follow instructions & keep on topic I’d say it’s like saying ‘how long is a piece of string’ or ‘how much coastal mainland is enough’? Only the people involved can answer that. The Lindens have provided homes. We all want that perfect spot but they aren’t miracle workers & they can’t cater for each & every one of us. I have one Linden home that some would love, some would not. I can see why house hoarding annoys but the reality is if you could afford it you’d probably do it too, just to find that perfect house. Nothing lasts forever. One day they’ll get bored & move on.
  9. I’m in Drumlin. I like it there. You can tell my house - just look for the Tudor tower. No matter what else gets built I’m keeping my river view!
  10. I had a log home on the big lake. There was space in front for a house but the Moles put in a road & plants. It looked really pretty when it was finished. If they want to put a train station in front of my chalet I wouldn’t complain 😁.
  11. I have the same thing. My home currently looks over the water but there is room for another home between me & the river. I’m keeping it as it’s on the railway side so I’m really interested to see what happens. I’ve had a look at the few developed areas on the river & there is some lovely landscaping, bays, islands etc so anything could happen.
  12. Logged in for a few to chance my gambling arm & rolled a chalet in Drumlin Farm. Corner allotment, no front neighbour, pond & park on the side across the road so no neighbours there & it’s a little way back from the big river with nothing currently there to block my view. There’s room for another house but for now I’m keeping it & seeing what happens. There are still nice homes out there. Just don’t get disheartened.
  13. I understand the addiction element of GOH. I used to be that way about my avatar. I started way back & once I discovered I could be anyone, look like anything I was hooked. I’m sure I was very annoying to anyone who didn’t have much money as I never wore the same thing twice, always had to be the ‘first’ with things (my original avi still has the first mesh skirt & top to hit the grid) & don’t get me started on what happened when mesh heads & bodies landed. Some people collect mesh heads, some people collect houses. It just happens that this group is about houses & so we feel the impact more. I stopped being upset about it long ago. The person involved seems to have an addiction & for that I feel sorry for them. We’ve all been there - the lure of the perfect house, the perfect look. Currently I’ve been in the same outfit for about 2 months. Two weeks ago I lost my shoes & haven’t bothered finding them again. I wander the grid barefoot. Addictions can pass, we move on to other things & life goes on. That old (relatively) saying ‘Don’t hate the player, hate the game’ is apt here. If we are getting so upset by one person’s behaviour then maybe we need to assess our own. I appreciate each & every person who contributes to these forums. You’ve all made my year long lockdown a better & more fun place.
  14. Your parcel is right behind mine. I loved your waterfall idea so put my own smaller one in a bit below it.
  15. You might want to add the SLURL so people can go take a look.
  16. OW going in Ringing Palms in about 5 minutes. West facing, nice sailing water going past. Pics are to show how close surrounding houses are (sorry my decor was still up when taken). http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ringing Palms/36/185/24
  17. Regions SSPE1739 - 1747 have now been created linking the log region to the stilts.
  18. He was ok & I’ve heard worse - a lot worse. Sometimes when I can’t sleep I will get on SL & decorate for awhile. The first time it roared at me in the middle of the night I almost had an accident so in the interest of the soft furnishings I had to make him silent. 😁
  19. My vote is for Coral Bay. I had the corner trad above the park for awhile & loved your swamp theme (although I had to mute your crocodile cause he was scary). It’s unique & a fantastic spot.
  20. I've just picked up a lakeside log at Quickdraw. No other homes seem to be taken & there are some beautiful big lake plots here. May be worth chancing a throw on a log home if that's your taste. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Quickdraw/101/197/52
  21. Letting this OW stilt in Twisted Palms go. On main channel with easy sailing to open water. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Twisted Palms/34/91/24
  22. Maybe it’s a sad face because your deco is beautiful & they feel sad they haven’t got a house like yours. I’d like an Envious button sometimes as there are so many amazing decorators that post here.
  23. I’ve had this as well. My first stilt home I thought it was how they’d built the windows & couldn’t understand why. Then I discovered if I tp out & back again it was fixed. Hopefully someone has a better idea than ping ponging around the grid.
  24. Thanks everyone for the updates. I’m surprised by the speed they’re going & am watching with interest. I thought my void view might last a few months but if they keep building like this I’ll be getting neighbors very soon.
  25. Scarlet Creative has some homes that might suit. They’ve recently released an open, double A framed house with lots of glass to take in views.
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